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Richard Elmer


BFA, School of Visual Arts

Clients include:  
Fine Cooking Magazine. Runners World, Readers Digest, Time Life, New York Times, Marymount College, Faulkner & Grey, PSP Sports, Strathmore Paper Co. U.S. News and World Report. Windows Magazine, Mature Living Magazine, Axis Communications, B.A.M. Communications, AARP, TIAA-CREF

Book Jackets:
Little Brown, Hoover Press/Stanford University, Circe Books/ SPAIN, William Morrow & Co., Addison Wesley, Orchard Books, Computer Science Press/imprint of W.H. Freeman

Corporate commissions:
Met Life, Robert Wood Johnson, Legent Corp., New York Life, Merrill Lynch, Atlantic Mutual, GE Capital, CUC Intl., Shearson Lehman, VortechX Technologies, Citibank, AMA, DLJ, Dupont, Sun Microsystems

Awards include: RX Illustration Award of Excellence

Web site: