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Faculty Achievements

School of Liberal Arts News, ACADEMIC YEAR 2016-17



In review: Ricardo Antunes, Arthur Kopelman, Paul Sieswerda, Robert DiGiovanni, Chris Spagnoli, Howard Rosenbaum. 2017. Occurrence and distribution of large whales in the New York Bight: establishing baselines in an expansive and complex environment.


  • Marine Mammals of NY, South Shore Audubon Society, January 10, 2017
  • Decades Amongst the Seals of Cupsogue, Connetquot Public Library, January 17, 2017
  • CRESLI Seal Volunteer Training: a. November 12, 2016 at Stony Brook Southampton. Marine Sciences Center,
    b. December 3, 2016 at Seatuck Environmental Association, Scully Estate
  • CRESLI Whale Watch Volunteer Training: a. April 3, 2017 at Stony Brook Southampton. Marine Sciences Center, b. May 20, 2017 at Seatuck Environmental Association, South Shore nature Center
  • 22 Seal lectures and walks (for the general public; ~ 1990 people) from November 2016 through May 2017 at Cupsogue Beach Park. Westhampton Beach NY
  • Annual Animal Rescue Forum: “The Long Island Whale Expressway- Whales Amongst Us” at New York County Lawyers Association, March 16, 2017
  • Protecting Marine Mammals of NY, Earth Day Colloquium. Molloy College, April 21, 2017
  • Long Island Business Report: Water quality and coastal ecosystems, May 31, 2017
  • Joint lecture with Dr. Howard Rosenbaum (WCS) on Whales of NY, Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum, June 15, 2017

Invited by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), and the Government of France to 'At the crossroads: Global Shipping Lanes and Whale Conservation,' UN Headquarters, February 15, 2017.

Appointed Temporary Lecturer, Stony Brook University School of Atmospheric and Marine Sciences (SOMAS), taught Marine Mammals (MAR 370), Spring 2017.


Presented Exploring Virtual Laboratories as a Tool and a Pathway to Increase Access in STEM Learning (talk).

Presented Teaching and Learning in Multiple Dimensions, Instruction and Technology Conference May 30–June 2, 2017.

  • Virtual Reality Lab Investigation Report (panel)

Virtual Reality Day Faculty Panel (talk)

  • VR and Science Education February 3, 2017

Presented: Expanding Your Classroom with Virtual Learning Environments (talk)

  • FIT: Lunchtime F2F April, 25,2017

FIT Committee & Initiative Participation:

  • Chair, President's Council on Sustainability (Fall 2016–present)
  • Sustainability Awareness Week and Conference Chair
  • Faculty Development Grants and Award Committee (Fall 2014–Spring 2016)
  • Academic Technologies Working Group (Fall 2014–present)
  • FIT’s Strategic Plan for Innovation

SUNY Committee & Initiative Participation:

  • Campus Fact² Representative
  • Fact² Committee on Virtual and Alternatives Laboratories 

Faculty Advisor for Biodesign Challenge – Fall 2015–Spring 2017.


Invited Visiting Professor at University of Lyon, Institute of Optics, Saint Etienne, France. Directed experiments to verify the multiple -path model of reflection,
a novel theory of reflection and transmission of turbid media that he developed. Summer 2016.

Published article: “Multiple-path model of spectral reflectance of a dyed fabric” is published in the Journal of the Optical Society of America A, May 2017.
The article reports on the experiments carried out in France that confirm my multiple- path theory of reflection, Spring 2017.


Co-lead for Biodesign Challenge 2017 at FIT, with Min Zhu.

Co-advisor for two FIT Biodesign Challenge teams, including #growapair, the winning FIT team that will go on to compete at the international summit at MoMA on June 22-23, 2017 and exhibit at SVA starting June 23, 2017.

Algiknit - FIT materials research group co-advisor. Designing at the intersection of science and technology, the Algiknit team extracts biopolymers from low energy consuming organisms and creates biodegradable textiles, dyed with natural pigment.

  • Lead materials development and characterization of a stable bioyarn with targeted textile mechanical properties. Program includes biopolymer composite synthesis and thermal, chemical and mechanical testing.  
  • Invited Talk at SynBioBeta, London, April 2017.  
  • Nominated for Future Textiles Award.
  • Included in the “Force of Nature” exhibit at FIT Museum May 30–November 18, 2017.

College-wide Natural Dye Workshop as part of Sustainability Awareness Week (March 2017).

“Growing Textiles” Workshop, FIT Summer Institute: Sustainability and Textiles, New Models. June 8, 2017.

Committee service: President Joyce Brown’s Strategic Plan, Emerging Technology, Sustainability Council, Advanced Technology.

Published “Engineering the Structural and Electronic Phases of MoTe2 through W Substitution.” Nano Letters, 17 (3), 1616–1622 (2017) with D. Rhodes, et al.

Co-Principal Investigator on Army Research Laboratory External Collaboration Initiative (DIRA-ECI) Grant Award for Plasma-doped 2D van der Waals Materials & Heterostructures.

Faculty development/teaching enrichment courses at GenSpace, a cooperative biotechnology lab:

  • Biomaterials Crash Course (12 hours)
  • BioTechnology Crash Course (4 hours)
  • Fungi Fabrication (12 hours)


Publication: Dillard, Bernard L. Moneymatics: Where Money and Mathematics Meet. Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt Publishing, 2017.

Author and organizer of project funded by the FIT President’s Diversity Grant An Evening with the Central Park Five: Looking Back to Look Forward
Watch the video.

Created new course: The Mathematics of Financial Life Management (MA300)


Implementation of Interdisciplinary Course with Fashion Business Management (MA/FM 329) Predictive Analytics for Planning and Forecasting: Case Studies in Weatherization. The course was referenced in the Wall Street Journal and on NPR’s marketplace.

  • Articles about course:
    The Next Fashion Trend: Weather Forecasting. Ray A. Smith, Wall Street Journal, 27 Nov, 2016.
    Climate Change Puts Weather on Fashion Students’ Radar, Ashley Milne-Tyte, NPR Marketplace 13 Feb, 2017.

Implementation of Programming and Mobile Apps course MA153

Presented: Evolution of an Interdisciplinary Course in Predictive Analytics for Planning and Forecasting (with Naomi Gross and Gary Wolf (FBM)),
Presentation at Convocation Spring 17.

Presented: Graphplosion - Simple Graphs for Algebra, (with Jennifer Shloming) International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (ICTCM), Chicago, IL, March 2017.


Presented: Graphplosion - Simple Graphs for Algebra, International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (ICTCM), Chicago, IL, March 2017.


Presented: Math is in Fashion at FIT, Webinar for Hawkes Learning, November 17, 2016.

Attended conference:  Assessment Network of New York (ANNY) annual conference, New Hyde Park, NY, April 5–7, 2017.




Co-edited a collection of essays on British Italian writer Annie Chartres Vivanti, released on October 19, 2016.

Published an article on Maria Montessori’s method in the United States, released on November 1, 2016 in the collection of essaysIl volo tra le genti. Maria Montessori oltre ogni confine.

Planning on turning the article into a cultural piece for a mainstream magazine to be submitted by the summer of 2017.

Co-presented at the NERALLT on October 27, 2016, conference From Language Labs to Virtual Communities, with a paper titled “Filling the Gap: An Innovative Italian Bridge Course.”

Presentation at FIT: “Maria Montessori in India.”  This presentation addressed Maria Montessori’s ten- year sojourn in India, first in Madras (now Chennai),
and then in the area of Kodaikanal, where the educator was confined at the beginning of World War Two. This lecture showed the influence of Indian philosophy on Montessori’s notion of cosmic education. Professor Suman Mallipattana was the moderator (March 30, 2017)

Presented a paper on sustainable tourism at the AAIS conference in Ohio in March 2017.

Presented at the International Montessori Congress, Pathway to Peace July 2017.

Received funding support from President Brown for research on sustainable tourism in Italy.

Further developed book manuscript on Maria Montessori’s pacifist writings. Planning to submit two sample chapters and a book proposal to publishing houses
by August 2017.

Commissioned to write an article in the peer-reviewed journals Communications (sent on March 30, 2017) and Annali di Storia dell’Educazione e delle Istituzioni Scolastiche (due December 30, 2017)


Attended a seminar “What is Tatdoku? Fundamentals and Applications for Extensive Reading” at New York University. The presenter was Prof. Noriko Hanabusa from Notre Dame University (October 15, 2016)

Chaired the bi-annual workshop for the Committee on Japanese Language Education (October 29, 2016) at the Japanese American Association.
The topic was “Subcultures and Japanese Language Education.” Presenters were Kazue Kurahara, Japan Society, Naoko Komatsubara and Galick Kono,
and Professor Yuniya Kawamura, Fashion Institute of Technology.

