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FIT Senior Learner Courses: School of Art and Design

Spring 2018 Semester: January 29 - May 23, 2018

Senior Learners may only enroll in the courses identified on the Lists of Available Courses to qualify for the special auditors fee of $55. If you wish to enroll in a course not on these lists, you may do so as a Continuing Education student and pay the full, non-degree tuition rate.

CD 122 Digital Layout 
2.0 credits
Traditional studio skills, typography, and computer techniques are explored in order to create printed pieces using InDesign. Students learn to plan and produce files for printing.

CRN        SECTION        DAY                  TIME                                ROOM
10785          101                F             12:10 PM-3:00PM             FELDMAN 304
12754          15A               T              6:30 PM-9:20 PM              FELDMAN 306
13282          15B               F              6:30 PM-9:20 PM              FELDMAN 230

FA 103 Abstract Painting
1.5 credits
For students not majoring in Fine Arts. Abstract painting is explored through design, color, and composition. Experimentation with materials is encouraged. Painting medium is open. Any level of experience.

CRN        SECTION        DAY                  TIME                                      ROOM
17293          101                M              12:10 PM-3:00 PM              POMERANTZ 625
8308            15a                M              6:30 PM-9:20 PM                POMERANTZ 626

FA 114 Fundamentals of Design II: 3D Form and Structure
1.5 credits
The concepts basic to all three-dimensional design are studied: definition of space through the use of line, planes, and solid forms; manipulation of mass, volume, and void; the use of structural systems; the relationship of surface and color to form; and the importance of proportion and scale, light, and shadow.

CRN         SECTION         DAY                 TIME                                     ROOM
13339           101                R            9:10 AM-12:00 PM                POMERANTZ 446

FA 153 Watercolor and Its Applications
1.5 credits
The basic principles of watercolor technique are introduced. Students gain knowledge of color mixing and perception by direct observation and study of color theory as it pertains to watercolor, both transparent and opaque. Museum visits provide the opportunity to examine artists' uses and applications of various techniques.

CRN         SECTION          DAY                 TIME                                     ROOM
9575              15A                R            6:30 PM-9:20 PM                POMERANTZ 602

FA 200 Advanced Watercolor and Water-based Media
1.5 credits
Prerequisite: FA 153
This course builds on the material covered in FA 153, Watercolor and Its Applications. Introduces students to advanced techniques using watercolor, casein, and egg tempera in large-scale formats on varied surfaces. Examples from the history of watercolor, including various color palettes of the masters, allow students to examine many different applications of a wide range of materials and techniques.

CRN         SECTION         DAY                   TIME                                      ROOM
17791            101                M             3:10 PM-6:00 PM                  POMERANTZ 625