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FIT Senior Learner Courses: School of Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences

Fall 2018 Semester: August 27 - December 20, 2018

Senior Learners may only enroll in the courses identified on the Lists of Available Courses to qualify for the special auditors fee of $55. If you wish to enroll in a course not on these lists, you may do so as a Continuing Education student and pay the full, non-degree tuition rate.

EN 231 Short Fiction
3.0 credits
Prerequisites: EN 121 or ES 129 or equivalent
Students read and analyze stories by authors from around the world. They consider various aspects of narrative and explore different modes of storytelling. The study of short fiction prepares students to read more widely on their own in the future. 

CRN      SECTION       DAY                    TIME                                    ROOM
4768          35A              W              6:30 PM-9:20 PM             GOODMAN CENTER 401

EN 232 Perspectives on American Literature
3.0 credits
Prerequisite: EN 121 or ES 129or equivalent
This course gives students an understanding of the American heritage based on three suggested themes: the Puritan ethos, the American dream, and reevaluation of the dream. Includes readings from such major writers as Dickinson, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Hawthorne, Melville, Twain, and Whitman.

CRN      SECTION       DAY                 TIME                               ROOM
29098        302              W           11:10 AM-2:00 PM           POMERANTZ 403

EN 233 Poetry
3.0 credits
Prerequisite: EN 121 or ES 129 or equivalent
By reading and analyzing a wide range of poems from a variety of time periods and cultures, students are introduced to the literary genre of poetry. Students examine word usage, figures of speech, rhythm and meter, and other poetic devices. Understanding and appreciation of poetry are enhanced by reading criticism and listening to recordings.

CRN      SECTION       DAY                 TIME                              ROOM
26729         302             R             2:10 PM-5:00 PM           DUBINSKY 320

EN 335 Working Women in the United States: 1865 to Present
3.0 credits
Prerequisite: EN 121 or ES 129 or equivalent
A survey of 150 years of U.S. history and literature through the lens of working women. Students learn the place of women's struggle—as well as their contributions—in shaping America. Economic perspectives are covered, including class and racial differences, as are political and technological changes.

CRN      SECTION       DAY                  TIME                                   ROOM
29210         35A             T              6:30 PM-9:20 PM         GOODMAN CENTER 401

EN 336 From Gothic to Horror: Literature of Fear
3.0 credits
Prerequisites: EN 121 or ES 129 or equivalent
Students are introduced to the aesthetics of gothic and horror literature. The course focuses on the rise of the gothic during the Romantic and Victorian periods, and the way in which dominant motifs in gothic and horror literature speak to larger societal concerns.

CRN      SECTION       DAY                  TIME                                   ROOM
28745        801               W            12:10 PM-3:00 PM            POMERANTZ 523

FI 111 Introduction to Film
3.0 credits
This course provides students with the tools to analyze moving image presentations in an academic setting or as a filmmaker. Students examine the uses of camera, editing, sound and elements of the production design as they create meaning in film images and narratives. Examples are drawn from a full range of feature films, documentaries, other forms of entertainment and advertising, whether delivered theatrically, through television or over the Internet. (Formerly LA 141)

CRN          SECTION        DAY                  TIME                                           ROOM
31289            35B                W             6:30 PM-10:20 PM                   POMERANTZ 207

FI 244 Major Movements in Chinese, Japanese and Korean Film
3.0 credits
Prerequisite: EN 121 or equivalent
This course is cross-listed with EN 257. This course is an introduction to major film directors, movements, and genres from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. Formal and stylistic aspects of films as well as their historical, transnational, and sociocultural contexts are addressed. Students discuss and write critically about East Asian film.

CRN          SECTION        DAY                  TIME                                           ROOM
30435            301               R               9:10 AM-1:00 PM                BUSINESS & LIBERAL ARTS 503

FI 256 Screenwriting I
3.0 credits
Prerequisite: EN121 or equivalent
This course is cross-listed with EN 266. This course introduces the practice of writing fiction for the screen, focusing on the short film. In a workshop setting, students explore a range of approaches to the short screenplay, from traditional to innovative, and use examples from a variety of genres and geographical origins.

CRN          SECTION        DAY                TIME                                ROOM
29039           301               F             2:10 PM-5:00 PM               FELDMAN 311

HA 111 History of Western Art and Civilization: Ancient Prehistory Through the Middle Ages
3.0 credits
Presents the history of Western art and civilization from Paleolithic times through the Middle Ages. Illustrated lectures stress political, economic, and social conditions as reflected in architecture, painting, and sculpture.