Organized a workshop, “Teaching Kanji (Chinese characters)” at the Japanese American Association. Presenters were Sawa Today and Naoko Takatori from AJALT, Association for Japanese-Language Teaching in Tokyo. (November 20, 2016)

Delivered a lecture, “Thankful Mind” in Japanese at New York Buddhist Church. (January 22, 2017)

Chaired the bi-annual workshop for the Committee on Japanese Language Education at Japanese American Association. The topic was “Japanese Language Education: Interactive Learning using resources in New York City.” Presenters were Prof. Tomoko Shibata from Princeton University, Kayo Nonaka and Kazue Kurokawa from New York University and Kazuo Tsuda from the United Nations International School. (April 29, 2017)


Hosted poet and photographer Manuel Araneda Castex from Chile and curated an exhibition of his photography (September 2016)

Presented her Poetry with International Writers from Uruguay, Mexico, Perú, Spain, Ecuador, at the Instituto Cervantes NYC (October 18, 2016)

Lectured at VIII at Hofstra University “The language of Poetry: Beyond translating Words and Images” at symposium “On the Edge of Creation and Translation: Translating Each Other: From Literature to other artistic media (Film-music, painting, photography” (October 20, 2016)

Published the following interviews:

Jeannette Clariond, Mexico – read the interview on

Francoise Roy, Canada – read the interview on

Marco Antonio Campos – read the interview on and on

Invited to read poetry at the International Poetry Encounter in Granada, Spain May 23, 2017.
(Encuentro Internacional de las Artes, la Música y la Poesía en el Albayzin)

Presenter of Book Hoy día es otro mundo by Miguel Angel Zapata
Centro de Arte Moderno, May 17.

Included in Latin American Anthology of Poetry translated from Spanish to Italian.
Her poems were translated by Poet and translator Emilio Coco: Il fiore de la poesia Latinomaericana.


Translated 2 articles, one from Italian and one from French, on the history of French and Italian penal colonies, on commission for Leicester University Press (Fall 2016)

Presented at Northeast MLA, Baltimore MD, on March 25–26, in roundtable on Teaching Italian Culture through Film, with a presentation entitled  "Crossing Over: Cinema as Cultural and Linguistic Literacy", and on a panel with a paper entitled "The Fascist Themed Film in Italy and Germany: Comparative Memory and Transnational Aesthetics"

Presented paper at the conference Military, Culture and Power, NYU, April 29, 2017.
Presented paper and chaired 2 panels at Innovations and Tensions: Italian Cinema and Media in a Global World, First International Conference of the Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies, American University at Rome, Italy, June 9–10, 2017.

Wrote book review of Eugenia Paulicelli, Italian Style: Fashion and Film from Early Cinema to the Digital Age for the online journal gsi (gender/sexuality/italy)


Programmed the following events on behalf of the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures. These events were funded by grants secured from the Diversity Council, The Student Faculty Corp and cosponsored by the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures and the School of Liberal Arts:

  • Screening of documentary "Before Neorealism: Italy's Forgotten Cinema" (2015)
    Q&A with the director (David Morea) and producer (Alberto Zambenedetti)
  • Luis Cancel’s lecture on El Taller Boricua and its numerous exhibitions of Latin American artists. (October 6, 2016)
  • Rocío Aranda-Alvarado’s lecture on Puerto Rican Illustrator of the Fashion Icon, Antonio Lopez, who curated Lopez’s retrospective at the Museo del Barrio. (October 17, 2016)
  • Screening by Haitian filmmaker Reynald Leconte of his film The Spiral, a documentary on Haiti which focuses on the intersection of the arts, spirituality and politics. Q&A with filmmaker followed. (November 15, 2016)
  • Lecture by Dr. Renqiu Yu on the subject of the Chinese American experience of culinary adaptation as reflected in the story of chop-suey, "Chop-Suey: Myth and Facts of the dish and a story of Chinese American community." (October 25, 2016)
  • Lecture by Dr. Robert Stam “Subversive Aesthetics in Brazilian Film: Popular Culture 1960’s to Present.” (February 7, 2017)
  • Presentation by Documentary Filmmaker Richard Kroehling (two-time Emmy Award winning director who has produced over fifty hours of programming for television networks and independent films in the United States and Europe will discuss his latest feature and documentary work.
  • Presentation by the Italian poet and translator Emilio Coco. It addressed Coco’s own poetry and his experiences translating poetry into other languages:
    “I Fiori Della Poesia Latinoamericana”. Poets Miguel Angel Zapata and Madeline Millán read selected poems from the anthology. (April 26, 2017)
  • Lecture by Dr. Peter Schulman, about contemporary France and French films.
  • 7th International Dance and Music Festival (sponsored by The Diversity Council of Fashion Institute of Technology). This festival celebrates cultural diversity through music and dance. The Festival brings together members of the community, patrons of the arts and dance, and FIT’s own students, faculty, staff and administrators. The Festival showcases dance and music from Spain, Africa, Latin and North America and Asia and Middle Eastern performances. (April 19, 2017)  
  • Photo Series for 7th International Dance and Music Festival
    Exhibition exhibited in the Halls of FIT to remind our students, staff and faculty of the event. The photos are the product of FIT students and alumnae
    and serve to encourage our students to seek quality and professionalism in their respective careers and enrich their lives. (March 22–April 23 2017)
  • Screening of Venezuelan film maker Mariana Rondón’s “Pelo Malo" (Bad Hair). Q&A with filmmaker followed the screening (May 1, 2017)


Conducted a Chinese Calligraphy Workshop with Professor Bing Hu from the Fine Arts Dept. (FIT). The workshop consisted of a screening of the short video showcasing the work of French visual artist, Fabienne Verdier, a French Master in the ancient Chinese art of calligraphy, a talk on Script and cultural codes and
a hands-on demonstration of ink writing and relief making of Chinese calligraphy.


Lecture “India and World Literature” addressing “The Oriental Renaissance" and the influence of Indian philosophy on World Literature with special reference to French literature. Professor Erica Moretti was the moderator.
Collaborative work Sam Bloom, Pilar Blanco, Michael Latour, Maria Mieles, Maria Politano, M Mario Valero and Chen Zhang.

“Classics of Theater in Romance languages.” This project aims to bring to FIT students a collage of classical theatre from Spain, Italy and France.
The performance will be an approach to language and culture through theater. It will present samplings of comedy and drama from the classical works by Luigi Pirandello, Miguel Cervantes and Moliere.


Article: “Gaspara Stampa in Search of a Petrarchan Lover” in forthcoming volume Literary Criticism. (Gale/Cengage March 2017)

Member of Organizing committee of FIT Symposium, “Inclusion. Diversity. Equity.” (February 2017)

Lecture on “Ekphrasis: Reading and Writing Literature about the Visual Arts” at the 10th Year Digital Graffiti Projeted Art Festival (Alys Beach FL, May 2017)

Organized UCE Tenure and Promotions Workshops-Faculty (October 18, 2017)

Participated in Higher Ed Lobby Days – Albany (March 1 & 2, 2017)

Attended 38th annual Community College Conference. Saratoga Spring, NY (October 28–30, 2016)

Attended AFT Convention. Detroit (April 28–30, 2017)

Attended 44th Annual Conference on Collective Bargaining in Higher Education and the Professions. NY (March 26–28, 2017)

Served as president of UCE Leadership Scholarship Awards and Chaired the selection Committee

Attended ED 39 Meeting. Albany (June 2 & 3, 2017)


Organized the video presentation “Subversive Aesthetics in Brazilian Film and Popular Culture: 1960 to Present” by Prof. Robert Stam from New York University on February 7, 2017.

Advisor to the International Fashion and Culture Association Student Club.  

Director of the Twenty-Seventh Annual Student Foreign Language Poetry Recitation Competition.  Coordinating diverse aspects of the organization of the event. (November 2016)

Collaborator with Professor Michelle Handelman in the President’s Diversity Grant “Film and Media Screening Series”.  Coordinating the screening of the film
“In the Eye of the Spiral”, selected by the selection committee; including contacting the film director and organizing the director’s presentation at the screening” on November 16, 2016.

Collaborator with Professor Pilar Blanco Ruiz in the organization and promotion of the lecture “Taller Boricua: A Hispanic Cultural Institution in New York”
by Luis Cancel, Former Executive Director of the Bronx Museum and Commissioner of NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, held on October 6, 2016.

