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“The exposure to the industry in this program is truly remarkable! The number of contacts that we have made with various professionals from museums, exhibition and experience design firms—who we met either during site visits or when they came to our classes—is priceless. I believe that this close insight to the multiple branches of the profession will help every student make more educated and informed decisions when choosing their focus.”
           — Tereza Kervin, Class of 2018 

“Without question, the program at FIT prepared me to communicate, collaborate, 
 and contribute meaningfully to the exhibition design profession.” 
               — Adam Carnes, Class of 2011, Experiential Marketing Creative Lead, Derse 

— Russ Fowler, Vice President of Marketing Environments, Derse:  View His Testimonial on YouTube 

“In this intensive program, not only did I learn to transform narratives into a space, 
 but I also participated in the complete design process of the profession.” 
                — Yun Chu Chou, Class of 2011, Exhibition Designer, Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership 

“This is the unique Master Program that gives you the keys to the diverse nature of the profession 
 and the knowledge of how to turn ideas into stories, and stories into experiences. It's thrilling that 
 lessons learned at FIT Graduate Exhibition Design program are directly put into practice across 
 various trades in the design field and change the way you think, create, collaborate, and tell stories.” 
               — Nastya Lobova, Class of 2015, SEGD Global Design Award Winner 

“Best decision I've made as a designer.” 
               — Pedro Motta, Class of 2011, Creative Design Manager for Global Environments at Coach 

“A great progressive and comprehensive program, that covers and connects all major elements 
 in design process from idea to implementation.” 
               — Asal Shakeri, Class of 2011, Exhibition & Experience Designer & Communication Design Instructor 

“At FIT, I learned about niche opportunities in Exhibition Design. I met professionals and entrepreneurs
 who provided industry specific guidance as I built my own business.”
              — Matt Laska, Class of 2010, LaserArtNYC

“I am proud to be a graduate of the program. The program changed the course of my career 
 exactly as I hoped it would. It was the best investment of time and resources I’ve ever made.” 
               — Katina Rigall, Class of 2007, Exhibit Designer 

“We have hired three designers from the FIT Graduate Exhibition Design program and 
 their work is fresh, edgy, and thoughtful.” 
               — Adam Beckett, President, Derse 

“We had a wonderful experience working with our intern, she was fresh out of the FIT 
 program and full of energy, focus and knowledge.” 
               — Debra Roth, CEO / Creative Director, Pink Inc. 

“Partaking in the program, we had the chance to see through the eyes of a FIT student 
 who has no barriers on designing or inventing the unimaginable!” 
               — Marco Alvarez, President, Fabric Images, Inc.  

“I have worked in both New York City (and attended some FIT design critiques for the 
 exhibition program) and in the Bay Area and had FIT interns. In both instances the companies 
 I worked for have had great success with their interns and have hired them on as full time 
 employees. I think that proves that FIT prepares these students for the rigors of the exhibition 
 industry no matter the location or type of company.” 
               — Mark Pearlman, Design Director, Delphi Productions 

“I was blown away by the talent level and professional nature of all candidates. 
 They all came very prepared with their work samples and each had a story to tell.” 
               — Kevin Carty, Classic Exhibits