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Tips from Academic Departments

Below are some tips from academic departments for non-degree students enrolling in their courses.

Educational Skills

  • Direct the students to our Placement Tests website for information regarding placement tests. Students need to submit an ACT, SAT, or a score from the FIT placement test of a certain level to be able to take EN121.
  • As far as ESL classes are concerned, non-degree students are permitted to take all of them except ES024 w/o any kind of placement test score.

Fashion Design

  • The Feldman Center will be where most of your Fashion Design (FD) classes will be held. All of your sewing, draping, art (except for Life Drawing) will be held normally on the 6th, 7th, and 8th floors of the Feldman Center.
    In the Feldman Center, the rooms are normally even-numbered in one hallway and odd-numbered in the other hallway. The restrooms, which are located by the escalators, also alternate depending on whether it is an even-numbered floor or and odd-numbered floor. For example, in the Feldman Center, the ladies rooms are on floors 6th and 8th floors, while the men's room is on the 7th floor.
  • The C-720 Fashion Design Laboratory is open to all FASHION DESIGN students, whether you are full-time, part-time, degree, non-degree student so long as you are taking Fashion Design classes you are allowed to work in the lab. The lab is located on the 7th floor of the Feldman Center, across from the C705 classroom. There is no FOOD/DRINK allowed in the lab.
    The Fashion Design Lab hours are always posted on the door of the lab in the glass window. Any change in time will be posted on the mini-bulletin board ON the door under the heading, LAB CHANGE OF HOURS.
    Students wanting to use the Fashion Design lab MUST sign in at the desk with their:
    • @-number
    • Name
    • Date
    • Course name and section
    • Instructors name
    • Time in
    • Time out
  • There are walk-in tutor hours that are also posted, which means that Fashion Design students can walk in and receive free tutoring on their various FD-classes. The tutors who work in the lab normally wear a BLUE RIBBON as a visual indicator. If students would like to utilize this service, they just need to SIGN IN with the tutors who have an additional, SEPARATE sign-in sheet. The students who DO use walk-in tutors are also asked to FILL OUT AN EVALUATION FORM from the Academic Skills Department. We also strongly suggest students sign up for PRIVATE TUTORING thought the Academic Skills Center which can be done on-line now! When students sign up for private tutoring, they can get more individualized attention specific to their needs without being constantly interrupted by other students. This is a FREE SERVICE students pay for it with their tuition so they should take advantage of this LUXURY. By signing up for a private tutor you and the tutor can meet at YOUR CONVENIENCE when you want, where you want.
  • Library
    • In the Library, which is located in the Goodman Center, all the very high-end, very costly fashion periodicals like !HOLA!, Collezioni, numerous foreign publications are FREE TO VIEW with the students FIT ID. Very frequently the library will discard these very expensive magazines which can serve as great sources of inspiration or project images. The 6th floor of the library also has a fantastic forecasting and trend area which you can inquire with the librarian on viewing and using for your own projects.
    • The FIT LIBRARY homepage also serves excellent access to various industry-specific sites. If you click on the library homepage, scroll down to the bottom right of the screen under I Need, and click on Fashion Forecasts/Trend Services you just need to enter your username and password to access informative sites such as Style Sight, WGSN, Doneger etc. If you are not familiar with these, you owe it to yourself to access this and make the most out of your FIT education.
    • On the 5th Floor of the library, you can borrow Fashion Design DVDs on sewing, draping, etc. The instructions for this are on the 5th floor circulation desk or you can kindly inquire with the circulation desk librarian. The benefit of these DVDs (though they may seem outdated as they were filmed decades ago) show key principles and you can pause as you work alongside the instructor on screen.
  • Frequently, the Fabric Lab, B-720, located in the Business & Liberal Arts Center, which is where you can obtain FREE swatches of fabric and obtain (when available, a RETAIL RESOURCE) gets rid of extra fabric swatches or rolls of fabric. It is wise to walk by every now and then to see what they may be discarding that you may be able to use in your upcoming projects.
  • Discount at Dunkin Donuts, most museums, and most neighboring restaurants and delis - just ask. The worst they can say is "no, sorry" and most fabric stores (aside from Mood and B&J) will give you a discount.

Textile Development & Marketing

  • Most of the classes taught by the Textile Development and Marketing Department (TDM) are held in the Feldman Center on the third floor (C-308, C-310, C-312, C314, C-316, and C-318). These rooms are set up for lectures and analyzing fabrics.
  • The TDM Knitting Laboratory is in CC-21, which is in the basement of the Feldman Center. That facility also houses the Stoll Knitting Facility, and the TDM Weaving Laboratory.
  • The TDM Textile Laboratory Complex is in the Dubinsky Center on the sixth floor, Laboratory Rooms A-680 (Textile Quality Assurance), A-683 (Textile Dyeing), and A-685 (Textile Fibers).