Collaborator with Professor Pilar Blanco Ruiz in the organization and promotion of the lecture “Antonio Lopez: Future Funk Fashion” by Dr. Rocío Aranda-Alvarado, Head Curator of the Museo del Barrio, New York, on October 5, 2016.

Collaborated with the organization of the International Fashion and Culture Association Student Club Annual Conference on February 17, 2017.   

Lecture: "Dressing and Undressing the Racial Body: The Construction of Racial Difference in Latin America" was presented at the UCE Diversity Committee Conference on February 21, 2017.

Lecture: “Racial Iconography and Taxonomy in Martín Chambi and Sebastian Rodríguez Photographic Work” presented at the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) Conference in Lima, Perú on May 29, 2017.

Updated entries on “Venezuela”, and “Venezuela’s Indigenous Art”. Oxford Art Online (The Grove Dictionary of Art) (2017).


Co-wrote diversity grant proposal for film & lecture series: Black Italy: from Colonialism to the New Italians, events forthcoming with approval, Fall 2017.

Caffè e chiacchiere: Co-organizer/host. Co-coordinated and co-hosted speaking freely conversation sessions with students of Italian. Bi-monthly meetings.

Discussant, If Only I Were That Warrior (2015), screening & talk with film director & producer, John D. Calandra Italian American Institute, November 15, 2016.

Coordinated Screening of documentary film: Before Neorealism: Italy’s Forgotten Cinema (2015)
Q&A with film director, David Lee Moorea, September 13, 2016.
Funded through Student/Faculty Corp, grant obtained with Professor Pilar Blanco

Participant in FIT's new National Education Association (NEA) grant, Pathways to Global Communication, final roundtable, September 1, 2016, hosted by the CET.

Film Review, If Only I Were That Warrior, 2015 dir, Valerio Ciriaci, Forthcoming, Italian American Review, June 2017

Moderator, Panel: Sound in Film, “Italian Sonorities and Acoustic Communities,”
John D. Calandra Italian American Institute Annual Conference, April 28–29, 2017.


Served on Bourse Jeanne Marandon for American graduate students planning to go to France to do thesis research.

Served on Bourses du Québec for American students to study French at the University of Laval in Québec.

Served on Bourses “Mini Bourses” for American students to study in France or Québec.

Served as trustee for Société des Professeurs Francophones d’Amérique (SPFFA).

Served on the organization of the SPFFA’s two- day Colloquium on « Création et réalité d’expression française et francophone et Marguerite Yourcenar » at CUNY Graduate Center.

Chaired and moderated a session titled: “Marguerite Yourcenar à l’Académie”, at CUNY Graduate Center on April 27th.

Participated on a panel titled: « Aspects du cinéma français et le monde du rap » on April 28th at CUNY’s Graduate Center.

Co-organized and moderated a lecture given by Dr. Peter Shulman on French director Laurent Cantet at FIT on April 27.

Was interviewed by French news channel France Info on French culture on March 5.

Was interviewed by French television France 24 on French presidential elections on April 22.


Published The Adventures of Mrs. Patropolis, a book of fictional New York stories for children. July 2016

The Word Up Community Bookstore, New York.  Reading, The Adventures of Mrs. Patropolis. July 2016

The Offices of EMERGENCY USA, New York. Taught first in a series of monthly Italian lessons to raise awareness of international humanitarian NGO, EMERGENCY, which delivers health care to survivors of war and poverty, including in Sicily. May 2017

The Conference of the American Association of Teachers of Italian, Palermo, Sicily.  Delivered preview of my forthcoming publication, Stellare: Learning Italian with Cultural Stars, Volume 2.


Published a book of poetry Wuayñupacha/Parthötotrö (Sudaquia Editore) about the ontology of death and the political perspective of historical genocide.
Recent poetry was translated into French and published in the literary review "Teste 26" (Marseille).

Book Presentation on April 27 at McNally-Jackson Independent Booksellers, NYC.

Lecture: “Los muros en los circuitos del saber: el caso trasatlántico Andes-Europa Central/Literatura-Filosofía”. 21st Graduate Center CUNY Annual Conference. (The Graduate Center, CUNY (April 27, 2017)

Lecture “Administración de la visibilidad de la poesía de César Vallejo en el campo anglosajón: autonomía del arte y posicionamiento del sujeto traductor- poeta en Estados Unidos”. Octavo Congreso Internacional De Peruanistas En El Extranjero: El Perú En Su Cultura. University of Ottawa (March 25, 2017)

Lecture “Pugnas políticas e ideológicas en la constitución de lo nacional: estado latente y el caso del quechua como dispositivo socio-racial”
Congress: revitalització de llengües indígenes i minoritzades
University of Barcelona, Spain (April 20, 2017)

Lecture: “Género, violencia y poder en el sujeto femenino: diálogos letrados”
LASA Lima XXXV International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima, Peru
 (April 30, 2017)


Attended NECTFL (Northeast Conference on Teaching Foreign Languages) NYC (February 8–10)




Lecture: “The Lager Vaults of Schnaederbeck's Brewery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn,” presented at the Society for Historical Archaeology, Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology. Co-authors Arnulf Hausleiter and Matthias Kolbe, German Archaeological Institute, Berlin, and Georgios Tsolakis, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University, January 7, 2017.

Presented at the Professional Archaeologists of New York City Annual Symposium, “Keeping up with the Times: Technology and Archaeology,” April 30, 2017.

Publication: “The Lower East Side’s Synagogue, Tenement, and Russian Bathhouse: Mikva’ot and the Excavation of a Mikvah at 5 Allen Street.”
American Jewish History, Volume 101, Issue 2, April 2017.

Publication: “Ashdoda Figurines as Anthropomorphized Objects,” submitted for A. MaeirFestschrift. Tel Aviv University Press (forthcoming).

Interviewed in “Underground discovery shows Brooklyn’s microbrewing roots,” Katherine Thomson, Brooklyn 12 News (cable channel), February 11, 2017.

Quoted in “Long-Ago Brooklyn Brewer Left Hidden Vaults, and Mystery,” by James Barron, The New York Times, February 2, 2017.

Archaeology workshop in HA121 301 Cities and Civilizations: The Eastern Mediterranean World c. 3000 BCE–1000 CE, November 14, 2016.

“Art, Archaeology, and Museums” workshop for middle school and high school educators, with Sarah Scott, Department Chair / Associate Professor, Wagner College, and Christine Szeluga, Manager of Education, Staten Island Museum, Staten Island Museum at Snug Harbor, November 8, 2016.


Invited lecturer: “Ancient Architecture in the Mississippi Valley: Monumentality Seen and Unseen,”
Department of Archaeology, Yale University, September 16, 2016.

Invited lecturer: Fluidity of Referents: Maya Appropriations and Adornment, National Museum of the American Indian, Symposium on Native Fashion,
Spring 2017.

Invited lecturer: Colloquium in Visual Culture, Ancient Architecture in the Mississippi Valley: Monumentality Seen and Unseen, Bryn Mawr College, April, 2017.

Invited lecturer: “Ancient Architecture in the Mississippi Valley: Monumentality Seen and Unseen,” Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, September 8, 2016.

Publication: “Ancient Architecture in the Mississippi Valley: Monumentality Seen and Unseen.” RES: A Journal of Anthropology and Comparative Aesthetics (forthcoming)

Publication: Review of Alessandra Russo, Gerhard Wolf and Diana Fane, eds. “Images Take Flight: Feather Art in Mexico and Europe: 1400-1700.”
College Art Association Bulletin (January 18, 2017).

Profiled by Archaeology Magazine editor, Eric Powell, on the bannerstone work carried out during Fall 2016 sabbatical at the American Museum of Natural History.

Senior Researcher at the American Museum of Natural History to study 61 Archaic bannerstones in their collection.  This is an ongoing photographic, research and publication project.


Presented: “Fashion and the Art of the Pouchoir,” Nouveau Reach Conference, Ryerson University, Toronto, May 12, 2017.

Presented: “Fashion and the Art of the Pouchoir,” lecture and book signing, LA County Museum of Art (LACMA), February 1, 2017.

Presented: “The Art of the Fashion Plate,” lecture and book signing, Dallas Museum of Art, November 3, 2016.

Presented: “The Art of the Fashion Plate,” keynote lecture, LIM Fashion Then & Now Conference, October 21, 2016.


Invited speaker, “Equestrienne: Tailoring and Transgression in 19th-century Paris,” FIT Center for Excellence in Teaching Faculty to Faculty (F2F) lecture, December 2016.