CRN          SECTION        DAY                  TIME                                           ROOM
1647             301                R                 2:10 PM-5:00 PM                      BUSINESS & LIBERAL ARTS 819

HA 231 Modern Art
3.0 credits
Prerequisite: HA 112
Presents the history of Western art from the 19th century through the mid-20th century in the context of cultural history.

CRN          SECTION        DAY                  TIME                                           ROOM
1788            301                  M            2:10 PM-5:00 PM             BUSINESS & LIBERAL ARTS 860

HA 342 History of Textile Design
3.0 credits
Prerequisites: two semesters of History of Art and Civilization
Illustrated lectures survey patterned textile design throughout the world from antiquity to the mid-20th century. (G7: Humanities)

CRN          SECTION        DAY                  TIME                                           ROOM
28334        85A                   M            6:30 pm-9:20 pm            BUSINESS & LIBERAL ARTS 503

HA 344 History of Western Costume
3.0 credits
Prerequisite: HA 112
Illustrated lectures present the historical and social development of Western costume, from antiquity to the present, in the context of the history of art and design.

CRN          SECTION           DAY                   TIME                                         ROOM
25751             85A                 R               6:30 PM-9:20 PM              BUSINESS & LIBERAL ARTS 819

HI 202 U.S. History: Civil War- Present
3.0 credits
An introduction to American history, this course moves from a brief view of American geography, economics, and government to a more focused examination of the social, political, and economic experience from the Civil War through the Cold War and to the present. Students are introduced to basic historical methodology and learn to apply these techniques through critical reading, analytical writing, and verbal presentations. 

CRN     SECTION       DAY                    TIME                            ROOM
29073        306              W             11:10 AM-2:00 PM          FELDMAN 506
29077        35A             M               6:30 PM-9:20 PM           POMERANTZ 211

PL 431 Philosophy: Ethics
3.0 credits
An introduction to philosophy in general and to ethics in particular. Philosophy is presented as an ongoing activity with emphasis on providing students with logical and conceptual tools for dealing with real-world situations. The course is oriented toward the development of the student's ability to use reason to evaluate arguments, particularly ethical arguments.

CRN        SECTION       DAY                      TIME                                 ROOM
2221            802              W                 11:10 AM-2:00 PM           GOODMAN CENTER 402
30864          85C              R                  6:30 PM-9:20 PM            DUBINSKY 317

SS 131 General Psychology
3.0 credits
Principles of psychology and their application to general behavior are presented. Stresses the scientific method in understanding learning, perception, motivation, emotion, personality development, and the social influences on human behavior.

CRN        SECTION       DAY                      TIME                                 ROOM
30590           810              R                 2:10 PM-5:00 PM          FELDMAN CC28

SS 141 Macroeconomics
3.0 credits
Introduction to basic principles and characteristics of economic systems. Primary emphasis is on macroeconomic issues, including national income determination, monetary and fiscal policy, and current economic problems.

CRN        SECTION       DAY                      TIME                                      ROOM
4817            35F              S                   1:10 PM-4:00 PM                 BUSINESS & LIBERAL ARTS 503

SS 151 Introduction to World Affairs
3.0 credits
Examines the contemporary world including changes in Europe, Russia, and the developing world. Explores timely international issues such as nuclear arms, the breakdown of the Soviet Union, and the Israeli-Arab dispute.

CRN        SECTION       DAY                      TIME                                 ROOM
2357          301               T                 2:10 PM-5:00 PM                 DUBINSKY 317
2360          303               R                 2:10 PM-5:00 PM                 FELDMAN 513

SS 171 Introductory Sociology
3.0 credits
Study of patterned social behavior and the interrelationships between individual life experience and the social structure that helps to shape it.

CRN        SECTION       DAY                      TIME                                   ROOM
30865          301               M                 9:10 AM-12:00 PM                FELDMAN 504
2365            302               W                12:10 PM-3:00 PM                FELDMAN 311

SS 202 Bollywood and the Making of India
3.0 credits
This course is cross-listed with FI 200. Bollywood films are used as a medium to examine changes in contemporary India, including the broader concerns about colonialism, postcolonial, and hegemonic nationalism. Issues from modernity and economic liberalization, to sexuality, caste, class, religious identities, and terror, all in the context of state-building—the making of India, are considered.

