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Dave DeVries

Dave DeVries is an award winning illustrator with 20 years of experience visualizing high impact, high drama images. His book The Monster Engine answers the question, “What would a child’s drawing look like if painted realistically?” The results are startling transformations of flat childlike imagery into fully painted illustrations.  This technique came from his illustration work in the comic book, advertising and video game markets.

In 2006, The Monster Engine was given an honorable mention for "Outstanding Book of the Year" at the Independent Publishers Book Awards in the category of "Most Original Concept." The Monster Engine website is internationally known with book buyers from all over the world and has received over 60,000,000 hits (1,000,000 unique visitors) since it opened in 2005. During the first month of his site's launch, Dave was flown to Japan and appeared on Japan's big network, Nippon TV,  where he showed his work to an astonished audience. 

The artist and The Monster Engine have been featured in many magazines and newspapers including Rue Morgue magazine alongside Lemony Snicket and Clive Barker. Dave is currently fielding interest from The BBC about a TV show based upon a Monster Engine concept.

Some of his illustration clients include Dreamworks SKG, Lucasfilm, Universal Studios, Sega, The 3DO company, Seed Studio, ASCAP, Tor Books and Marvel and DC Comics among others.  If you've ever been on the Mummy Returns ride at Universal Studios Theme Park (Florida and California), then chances are you've seen his work.  Much of it was featured in the ride itself.

Advertising Experience: Dave has worked for many ad agencies over his 20 year plus career but specifically was instrumental in creating marketing strategies and campaigns for Mediasauce, an Indiana advertising agency where he worked as a Creative Partner for 3 years.

Current Work: Dave is currently a contractor for Seed Studio, a Taiwanese video game company heading up their "Seed Studio West" division as an Art Director and Promotions Manager. Under this title Dave is responsible for a team of artist in the creation of Blueshift, a Science fiction comic that is being distributed through MTV in the  spring of 2011.

Gallery Work: Dave has shown nationally at many galleries and had two shows in LA this past year. A gallery resume can be emailed upon request.

Teaching and lecturing: Dave is an internationally sought after lecturer and has also demonstrated various art media at colleges, stores, and galleries since 1992. Currently, He teaches at FIT and Syracuse University. Dave also attends schools and museums where he demonstrates Monster Engine painting techniques for kids.

Digital Artist: In addition to traditional paintings skills, Dave is also a Photoshop artist and is included in the book Best Practice: The Pros on Adobe Photoshop from the publisher Thomson/Delmar Learning.

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