Invited speaker, “VoiceThread: Conversations, Creativity and Critique in the Cloud,” FIT Center for Excellence in Teaching Faculty to Faculty (F2F) presentation, November 2016.

Invited speaker, “Addressing the Modern Amazone: The Equestrienne in French Fashion Discourse,” in “Autour d’Emmeline Raymond: Fashion, Propriety, and Ideology,” Nineteenth-Century French Studies Annual Colloquium, October 2016.

Invited speaker, “Fashion, Art and Portraiture in the Belle Époque,” Proust’s Muse Symposium, Museum at FIT, October 2016.

Published: “Visual Representations of Fashion and Dress, 1800-1920.” In The Age of Empire, 1800-1920, ed. Denise Baxter.
A Cultural History of Dress and Fashion, edited by Susan Vincent, 165-88. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2016.

Published: “Fashioning the (Masculine) Interior: Tissot, Portraiture, Photography & the Fashion Plate.”
In Visualizing the Nineteenth-Century Home: Modern Art and the Decorative Impulse, ed. Anca I. Lasc, 104-21. New York: Routledge, 2016.

Research Grant: Samuel H. Kress Foundation 2016-17 Digital Resources Grant for the Fashion History Timeline Project.


Session chair, "Material Transformations and Surrealist Gestures in the Twentieth-Century Interior,” College Art Association annual conference, New York, February 15, 2017.

Exhibition review: “How Should We Live? Propositions for the Modern Interior (Museum of Modern Art),” Metropolis (November 2016).


Conference organizer: Documenting Korean Costume: Primary Sources and New Interpretations. International Conference funded by the Academy of Korean Studies and hosted at the Charles B. Wang Center, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, Long Island, March 24–25, 2017.

Presenter: “Costume History in Academia: Pedagogy and Historiography,” at Documenting Korean Costume: Primary Sources and New Interpretations, International Conference funded by the Academy of Korean Studies and hosted at the Charles B. Wang Center, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, Long Island, March 24–25, 2017.

Presenter: “Hybrid Dandyism: European Woolen Fabric in East Asia,” at Imported Luxury in East Asia: Toward a New Methodology, Association for Asian Studies 2017 Annual Conference in Toronto, March 17, 2017.

Panel organizer: Imported Luxury in East Asia: Toward a New Methodology. Association for Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Conference, Toronto, March 16–19 March 2017.

Panel organizer: American Art from Asia, College Art Association annual conference, New York, February 2017.

“Predicament of Contemporary Artists: Represent or Subdue Ethnicity?” AHL Foundation Public Lecture Series 2012 in Collaboration with Korean Cultural Center NY in New York City, November 30, 2016.

Co-organizer of the campus-wide talk series, Primary Sources in Costume/Textile History and Design

  • Minsun Hwang, Silk Treasures from the Han Dynasties: Textile Selections from the Exhibition, Age of Empires: Chinese Art of Qin and Han Dynasties (221 B.C.-220 A.D.) on April 4, 2017

The Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Center, SUNY

  • European Buildings in Tianjin: Exploring Modernity in East Asia, COIL Partnership with Tianjin Normal University
    (TJNU: Professor Ruiling Feng) in Spring 2017
    Course: Japanese Art and Civilization
  • Asian Art and Monuments in Osaka, COIL Partnership with Kansai University in Osaka (KU: Professor Shoko Nagata) in April and May 2017

Co-organizer: Seminars sponsored by the Hanbok Advancement Center, South Korea and FIT: “Aesthetics of Korean Dress,” (Dr. Minjee Kim); “Allure of Hanbok as Creative Inspiration,” (Dr. Minjee Kim); “Embellishment of Hanbok,” (Ms. Haeja Koo); “The Soigné and Sustainable: Hanbok for Future Fashion.” November 14–18, 2017.

Conference organizer: Diverse Techniques of Asian Art and Crafts: Interactive Media (, Charles B. Wang Center, Stony Brook University, November 11, 2016

Facilitator, as a member of the Diversity Council, for a symposium held in conjunction with Native Fashion Now, a special exhibition at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian    

  • Native American Fashion: Inspiration, Appropriation, and Cultural Property
    April 22, 2017 at the National Museum of the American Indian, New York Diker Pavilion

    Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House

Presenter: “Pedagogical Challenges,” at Diverse Techniques of Asian Art and Crafts: Interactive Media (, Charles B. Wang Center, Stony Brook University, November 11, 2016.

Panel organizer and chair: Exchange a la Mode: Costume Reforms and Political Changes in Modern Asia, at The 10th International Conference on Design History and Design Studies (ICDHS), National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan, October 26–28, 2017

Presented “Erased Faces: Vandalizing Images in Hagiographic Manuscripts.” Medieval Art & Failure (A Roundtable organized by Gerald B. Guest) at the 52nd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, 11–14 May 2017

Presented “Discerning Languages for Exotic Porcelain: From the Marchand-Mercier’s Nécessaires to Duveen’s Objets d’art.” Fellows Forum.  The Center for the History of Collection, The Frick Collection, New York City, 4 April 2017

Hosted Distinguished Speaker, Jan Bardsley (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) at Fashion Institute of Technology funded by Distinguished Speakers Bureau of the Northeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies funded by Japan-US Friendship Commission ($500 given to FIT)

Presented “Pedagogical Challenges and Innovative Solutions.” Poster Session No. 2. Conference on Instruction and Technology SUNY CIT 2017: Teaching and Learning in Multiple Dimensions. State University of New York Oneonta, 31 May–2 June 2017

Publication: “Portraying Monks in Illuminated Service Books in the Fourteenth Century.”
Journal of the Association of Western Art History, Vol. 45 no. 1 (2016): 149–84.

Peer reviewer: International Journal of Fashion Studies. A special issue on Fashion and East Asia (Northumbria University, U.K.), January 2017.

Grant: Northeast Asia Council (NEAC) Korean Studies Grant, Association for Asia Studies: Short-Term Research Travel outside North America for the project entitled Dress Reform and Social Changes in Modern Asia (February 20–26, 2017)

Leon Levy Fellowship winner: The Center for the History of Collecting, the Frick Collection, Spring 2017: four-month research fellowship for Collecting Asian Art: Discerning Languages for Exotic

The Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Center, SUNY, Latin America Academy for The US-Mexico Multistate COIL Program (MCP), Research Fellow, 2016: participated in an international conference at Cuernavaca with the funding from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, 20–25 June 2016.

SUNY Innovative Instructional Technology Grant (SUNY IITG), 2016: received a grant of up to $10,000 to create a web-based platform for the project in 2016-2017, Diverse Techniques of Asian Art and Crafts: Interactive Media (
This grant was renewed for the 2017-18 academic year, at $50,000.


Lecture: “Denuded: Bare Life in Performance by Barbad Golshiri,” at the AMCA session Arab Nude, College Art Association annual conference, New York, February 2017.


Lecture: "Marisa Merz: The Sky is a Great Space," Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, March–April 2017.

Lecture: Six-part series on the art and culture of Southeast Asia, Seabourn Sojourn, December 2016–January 2017.

Lecture: "Jerusalem 1000-1400: Every People Under Heaven," Metropolitan Museum of Art, October–December 2016.

Lecture: "Diane Arbus: In the Beginning," Metropolitan Museum of Art, September–November 2016.

Publication: Turnbull, Richard, and Douglas Collins. In Darkness There is Darkness, collaborative artists' book. New York: Furious Day Press, 2016.

Publication: Turnbull, Richard, Edgar Hartley, and David Thomas. The Body in Question, collaborative artists' book. New York: Furious Day Press, 2016.

Curator: "The Chemigram in Context," Manhattan Graphics Center, New York, March 2017.

Curator: "Working Green: The Art and Artists of Zea Mays Printmaking," Manhattan Graphics Center, New York, July–August 2016.

Exhibited artist: New York Fine Press Book Fair, New York, March 2017; "New York International Miniature Print Exhibition," Manhattan Graphics Center, New York, November-December 2016; "Print Fair North," Zea Mays Printmaking, Northampton, MA, September 2016.


Presented: “Contemporary Artists on Medical Ethics from the Nazi Doctors’ Trial to the Present,” at Medical Ethics in the 70 Years after the Nuremberg Code, 1947 to the Present, Medical University of Vienna, Austria, March 2–3, 2017.

Presented: “The ‘Good Death’? Euthanasia from Nazi Times to the Present in Contemporary Art,” at 47th Annual Scholars’ Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches, Temple University, Philadelphia, March 11–13, 2017.

