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UPDATED: New statement from President Joyce F. Brown regarding the February 7 Fashion Design MFA show.   Read the statement here

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To rent a locker:

  1. You must be a full-time commuting Fashion Design student.
  2. Pick up a locker form in Feldman C720. You must show current FIT ID and your class schedule.
  3. Pay a fee of $30 per semester. You may pay for two semesters at a time by showing your block schedule.

Lockers are the property of FIT and are not to be defaced, damaged, or marked in any way by students. Lockers used without authorization will have their locks clipped and contents discarded. In order to maintain safety and security for its student body, FIT reserves the unconditional right to inspect all lockers at times convenient to the students and college staff.

FIT cannot take responsibility for your personal property. Report all losses and locker thefts to Security immediately in Pomerantz D442 or by calling (212) 217-7777. (You may use an emergency red phone located on each floor.)