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Checklist for New Students

You're registered for classes. So what do you do now? Read on and get prepared for the coming term!

  1. Finalize your Enrollment by Paying for Your Courses
    • If you have not already, be sure to make payment for your courses.
  2. Visit MyFIT and Check Your FIT Email
    • Check your email in the MyFIT portal often for important FIT correspondence and to access your class schedule, bill, course registration, and a variety of other items.
    • Your default username is firstname_lastname, so if your name is John Doe your username would be john_doe. Your default password when the account is created is your birth date in this format: Mmmddyyyy. So if your birth date was January 1, 2014, your password would be Jan012014.
    • After you login, click the link at the top of the page behind your name to learn your student ID number. Make note of this number and have it available when speaking to FIT staff. 
    • Click the left navigation link called "FIT Alert" to set preferences on how FIT should communicate with you in the event of an emergency or school closing.
  3. Get Your New FIT Student ID Card and/or Term Sticker
    • Bring proof of registration (a printed copy of your schedule from MyFIT or the Registration Center) and identification to the Department of Public Safety, located in Pomerantz Center, Room D404.
    • To get a new term sticker to go on your current ID card, visit the Feldman Center Lobby security desk or the Department of Public Safety with proof of your registration for the current term.
    • Please note that you will have difficulty accessing campus if you do not have your ID card, so carry it with you at all times.
  4. Review FIT Policies and Code of Conduct
  5. Getting Course Materials and Books
    • Generally the professor distributes a syllabus at the first class meeting detailing what materials and books will be required for the course. You can check the Barnes & Noble at FIT website if you want to see if the books are listed before the first class period.
  6. Online Courses