Presented: “Posthumanist Representations: Bioethics, Bioengineering, and the Legacy of Nazi Medicine in Contemporary Art,” at Second International Scholars’ Workshop: Medicine in the Holocaust and Beyond: Artists Respond to Nazi Medicine and Its Legacy, Western Galilee, Israel. May 7–11, 2017

Publication: "Symposium:  Should Bob Dylan Have Received the Nobel Prize for Literature? Why or Why Not?" Boulevard (Spring 2017).

Publication: "Tendency to Err.” Review of Don’t Think, by Richard Burgin." American Book Review 37 (Sept./Oct. 2016): 23.

Publication: “Postscript: Yishai Jusidman’s Prussian Blue series at the Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo,” added to 2005 essay “From the Sublime to the Abject: Six Decades of Art," on the occasion of its re-publication by the Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City, 2016: 158-60 (Spanish translation) and 189-91.

Curator: “Mastering Death: Artistic Perspectives,” Josephinum Museum, Medical University of Vienna, on the occasion of the international conference, Medical Ethics in the 70 Years after the Nuremberg Code, 1947 to the Present, March 2–April 2, 2017.


Publication: “Lifting the Lid on Cigar Boxes at Winterthur.” Panorama: Journal of the Association of Historians of American Art 2.2 (Fall, 2016).

Invited lecturer: “Miss Bentham’s Body in Art and Law,” Symposium, Bellows and the Body: The Real, the Ideal, and the Nude,” The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham, UK, November, 2016.

Peer reviewer: American Art Journal and Routledge Press

Fulbright Alumni Ambassador: visited six colleges and universities to promote interest in the program; a blog post about her travels is available on the Council for International Exchange of Scholars website.


Publication: “Dialogue of the Doges: Monumental Ducal Tombs in Renaissance Venice.” In The Tombs of the Doges of Venice from the Beginning of the Serenissima to 1907, ed. Benjamin Paul, pp. 311–34 (Rome: Viella, 2016).

Session chair: Portraiture in Italy, Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference, Chicago, April 1, 2017.

Peer reviewer: Oxford University Press, May 2017

Interviewee: New York Public Library Online Research-Catalog Discussion Group, Stephen A. Schwarzman Research Branch. Invited as consultant for revision of NYPL online catalog interface. December 5, 2016.


Executive directors of the not-for-profit organization Smarthistory. During the 2016-17 academic year Harris and Zucker were awarded grants from the National Endowment for Humanities, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation and they worked with curators from numerous museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London.
Smarthistory content received 35 million views in 2016.


Publication: “Overlapping and Contradictory Narratives in Ancient Egyptian Visual Programs,”
Proceedings of the International Congress of Egyptologists XI (2017)

Publication: “The Nudity of Cats and What It Reveals.” The Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities Newsletter (Spring 2017)

Presented: “The Nudity of Cats and What It Reveals,” American Research Center in Egypt’s Annual Meeting, Kansas City, MO April 21–23, 2017; Scholars’ Colloquium, The 41st Annual Symposium for the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities, Toronto, Canada, November 3–6, 2016.




Screened her film Irma Vep, The Last Breath for opening night of the Fashion in Film Festival, curated by film historian Tom Gunning and Marketa Uhlirova,
The Horse Hospital Theatre, London, March 13, 2017

Was invited to speak on her work as a Visiting Artist in the Fine Arts Department, Columbia University, New York, Feb 14, 2017

Exhibited her video installation on transgender inmates, Beware The Lily Law in the exhibition Incarceration Nation, curated by Jessica Hunter-Larsen, I.D.E.A. Space, Colorado College, October 27–Dec 17, 2017 

Participated on the panel Incarceration Nation Panel Discussion, Colorado College, Colorado Springs October 28, 2017. She discussed the rights and mistreatment of transgender inmates in American prisons. 

Was invited to speak on her work as a Visiting Artist, Cornerstone Arts Center, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, October 27, 2017  

Exhibited her video installation based on Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, called Dorian, A Cinematic Perfume in the exhibition Time Test, curated by Wang Chunchen and Caitlin Dougherty, Chinese Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, China, July 22–October 27, 2016 

Was invited to speak on her work as a Visiting Artist in the Graduate Lecture Series, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, June 12, 2016 

Began work on her new film project Hustlers and Empires with the support of a FIT FDGA Research Award. She used the award to shoot scenes in Rome based on Fellini's 1968 film Toby Dammit.


Publication: “From All about Eve (1950) to Clouds of Sils Maria (2014): Adapting a Classic Paradigm.” In LFQ, a peer-reviewed film-studies journal, Salisbury U., Maryland). Accepted November 14, 2016; forthcoming in the July 2017 issue.

Presentation: “A Gem of an Idea: The Circulating Jewels of Balzac, Vilmorin, and Ophuls as a metaphor for Adaptation,” South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference, Jacksonville, Florida, November 4, 2016.

Presentation: “Sirk According to Fassbinder: Film to Film Adaptation of the Classics.” Literature/Film Association Annual Conference. Rowen University, Glassboro, New Jersey, October 14, 2016.


Publications: Sonidos Negros: On the Blackness of Flamenco. Currents in Latin American and Iberian Music, Oxford University Press (978-019-046-6923, and 978-019-046-6916) forthcoming, 2018.

Publications: K. Meira Goldberg, and Antoni Pizà, editors. The Global Reach of the Fandango in Music, Song and Dance: Spaniards, Indians, Africans and Gypsies. Castle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016. This English language edition of the 2015 proceedings includes translations of the Spanish Música Oral del Sur articles as well as 7 articles that are not included in the Spanish journal.

“Changing Places: Toward the Reconstruction of an Eighteenth Century Danced Fandango.” With Thomas Baird and Paul Jared Newman. The Global Reach of the Fandango in Music, Song and Dance: Spaniards, Indians, Africans and Gypsies, 579–621.

Presented: “’The Name Might Change, but the Form Will Not:’ Figuring Race and Empire from the Villano to the Guaracha.” With Anna de la Paz and Elisabet Torres Aguilar, Presentation at the Conference Spaniards, Natives, Africans, and Gypsies: Transatlantic Malagueñas and Zapateados in Music, Song, and Dance, University of California Riverside. April 6–7, 2017

Presented: “Tilting Across the Racial Divide: Jacinto Padilla ‘El Negro Meri.’” Presentation at an organized panel at the joint conference of the Congress on Research in Dance and Society of Dance History Scholars, Pomona College, CA. November 3–6, 2016

Research Position and Institutional Collaborations: 2014–2017: The Foundation for Iberian Music at The Barry S. Brook Center for Music Research and Documentation at the CUNY Graduate Center, Visiting Research Scholar. With Antoni Pizà, Director, and Walter Clark, Director of the Center for Iberian and Latin American Music at the University of California at Riverside, organized a second international conference, “Spaniards, Natives, Africans, and Gypsies: Transatlantic Malagueñas and Zapateados in Music, Song, and Dance, to be held in at UCR on April 6–7, 2017. More about the conference.
Proceedings will be published in the peer-reviewed CILAM journal Diagonal.

Choreographed: Florencia en el Amazonas, by Daniel Catán. Fletcher Opera Institute, University of North Carolina School for the Arts. Alongside award-winning director Nic Muni, Artistic Director of the Fletcher Opera Institute, and conductor Christopher Allen, associate conductor of the Los Angeles Opera.
February 3–7, 2017

Performed: With Rafael Abolafia, prize-winning Director at the Centro Andaluz de Teatro in Spain, Raiz, a progressive ritual of perforation, immersion, rupture, hypothetical sonic space, fragility and vertigo, and the power of instability. June, 2017

Translated: Cristina Cruces-Roldán. “Fandangos, Fandanguillos, and Fandangazos: Fernando El De Triana on Popular and Flamenco Music and Dance.” In K. Meira Goldberg, and Antoni Pizà, editors. Spaniards, Indians, Africans, and Gypsies: The Global Reach of the Fandango in Music, Song, and Dance, New Castle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016, 244–269.

Translated: Reynaldo Fernández Manzano. “Two Glances at the Fandango”

Translated: The Fandango in Classical Music, and an Example of Popular Andalusian Fandangos: el Trovo de la Alpujarra. In K. Meira Goldberg, and Antoni Pizà, editors. Spaniards, Indians, Africans, and Gypsies: The Global Reach of the Fandango in Music, Song, and Dance, New Castle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016, 182–190.

Translated: Ramón Soler Díaz, “The Fandango in Malaga: From Dance to Rending Song.” In K. Meira Goldberg, and Antoni Pizà, editors. Spaniards, Indians, Africans, and Gypsies: The Global Reach of the Fandango in Music, Song, and Dance, New Castle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016, 45–68.