CRN        SECTION       DAY                      TIME                                 ROOM
31047         301               T                 2:10 PM-6:00 PM               POMERANTZ 207

SS 232 Developmental Psychology
3.0 credits
Prerequisite: SS 131
Studies the development of psychological, emotional, social, and biological processes from prenatal stage and birth to maturity. Emphasis is on critical stages in development as well as application of psychological principles to everyday situations. 

CRN        SECTION       DAY                      TIME                                         ROOM
30002          301              W                12:10 PM-3:00 PM               GOODMAN CENTER 621

SS 242 Microeconomics
3.0 credits
Prerequisite: SS 141
Examines the principles underlying the behavior of business firms, resource owners, and consumers within a system of price-making markets. Emphasis is on pricing, resource allocation, cost analysis, price determination under market structures ranging from competition to monopoly, and a functional approach to the distribution of income.

CRN        SECTION       DAY                      TIME                                          ROOM
26593         302               T                  9:10 AM-12:00 PM             FELDMAN CC26
26604          303              R                  2:10 PM-5:00 PM               GOODMAN CENTER 402
26596          304              W                 9:10 AM-12:00 PM             FELDMAN 808
26603          308              F                  9:10 AM-12:00 PM              FELDMAN 410
26606          35A              W                 6:30 PM-9:20 PM                BUSINESS & LIBERAL ARTS 819
27216          35D              R                   6:30 PM-9:20 PM               DUBINSKY 321B

SS 304 Introduction to Caribbean Studies
3.0 credits
This course is cross-listed with MC 304. Introduction to modern Caribbean States and societies with emphasis on their economies, politics and cultures. Students explore current global trends and their impact on the Caribbean region and its diaspora.

CRN        SECTION       DAY                      TIME                                  ROOM
31092           85A             R                6:30 PM-9:20 PM                FELDMAN 316

SS 307 Emotions in Society
3.0 credits
How are our emotions shaped by society? This course examines sociological theories and research on why we feel what we feel, applying these to social issues such as capitalism, climate destruction, racial injustice, and war to examine shame, pride, sympathy, denial, happiness, and trauma. Students examine their own emotions in order to experiment with thinking more critically about both their own lives and society as a whole.

CRN        SECTION       DAY                      TIME                                               ROOM
31128           801             W                11:10 AM-2:00 PM                BUSINESS & LIBERAL ARTS 819

SS 334 Psychology of Color
3.0 credits
Prerequisite: SS 131 or approval of chairperson
Examines the importance of color and its influences on behavior. Topics include the biological and perceptual characteristics of color, fundamental color research, societal and cultural influences on the meanings and uses of color, adaptations of color in both natural and manmade environments, and the interaction between personality and color. Special attention is given to the application of color in both industry and everyday life.

CRN        SECTION       DAY                      TIME                                               ROOM
21679        85A              T R                    5:10 PM-6:25 PM                 BUSINESS & LIBERAL ARTS 819
30655        85B               T                      6:30 PM-9:20 PM                 DUBINSKY 341B

SS 340 The Psychology of Gender, Perception and Self-Expression
3.0 credits

Prerequisite: SS 131
Through critical engagement with psychological theories of gender and cognition, this course challenges students to think how gender affects our sense of self, how we communicate that self, and how others perceive us. It encourages students to imagine new possibilities for how we embody our identity and interact based on fashion.

CRN        SECTION       DAY                     TIME                                 ROOM
29947           801             R                9:10 AM-12:00 PM              POMERANTZ 211

SS 354 Comparative Political Systems
3.0 credits
Study of political systems with a global perspective; compares and contrasts contemporary political ideologies, institutions, and processes from democracies to authoritarian regimes, advanced industrialized economies to developing countries.

CRN        SECTION       DAY                     TIME                               ROOM
23447        803                W                2:10 PM-5:00 PM              FELDMAN 509

SS 385 Social Psychology
3.0 credits
Prerequisite: SS 131
Human behaviors such as aggression, prejudice, attraction, attitude formation, conformity, helping, and group processes are examined with particular emphasis on their current applications.

CRN        SECTION       DAY                     TIME                               ROOM
26074           801             W                2:10 PM-5:00 PM              FELDMAN 506