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Almost anyone can register for credit and non-credit courses at FIT no application necessary!

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Credit courses (non-degree) are officially registered with the State University of New York and administered by an academic school and department. Tests, assignments, and grades are provided by FIT faculty.

Non-Credit Registration

Noncredit courses are short, intensive seminars or workshops taught by an expert in the topic.  A mark of either Pass or Fail is awarded at the conclusion of the course.

  • Non-Credit Online Course Registration 
  • Non-Credit Mail/Fax Registration Form
  • Non-Credit In-Person Registration
         Professional Studies
         236 West 27th Street (Storefront)
         New York, NY 10001-5992
    As of February 1, the office will be open every Saturday and Sunday, except on the following dates:
    Closed  April 19 - 20 (Spring Break)
    Closed  May 26 - 27 (Memorial Day Weekend)
  • Non-Credit Course Change - Add/Drop Form
  • Non-Credit Refund Procedures and Form
  • For additional information on CEO, CT, SUS, and TOT courses, email enterprise@fitnyc.edu. For additional information on SX courses, email prof_studies@fitnyc.edu
  • For personal assistance call 212 217.7715