Sub-Sahara’s Experience with the Purchasing Power Parity Hypothesis, Journal of Applied Business and Economics,
Vol. 18, No. 2, October 2016, ISSN 1499-691X, by Glenville Rawlins.

Exchange Rate Regime Selection and the Business Cycle, a paper presented at the 18th. Annual Conference of the National Business and Economics Society, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Friday, March 10, 2017, by Glenville Rawlins.


Article: “Kenneth Lonergan, the Apolitical Bard of Service Workers”
Atlantic Monthly Online, February 22, 2017.

Co-moderator: “An Evening with the Central Park Five”, February 15, 2017

Article: “The Quintessential Art Deco Object” Elevator World, December 2016.

Talking head in short documentary about drones, #Drone, December 2016.

Article: “The Odd Hybrid Businesses that Defined Early America”
Atlas Obscura, September 2, 2016.

Review: Hotel literature review of Reiko Hillyer, Designing Dixie: Tourism, Memory, and Urban Space in the New South, Caroline Field Levander and Matthew Pratt Guterl, Hotel Life: The Story of a Place Where Anything Can Happen, Joanna Walsh, Hotel, Rick Moody, Hotels of North America, and Joseph Roth, The Hotel Years, in Enterprise and Society 17:3 (September 2016), 678-685

Created two new classes:

  • “Classics in African American History”
  • “Queer Work: A Research Seminar in LGBTQ Business and Labor History”

Conference paper: "Elevators Maintain Society" Organized panel and gave paper at Maintainers II Conference, Stevens Institute of Technology, April 7, 2017.

Member of Advisory Committee for Kaimera Theater Company, April 2017.


Received a two-week Japan Studies Summer Institute Fellowship at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. June 2016

Received a four-week Resident Eadington Fellowship at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Conducted research on gender representations in promotional gaming materials. August 2016

Conducted sabbatical research on gender and sexuality discourses in legal and political debates about multiculturalism and Islam in the Netherlands. Fall 2016


Presented the various components of her sabbatical research at the Faculty Showcase Series: Professional Activities on Friday, March 10th. Other panelists were Nomi Kleinman, Keith Ellenbogen and Artie Kopelman.


Had an invited talk at Barnard's Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Screening of the 13th last term in October. Addressed the FIT Presidential Scholars called "Invisible Genders: What NonBinary Transgender Identities Can Teach Us All."


Created course: Greece Study Tour: “Competition in Antiquity: Athletes, Actors, and Sages”.


Created new course with Stephanie Anderson: “The Psychology of Gender, Perception and Self-Expression.”

Received IFFTI grant and lectured on this course at London College of Fashion.

Panel member at London College of Fashion to study effects of fashion and gender in film.


Was the keynote speaker for the Academic Integrity symposium held on Friday, February 17, 2017.


Invited lecturer. Author and Discussant. Oxford University, Business and Economics Conference. The Economic Impact of BREXIT on the Caribbean Community. Oxford, U. K., July 1, 2017.

Session Chair & Discussant, International Economics. Exporting and Frictions in Input Markets. Eastern Economic Association Annual Conference. February 25, 2017. New York, NY.

Panel Presentation, BREXIT: Economic Consequences for the Caribbean Community.  Eastern Economic Association Annual Conference. February 25, 2017. New York, NY.

Appointed to the International Political Science Association (IPSA) Research Committee. IPSA 47: Global - Local Relations Board. January 2017.

Advisor, Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission. September 17, 2016.

Research Paper Presentation: “The Influence of National Parliaments on Caribbean Integration.” American Political Science Association (APSA),
Annual Conference, 2016. Theme: Comparative Politics of Developing Countries. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Invited lecturer. Author and Discussant. Cambridge Business and Economics Conference.
Foreign Aid and Regional Integration: The CARICOM Case. Cambridge, U. K.

Invited lecturer. International Political Science Association (IPSA). 24th World Congress of Political Science.
The Politics of Regional Integration in the Developing World. Poznan, Poland.


Served as a media expert on Why We Like Our Shirts to Speak for US for Racked, March 2017.

Served as a media expert on Gender Neutral Fashion for The Fashion Globe, March 2017.

Profiled in Nylon Magazine, Feb. 2017.

Launched FASHION PSYCHOLOGY as a non-credit course in Center for Continuing Education and Professional Studies, Fall 2016–Spring 2017.

Invited to be a speaker on “The Psychology of Fashion” at the Security Forum in Kiev Ukraine by Prime Minister Arseniy, Dec. 2016.


Presented: "Forward looking Taylor rules using forward looking data." Management International Conference MIC 2016, Croatia, 1–4 June 2016.


Article: “How CBN Confronted the Meltdown: The Global Financial Crisis and The Central Bank of Nigeria’s Response” was published in Singapore Economic Review, the official journal of the Central Bank Singapore.  Vol. 62, No. 01, pp. 147-161 (2017)

Presented: “FED Rate Hikes and What It Means for the US Dollar” at the American University in Cairo on November 3, 2016.

Participated in SUNY’s COIL Stevens Initiative, attended the workshop at the American University in Cairo in Egypt, October 30–November 2, 2016.


"Can ‘Cost Leadership’ be the Basis for a Renewed Business Strategy? Corporate Crisis Management at Levi Strauss", under submission, Journal of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management, North Carolina State University, College of Textiles.

Book Chapter under submission: Doyran, M. A. In Dr. Stefania Paladini and Dr. Suresh George, (Ed.), The Business Strategy of ‘Root Capital’: Prospects and Challenges of Financial Management in Small Open Economies in Emerging Markets and Sustainable Economy: Main Issues, Challenges and Scenarios.
London: Routledge

Presenter & Author: Academy of International Business (AIB) US-Northeast Conference, "Porter-Diamond Model of Competitive Advantage: Insights from the Garment Industrial Sector in Two Emerging Countries," Michigan State University & Fox School of Business-Temple University, Philadelphia, USA.
(October 29, 2016).


Chaired Panel: Make Your Workplace Environmentally Sustainable Using Industrial/Organizational Psychology Principles. Multi-speaker panel presented at the 125th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, August 2017, Washington, D.C.

Conference Presentation – Paper: Benkendorf, D.L. (2017). Hope and Change: How Experimentally-Induced Hope Inspires Pro-Environmental Behavior.
Paper presented at the 125th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, August, 2017. Washington, D.C.

Conference Presentation - Roundtable: Benkendorf, D.L. (2017). The Pursuit of Unhappiness: Exploring the Link Between Interest in Fashion, Clothing Consumption, and Subjective Well-Being. Roundtable presentation at the 5th Annual World Congress on Positive Psychology, July, 2017. Montreal, QC, Canada. 

Conference Presentation - Paper: Rossi, W., Witney, L., & Benkendorf, D.L. (2017). Gaydar: A Set of Simple Stereotypes or a Legitimate Sixth Sense?
Paper presented at the 18th Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, January, 2017. San Antonio, TX.

Manuscript submitted to Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes - March, 2017: The Impact of Emotions on Stereotyping and Discrimination in Workplace Selection: The Role of Certainty Appraisals. Decision pending.

Invited Speaker: GrowNYC, New York, NY, May 23, 2017.




Published an article “Ideological Mappings of Gendered Bodies, Nations and Spaces in Louis Chu’s 1961 Chinatown Novel, Eat a Bowl of Tea.”in the collection Seeing Whole: Toward an Ethics and Ecology of Sight. Eds Mark Ledbetter and Asbjørn Grønstad. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholar’s Press, 2016. 19-48.

Presented a paper “Amy Tan's Narrative Reappropriation of Mainland China as a "Chinascape" in The Hundred Secret Senses (1995).” for the East West Literary Relations Panel, at the Annual Conference of the Pacific American Modern Language Association Conference, Pasadena, CA. (November, 2016)

Presented a paper, “Yi-Fu Tuan’s Coming Home to China (2007): Physical and Conceptual Ideas of Home through Traveling Bodies, Spaces, Times, and Mixed Geographies.” for the  Mobility and Space in Global Asia Panel, at Global Asias 4 Biennial Conference Verge: Studies in Global Asias at Penn State University, State College, PA. (March 2017)

Presented a paper, “Maternal Custodians of the Ancestral Home in 1960s Chinese American Fiction.” For the panel, Matrilineal Textual Body: Maternal Bodies in Asian American Lit and Pop Culture as Text, at the Annual Conference of the Northeast American Modern Language Association Conference in Baltimore, MD. (March 2017)


Defended and submitted dissertation, You Are What You Eat: Investigating Food Discourse and Digitally-Mediated Identities, in Spring 2016.

