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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a matriculated student and a non-matriculated student? 
Matriculated students have been accepted into a degree-granting program and are taking courses toward that degree. Non-matriculated students are not enrolled in any degree-granting program.

What is the difference between a credit course and a non-credit course? 
A credit course is officially registered with the State University of New York and administered by an academic school and department. Tests, assignments, and grades are provided by FIT faculty. Non-credit courses are short, intensive seminars or workshops administered by the Center for Continuing and Professional Studies through its specialized centers. Each course is taught by an expert in the topic. 

What is a certificate program? 
A certificate indicates that you've attained a high level of proficiency and professional training in a particular field. Its a credential that demonstrates you're able to meet the demands of the industry and the consumer. FIT offers both non-credit and credit certificate programs.

What are FIT's matriculation guidelines for degree status? 
See Transferring Credits to a Degree Program.

Can I complete all degree requirements and then apply for admission? 
No. See Transferring Credits to a Degree Program.

Are online courses open to all students? 
Online courses published on the CCPS course listings are open to non-degree students and can potentially be applied toward an FIT degree. For more information, contact the department at 212 217.4069 or visit Online Learning.

How much do classes cost? 
While the cost is listed with the course listings on the Continuing & Professional Studies site, detailed Tuition and Fee information is available.

How do I prove I am a New York State resident? 
Visit the Residency section of the Bursar's website.

Is financial aid available to non-degree students? 
No. Only students admitted to FIT and enrolled in a full-time or part-time degree-granting program are eligible for financial aid.

Are non-credit courses graded? 
Students are assigned a final grade of P or F (Pass or Fail) for all non-credit courses.

How do I access my grades? 
For credit courses visit MyFIT and click the Student Services Tab.

When does my class start?
Classes begin the first class meeting day following the first day of the term.  So if you have a Thursday course, it meets the first Thursday on or after the first day of class.  To see term dates, view the Academic Calendar.

What are the Day Codes?
Day codes: M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W= Wednesday, R = Thursday, F = Friday, S = Saturday, U = Sunday

Where does my class meet?
You can view class locations by opening your schedule in MyFIT  and navigating to your schedule, or by using the class search.

When are breaks?  How long is the term?
You can find the term schedule in the Academic Calendar.

How do I find contact information for my professor or a particular office/person?
To find an office you can view the Departmental Directory, and to find a person you can use the people search.

How do I know if the school is closing for snow or another weather situation?
Information will be posted to the fitnyc.edu homepage and social media pages, and you can call the weather hotline at 212 217.7792 for an automated message regarding closings.  Additionally, you are strongly encouraged to sign up for the "FIT Alert system" in MyFIT.

How does FIT communicate in an emergency situation?
You can find emergency information on the FIT website.  Additionally, you are strongly encouraged to sign up for the "FIT Alert system" in MyFIT.

How do I get a Student ID Card?
Bring proof of registration (your student schedule printed from MyFIT) & identification to the Photo ID Center located in room D-404 Mondays-Fridays from 10am-9pm (subject to change, visit the website for up-to-date information). Contact the Photo ID Center: fitcard@fitnyc.edu  212 217-7777.

How do I get a new sticker for my student ID card?
Take a look at our Checklist for New Students for more information.

What is my username & password for MyFIT?
Take a look at our Checklist for New Students for more information.

How can I change or reset my password?
Refer to the links on MyFIT to change and reset your password, and contact IT for FIT if you need assistance.

What if I do not know my Student ID Number?
You will need to complete the Student Identification Number Request from the Registrar's Office.