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Non-Credit Refund Procedures and Form

Requests for course withdrawal and refund of tuition must be made in writing and be received by the appropriate Center: Professional Studies for SX courses and Enterprise Studies for CEO and CT courses. Requests must be received 24 business hours prior to start of program for a full refund. Requests received after a course's completion cannot be fulfilled.

High School and Middle School studentsand parents should refer to the Precollege Programs Refund Procedures.

Partial Refunds

The procedures for partial refund is in accordance with the following schedule:

Courses that have 2 sessions: 25% after first session

Courses that have 3 sessions: 50% after first session, No refund after second session

Courses that have 4 sessions: 50% after first session, 25% after second session, no refund after third session

Courses that have 5 or more sessions: 75% after first session, 50% after second session, 25% after third session, no refund after fourth session

Guest Speaker changes are not accepted as a reason for refund requests.

Refund Form Options

Online Refund Form

» Mail or Fax Refund Form (.pdf)
Print and complete this form, then mail or fax to:

Fashion Institute of Technology
236 West 27th Street
New York City 10001-5992
Fax: (212) 217-7176

Personal Data:
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