Presented a paper titled “Obscurity, Obsolescence, and Deletion, Oh My! Coping with Ephemerality in Digital Writing Research” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Houston, TX in April 2016.

Presented a paper titled “Spilling the Beans...and Taking It with a Grain of Salt: Exploring Mediated and Unmediated Identity Representations in the Food Blogging Community” at the Rhetoric Society of America Conference in Atlanta, GA in May 2016.

Participated in “The Digital Literacy Competencies of Faculty, Undergraduate and Graduate Students” discussion at invite-only Winter Symposium on Digital Literacy in Providence, RI in January 2017.

Presented a paper titled “Digital Identity as a Dynamic Event” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Portland, OR in March 2017.

Published article, “Eternal or Ephemera? The Myth of Permanence in Online Writing,” in Computers & Composition.


Created, launched, and curated Poetry-in-the-Round, a new public poetry reading series at the Irvington, NY, Public Library. From June 2016; ongoing monthly.

Read as featured poet, Sunday at the J With George, Tarrytown, NY October 2016.

Read from edited book, Work in Progress, by Susan Ribner, along with new poems, at a program, "On Losing a Loved One to Mental Illness," Cornelia Street Cafe, December 2016.

Read as featured poet, "Matters of the Heart," JCC on the Hudson, Tarrytown, NY, January 2017.


An ensemble role in Knight Academy - an immersive theatre production at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine (July 2016)

Starring role in an Off-Off Broadway play - Jack Sharkey's A Gentleman and a Scoundrel (February 2017)


Published a nonfiction piece, “Hummingbird effect,” in Apogee, Issue 08 (December 2016)

Interviewed for, “Can we feel it all?,” by Perigree (February 2017)

Had several poems accepted by the editors of the Brooklyn Poets Anthology, which was published by Brooklyn Arts Press in April of 2017.

Was a finalist for the Emerge–Surface–Be 2016–2017 Fellowship Program for Emerging Poets at The Poetry Project.


Coordinated and presented Tooth and Nail, a group exhibition showcasing poetry, art and performance at Peninsula Art Space (Executive Director) in Red Hook, BK. (Feb-March 2017)

Wrote copy and collaborated on concepting at Huge Digital Agency Brooklyn for Chance Nothing, the Canada Goose Spring Apparel Campaign (Nov 2016)

Screened The Bravest, The Boldest (writer/co-producer) at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. as part of the Annual Black Maria Film Festival. (August 2016)

The Bravest, The Boldest completed a long and successful run on the film festival circuit that began with the 2014 Sundance Festival.
It picked up a total of 50 awards.


Feature documentary " CONGO: A MISSION IMPOSSIBLE?" is now in post-production, with completion scheduled for end of 2017 while Congolese director covers unfolding events on the ground, View a Video Portfolio of this project.

Produced a screening of Brazilian director Iara Lee' s award-winning documentary " K2 AND THE INVISIBLE FOOTMEN" at Rosendale Community Theatre in Ulster County, New York, September 2016.

Rewriting his doctoral dissertation " DIGITAL DOCUMENTARY- THE REVOLUTION THAT IS NOT BEING TELEVISED " for the Department of Film Studies at Sweden's University of Lund.


Was selected by a team of TV and publishing executives to ghostwrite a social satirical novel, Spring 2017.

Participated in a six- person advanced fiction workshop with Rachel Cusk at the 92nd Street Y, February 2017.


Published a poem, “The Break-In,” in The New Yorker (March 6, 2017)

Works at Poets House as their Content Editor & Publicity Coordinator (June 2016-present)

Serves on the board of VIDA: Women in the Literary Arts

Serves on the Poetry Committee and Book Ends Committee for the Brooklyn Book Festival

VP of Association of Writers and Writing Programs Women’s Caucus

Named a 2017 NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program mentor

Participated in a think tank and strategic conversation at the Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute at Harvard on Equity and Women in Nonfiction Publishing, November 2016

Participated in the St. Mark’s Poetry Project 43rd Annual New Year’s Day Marathon Reading, January 2017

Participated in Facebook Live panel, Poetry in Color, for The Root (April 2017)

Participated in Butler University Annual MFA Publishing Panel (April 2017)

Participated in PEN World Voices Festival panel: Art, Gender, and Social Justice (May 2017)


Completed a residency at Yaddo (Summer 2016)

Awarded a residency at the MacDowell Colony for Summer 2017.


Published a book review of the novel Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett in World Literature Today (March 2017)

Was an invited author and read from new fiction at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (March 2017)

Presented “The Virtual Flâneur: The Art of Walking in Cyberspaces” at the National Conference on the Liberal Arts and Education of Artists, School of Visual Arts (October 2016)


Moderated a panel, Poets on Craft, with Sarah Gambito and Reginald Dwayne Betts, sponsored by Cave Canem and The New School Creative Writing Program (March 28, 2017)

Participated in the AWP Panel, “Surprise Us: Reading between submissions guidelines,” a panel of editors hosted by A Public Space. Washington, D.C. February 2017.

Published a poem, "Oil Miniature in a Bone Frame," in RHINO Poetry 2017.

Participated as a fellow in the Queens Council on the Arts Artist Peer Circle program, and gave a public reading at the QCA in Astoria, Queens. March 2017.

Served as nonfiction editor for Apogee Journal in 2016–17.


Collection of poems, Our Lady of Not Asking Why, selected for the New Issues Press 2016 First Book Prize by National Book Award Winner Mary Szybist, published in April 2017.

Selected as one of eleven from four thousand applicants as a 2016 Ruth Lilly Finalist.

Selected as one of five poetry fellows for Stanford University’s Stegner Fellowship.


Published her debut graphic memoir Flying Couch, which the New York Times named an Editor's Choice, and "One of the 2016 Season's Best New Graphic Novels." Flying Couch was also chosen as a "Best Memoir of 2016" and a Junior Library Guild Pick.

Published short fiction and graphic essays in The Awl, MUTHA Magazine,, and interviews with Lit Hub, The Yiddish Book Center, and other places.

Published cartoons in The New Yorker and Narrative Magazine.

Published a personal essay in Lenny Letter, “Learning to Love the Clothes My Mother Bought Me.”

Presented at SXSW, Wordstock Book Festival, The Nables Jewish Book Festival, Authors@Google, The Museum of Jewish Heritage, Carousel Reading Series, and other venues.

Attended Camac's Artist Residency in Marnay Sur Seine, France.

Featured in Flying Foxes Graphic Art Show, a showcase of four women graphic artists at Undercurrent Projects, March 2017.


Coordinated the Communicating Climate Change initiative (with Artie Kopelman of Science & Mathematics).

Published a poem, “Un-Tombed,” in The Hopkins Review 10:1 (Winter 2017)

Published a poem, “Father’s Day,” in a textbook, Composing Poetry: A Guide to Writing Poems and Thinking Lyrically, by Gerry LaFemina
(Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt, 2017)

Published a poem, “Logistics for Thursday,” in The Golden Shovel Anthology, Eds. Peter Kahn, Ravi Shankar, Patricia Smith
(Fayetteville, AR: U of Arkansas P, 2017)

Poem, “The Donald’s Secret Clone,” was accepted for inclusion in Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse, edited by Grace Bauer & Julie Kane, Lost Horse Press (forthcoming Fall 2017)

Poem, “Curator,” was accepted for Post Road #33 (forthcoming Winter/Spring 2018)

Performed original poem, “Hundreds” (after Yosvany Terry’s musical composition Okónkolo) at Fashionable Muses event (February 7, 2017)

Coordinated (with Madeline Millan of Modern Languages and Cultures) the work of 11 student and faculty poets, writing in 7 languages, as part of Fashionable Muses: Poets & Artists Respond to 6 Compositions from Composers Collective (January–February, 2017)

Served as judge for the Poetry Out Loud New York Regional Competition held on the FIT Campus (February 2017)

Served as judge for the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets 2017 Chapbook Contest (March 2017)

Serves as member of the Poets’ Prize Committee.

