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Database Access FAQ


Are you using the correct user name/password combination?
Are you able to log on to computers in the Library or campus computer labs?
Are you able to log in to your FIT email account at MyFIT or FIT Webmail?

To access our databases, use the same user name & password that you use for your FIT email and logging on to campus computers. If you aren't familiar with the proper format, click here for details. If you changed your password from the default (birthday) password, use the new one.

Sometimes you will need to create an account with a specific database (e.g. Stylesight, Mintel) and then you have to follow exactly the instructions given on that site.

Often you will have to use your FIT email address (not Gmail, Yahoo, etc) to register . You can generally pick your own password , which does not have be the same as your FIT password; remember that you have to change your FIT password periodically so that if you use the same one initially when you register at a database, you might get them mixed up later on.

Once registered with/in a database, it usually asks you to log in with your email; make sure that it's in the form of a full email address (e.g. firstname_lastname@fitnyc.edu ) not just the username( firstname_lastname ) that you use to log into computers on campus, MyFIT, the general database access login, etc. This step generally appears after you have to log into the FIT network.

Be patient; even when you have to log in up to 3 times-- with different user names and passwords--the process is pretty quick. But if you're stuck, please let us know and ask us to help you resolve the problem.

Is your password not working or has it expired?
Try something other than logging into a Database: MyFITBlackboard, or logging into an on-campus computer.
If these don't work either, there may be a problem with your password. See IT for FIT for information on resetting or retrieving your password.
If they do work, but you still can' t get into a Database, check all the other possible explanations on this page, and then contact us if you're still having trouble.

Do you have pop ups blocked?
All databases require login with an FIT user name & password; often the screen that requests it shows up as a pop-up. If so, disable pop-up blocker for this site.

Are you trying to access databases from a computer that has a firewall or anti-virus software on it (e.g. a computer at work, rather than at home, or a computer in a public place)?
Often the problem is caused by the security settings on your computer; a firewall or virus- blocking software may not be allowing the pages to load and open. This is a common problem when using a computer at work. We suggest that you do not disable security settings on an office computer, but instead talk to your company's IT department about a solution. Try checking whether your computer is blocking cookies from FIT or from the specific databases you are trying to open. These cookies may need to be permitted in order to open the page(s).
For help with these technical issues only, contact your workplace IT department (for computers at your work) or IT for FIT (212 217-HELP for students;
212 217-TECH for faculty or staff) if you are using your own computer.

What internet browser are you using?
Generally Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox work, but others like AOL's browser, may not. If one doesn't work, try another. Look at any compatibility notes or warnings posted on the main Databases page, or Database News & Notes

Check Database News & Notes for updates & some tips on how to use specific databases. 

Is the Database you're using asking for another user name & password?
There are a few databases that require additional steps to log in. These user names & passwords may change at any time during the semester, and are listed on a separate webpage which also has the most current link to enter the database. You will be directed to this page after you have first logged in with your FIT user name and password. Note to Internet Explorer users: You may have to type in the domain name "fitsuny\" before your username. Type your username in this format: fitsuny\firstname_lastname. (Safari and Firefox users type your username as usual.)

If you try to enter the database from a different page you may have bookmarked, you will not see the most up-to-date information you need to use it.

Follow instructions exactly for each database, but note that generally if you get a page or pop up window that says www3 or fitnyc, it means you should enter your own FIT user name/password. You may need to do this twice.

Then carefully note any login instructions (including user names/passwords) given for the specific database you want to use.

Finally, some also require individuals to register at the site using their own FIT email address (don't forget to use @fitnyc.edu. not just your name), with a password you choose just for that database.

Problems within a specific database/service:
Check Database News & Notes for updates & some tips on how to use specific databases.

Each database is unique. Let us know the specifics: Where are you stuck? Are you getting any error messages?

The fastest way to reach us duringlibrary hours is by phone at 212 217.4400. If possible, have your computer on as you talk to us, so we can guide you through a step-by-step solution.

If we are closed, you can Ask the Library by email. We will answer as soon as possible. The more information you supply us, the easier it will be to resolve the problem. when (date, time) you had the problem.
Be very specific in describing:

  • from where (on campus, off campus, work computer, etc)
  • Mac or OC
  • which browser: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • what database(s) you tried using;
  • what's not working for you;
  • any pop up windows/error messages you have received.