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TOMODACHI-Uniqlo Fellowship

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The TOMODACHI-Uniqlo Fellowship – made possible by the generous support of the U.S.-Japan Council and Uniqlo – will provide financial support for a student from Japan who is enrolled in the Global Fashion Management program. The fellowship provides support for full tuition and living expenses for the three semester duration of the program.

To be considered for the fellowship, you must first qualify for the GFM program. All scholarship candidates must be from Japan and have attended school primarily in Japan. Applicants will be required to demonstrate leadership potential in a growing international business and/or were impacted by the March 11, 2011 earthquake in Japan.

The fellowship recipient will have the opportunity to participate in a summer internship at Fast Retailing Company, Ltd., during the summer after his or her first year in the program.

To learn more about the scholarship please visit the TOMODACHI-Uniqlo website.

TOMODACHI-Uniqlo Fellows Share an Overview of the Global Fashion Management Program 


The New York Seminar Experience 

The Paris Seminar Experience 

The Hong Kong Seminar Experience 

Perspectives from the First Semester of the Program 




Uniqlo Fellow Yui with CEO of Fast RetailingFellow Yui Yasuda, GFM Class of 2016 (center) with Yoko Ohara, President of FIT Alumni Association of Japan (left) and Tadashi Unai, Founder and President of Fast Retailing and Uniqlo (right).


Image of students on campus of FITFellow Hiroko Hiraki, GFM Class of 2017 (second from left), with other GFM students on campus at FIT. 


Uniqlo Fellows take notes on a site visit during the New York SeminarFellows Naoyo Toki and Hiroko Hiraki, GFM Class of 2017 (second and fourth from left), take notes during a retail site visit to menswear boutique Kai D. Utility for the New York Seminar.


GFM student examines original garment from Jeanne Lanvin
Fellows Yui Yasuda, GFM Class of 2016, examines an original garment by Jeane Lanvin on display at the Palais Galleiera Musée de la Mode during the Paris Seminar.  


Uniqlo fellow inside a cashmere showroom in FlorenceFellow Asami Ohori, GFM Class of 2019, looks on at items on display in the showroom of Il Borgo Cashmere during an optional seminar in Florence, after the Paris Seminar.


Uniqlo Fellow in the fabric mill of Advanced DenimFellow Junko Arai, GFM Class of 2018 (fourth from right), inside the textile mill of Advanced Denim during the Hong Kong / China Seminar.


Textile Designer Reiko Sudo explains her work to GFM in TokyoFellow Hiroko Hiraki, GFM Class of 2017 (center), with textile designer Reiko Sudo of Nuno (right), during an optional seminar to Tokyo after the Hong Kong / China Seminar.