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Degree Requirements


For admittance to degree candidacy, students must have satisfied all outstanding prerequisites, completed a minimum of 30 approved course credits at FIT (SUNY residency requirement for graduate degrees), achieved a final grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0, and successfully completed the capstone seminar and all other program requirements.

Capstone Project

The graduating class is presented with two marketing and leadership challenges that reflect current beauty industry practices and trends, and must develop creative solutions that involve all aspects of a corporate organization. The two capstone project groups are graded on their ability to react quickly and cohesively, analysis of the issues from the perspectives of the corporate environment, utilization of the concepts learned in the program, and presentation skills. Industry experts serve as panelists, critiquing and grading the capstone projects. 

Time Requirement for Degree Completion

Students are expected to complete the degree within two years, beginning with their first semester of matriculation. Please refer to the FIT Graduate Catalog for exceptions to this time limit.