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Digital Meets Handmade


The deployment of digital technologies had such a great impact on the society that it has been defined as an authentic revolution. Today indeed it is possible to design, to produce, to distribute and to communicate through the web: this has drastically changed the relationship among designer, product, production and final consumer. In this context the word “Digitalcraft” refers to a varying production process, that combine hand and mind to digital media. The integration among new technologies and craftsmanship has also involved the jewelry sector: productive methods and tools have been adapted from industrial reality to the collective practices of the designer-makers. These new digital artisans share productive technologies and creative processes thorough the internet, in an integrated system of mutual connections. Open source technology, algorithmic models, laser cutting machines and additive manufacturing allow to produce products with a high level of complexity and definition, custom made pieces, starting from a digital file.


The term “handmade” refers to a manual process, to the creation of a non-industrial product, therefore forged through the use of hands. In particular the inquiry concerns the entirely hand-crafted jewelry, traditionally resulting from the abilities of the artisan-demiurge to shape the matter starting from an idea. Regardless of whether it is the product made by traditional or post-digital craftsmen, the handiworked-piece of jewelry is the result of a long process of trials and errors, that requires study, precision and continuous experimental application in order to reach remarkable results. The handmade quality in fact is achieved not only through precision and attention to details, but also through the uniqueness of the manufactured object, the time spent by the artisan in crafting it. The craftsmanship is therefore the outcome of a constant striving between handwork and creativity, traditional repertoire and innovative techniques, use of precious materials and material experimentations. ​