Poetry Editor of online literary magazine (2006-present)

Panelist for the Q&A talkback with filmmaker Barbara Hammer after the screening of Welcome to This House, her documentary on Elizabeth Bishop
(October 25, 2017)

Featured poet in Participant Reading, Poetry by the Sea Conference, Madison, CT (May 23, 2017)

Chaired a panel, “Writing and Revising Poems,” presented on panel, “Casting a Wider Net: Poetry and the Other Arts,” and presented in Critical Seminar,
“The Achievement of Stevie Smith Seminar” at the West Chester Poetry Conference, West Chester, PA (June 7–10, 2017)

Screened 98 full-length poetry manuscripts for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Donald Hall Award in Poetry, passing 2 finalists on to judge Kim Addonizio (Spring 2017)


Discussed her poem "San Marcos" on the Poetry Foundation podcast, PoetryNow.

Published a chapbook, Concomitance (Counterpath Press, August 2016)

Published a chapbook, Boss 2 (If A Leaf Falls press, March 2017)

Judged the Futurepoem 2017 manuscript contest with Claudia La Rocca and Pierre Joris, (May 2017)

Poem “Macha” was featured in Bust Magazine’s “8 Feminist Poems To Inspire You When The World Is Just Too Much.

Verse magazine will publish an excerpt of a memoir titled Lantana (Summer 2017)


Presented his paper “Sex Crimes and Didactic Sensationalism in the Seventeenth-Century New England Colonies” at the Society of Early Americanists Biennial Conference (Tulsa, OK, March 2017).

Invited to deliver a lecture, “The Concept of Freedom in Early Modern Interpretations of the Story of Adam and Eve,” for the Humanities Lecture Series at Townsend Harris High School (New York, November 2016).


Published a short story, “The Unfaithful Ghost,” in Pilgrimage, 39.3 (2016)

Published a short story, “Pale Yellow Sun,” in Sunshine Noir (September 2016)

Conducted the workshop “How to Use Symbolism and Metaphor in Your Story (or Poem)” for the Bronx Writers Center, in Poe Park, on November 5.

Conducted the workshop “Creating Strange New Worlds: How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy,” as part of the Bronx Writers Center Big Read series, at Hostos Community College (March 2017)

Spoke on the panel “Writing Your Neighborhood Mystery” at the Seward Park Branch Library on December 12, 2017.

Published a short story, “Merry Xmas from Orchard Beach,” in Spinetingler (December 2016)

Published a short story, “Room for Rent,” in Latin@ Rising: An Anthology of Latin@ Science Fiction and Fantasy (December 2016)

Published a nonfiction essay, “Nuyoricans Go Home,” in Latino Literatures: A Cultural and Literary Journal (March 2017)

Published a flash story, “The Chupacabra’s Charming Cuchifrito Cafe, Recommended Review,” in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination (May 2017)

Spoke on the panel “Writing Your Neighborhood Mystery” at the Seward Park Branch Library  (December 12, 2016)

Spoke on the panel  “La Ciencia Ficción en un Tiempo de Crisis,” at Libreria La Tertulia in San Juan, Puerto Rico (March 2017)


Presented “The Pioneer 10 and 11 Plaque: Incorporating Interstellar Communication into the Classroom” at the New York State Communication Association Conference, Callicoon, NY (Oct. 2016)

Presented “Communication Anxiety: Empowering the Marginalized Student” at Western States Communication Association Conference,
Salt Lake City, UT (Feb. 2017)

Workshop training, “Teaching Whiteness in the Communication Classroom: Deconstructing the Center, Moving to the Margins” (Feb. 2017)

Presented “Instilling Principles of Shared Leadership in Student Clubs and Organizations: Going Back to the Basics” at Eastern Communication Association Conference Boston, MA (Mar. 2017)

Serves as Community College representative to the Legislative Council of the National Communication Association (NCA)

Serves as a member of Legislative Assembly as an At-Large Member for the Western States Communication Association.


Accepted into University of Southern California's highly competitive PhD in Creative Writing Program (Feb 2017)

Finalist for NARRATIVE's 8th Annual Poetry Prize, 2016 // "At the Sunoco in West Virginia" and "Fly-Over States" published or forthcoming in NARRATIVE.

Finalist for the University of Canberra International Poetry Prize (judge: Simon Armitage) for poem "On Flowers," which was subsequently published in their 2016 anthology.

Awarded a residency at the James Merrill House (Oct 2016)

Personal essays forthcoming in SALMAGUNDI and The Southern Indiana Review (2017)


Invited by the graduate program at SVA Critical Theory and the Arts to give a guest lecture on Dance, Adorno and Popular Music (November 2016)

Taught a three-day workshop at SVA Critical Theory and the Arts on writing briefly and quickly that culminated in participants writing a short, fast review of a dance concert at Danspace Project at St. Mark's Church. The reviews were published in the Danspace journal, online. (January 2017)


Won the American Scandinavian Foundation’s Leif and Inger Sjöberg Award for Stormwarning, her translation of Stormviðvörun, the third book of poems by Icelandic poet Kristín Svava Tómasdóttir (Bjartur 2015). Will publish Icelandic-English edition of Stormwarning with Phoneme Media in 2018.

Will publish her Spanish-English translation of TITO, a young adult novel by acclaimed novelist Marcelo Simonetti, commissioned by Chile’s Directorate for Cultural Affairs (Spring 2017)

Published essays in Guernica online and A Woman's Thing.

Edited a Special Feature on Canadian Poetry for Asymptote International Literary Journal

Published poems in The Denver Quarterly, was a finalist for Arc Magazine’s Poem of the Year with “Self-Portrait: Skull & Ornament”, has a poem forthcoming in The Brooklyn Poets inaugural anthology

Published translations of poems by Kristín Svava Tómasdótiir in The Harvard Review online, EuropeNow, Columbia University’s Council for European Studies literary journal, and The Scandinavian Review

Will publish poems in the Manchester-based journal Pain.

Will publish translations of poems by Soledad Marambio in Words Without Borders feature on Chilean literature.

Literary criticism forthcoming in The Harvard Review and EuropeNow.

Awarded a translation residency at The Icelandic Literature Center (June 2017)

Translation editor for Newfound.

Named Academic Director for Stanford’s Writers Workshop and Amherst College’s Great Books Summer Program (Summer 2017)


Read her short story “Spikes” as an invited reader for the Writing Aloud Series at Book Court in Brooklyn, NY.

Exhibited her welded steel sculpture Steel Vagina #1 at the Arts Students League of New York.

Exhibited her welded steel sculpture Steel Vagina #1 as part of the juried show “Go Figure” curated by David C. Terry on Governor’s Island Summer 2016.

Continued as a volunteer workshop leader with the New York Writers Coalition, helping at risk and underserved populations find power through writing.

Presented paper and book, Teaching Autoethnography: Personal Writing in the Classroom, at The International Congress for Qualitative Inquiry.


Published two poems, “After a Mighty Fine,” and “In the Year My Mother Would be 77,” in Tinderbox Poetry Journal 3:4 (August 2016)

Presented her new play, The Ranch, at the Writers & Actors Group (February 9, 16, and 23, 2017).

Wrote verse for the forthcoming independent feature film, Iris, written and directed by Diana Rodriquez, Dirty Empire Films (July–November 2016).

Poem, “The Bra Burners,” was accepted for inclusion in Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse, edited by Grace Bauer & Julie Kane, Lost Horse Press (forthcoming Fall 2017)

Published a sonnet crown, “The Fleshpot Sonnets” in Bared, an anthology edited by Laura Madeline Wiseman (Les Femme Folles Press, 2017).


Attended National Communication Association (NCA) conference (10 - 13 November 2016; Philadelphia, PA) as member of Organizational Communication, International and Intercultural Communication, and Environmental Communication divisions; Attended Short Courses: “Teaching the College Business and Professional Communication Course” and “Internationalizing the Communication Curriculum for Global Citizenship”

Featured presenter of Communication Competence in Global NYC sessions at bi-annual New Student Orientations for incoming Fashion Institute of Technology students 

Served as a Member of Organizational Communication, International and Intercultural Communication, and Environmental Communication divisions of the National Communication Association (NCA)


Will spend two weeks at the New York State Writers’ Institute in Saratoga Springs working on creative nonfiction (July 2017)

Presented with Emilio Coco and Miguel-Angel Zapata, "Translation in Global Culture: Latin American Poetry in Italian and English," A presentation and Poetry Reading (Spanish/Italian/English) at FIT (April 26, 2017)


Presented a paper, "Charley" Gould’s Moustache: A Polish Twist,” on a Nostromo panel on June 1, 2017, at an international Conrad Conference, Conradian Cross Currents, Fordham University, (June 1–4, 2017)

Published book, Sailing towards Poland with Joseph Conrad, Peter Lang (February 1, 2017)


Poem “Rare as a St. Kilda Wren” was featured in video by FIT Graphic Design BFA graduate Brandon Saloy about the creation of his original font, Erratics.