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Departmental Advisors

Major area advisement services are listed in alphabetical order by department. 

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Accessories Design
Sarah Mullins
212 217.5400
Room D363/D364

Advertising and Marketing Communications
Albert Romano
212 217.4470
Room B403

Advertising Design
Marianne Klimchuk
212 217.5630
Room D319

Art History and Museum Professions
Rachel Baum, associate chair
212 217.4640

Room B634

Communication Design - Pathways
Marianne Klimchuk
212 217.5630
Room D319

Computer Graphics
Terry Blum, director
212 217.5440
Room D339A/D327

Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing
Virginia Bonofiglio, associate chair
212 217.4250
Room B436

Direct and Interactive Marketing
Loretta Volpe, associate chair
212 217.4750
Room B403

Educational Skills
Mark Goldblatt
212 217.5250
Room B602

English and Communication Studies
Amy Lemon
Matthew Petrunia, assistant chair
212 217.5340
Room B602

Entrepreneurship for the Fashion and Design Industries
William Reinisch, associate chair
212 217.4410
Room B436

Fabric Styling
Sara Petitt, coordinator
212 217.5189
Room B521

Fashion Design
Eileen Karp
212 217.5000
Room B701

Fashion Design/Apparel
Assistant Chairs
212 217.5000
Room B701
Karen Middleton, evening coordinator
Barbara Seggio, evening advisor

Fashion Design/Art
Mary Wilson, assistant chair
212 217.5280
Room B801
Karen Scheetz, student related activities
212 217.5034
Room B701
Christopher Uvenio, evening coordinator
212 217.5292
Room B801

Fashion Business Management
Robin Sackin
212 217.4800
Room B320

Fine Arts
Joel Werring
212 217.5860
Room D343

Film Media and Performing Arts
William Mooney
212 217.4308
Room AX13

Graphic Design
Marianne Klimchuk
212 217.5630
Room D319

History of Art
David Drogin
212 217.4640
Room B634

Home Products Development
Ingrid Johnson, associate chair
212 217.4980
Room B436

Ed Soyka
212 217.5803
Room D332

Interior Design
Carmita Sanchez-Fong
212 217.5550
Room D314/316

International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries
Christine Pomeranz
212 217.4280
Room B429

Jewelry Design
Kim Nelson
212 217.5720
Room A486

Eileen Karp
212 217.5000
Room B701

Modern Languages and Cultures
Isabella Bertoletti
212 217.5090
Room B831

Packaging Design
Marianne Klimchuk
212 217.5700
Room D323

Ron Amato
212 217.5500
Room D343A

Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries
Mario Federici
212 217.4770
Room B403

Science and Mathematics
Calvin Williamson
212 217.3020
Room B831

Social Sciences
Paul Clement
212 217.4920
Room B634

Technical Design (and Patternmaking courses)
Deborah Beard, associate chair
212 217.4410
Room B436

Textile Development and Marketing
Jeffrey Silberman
212 217.5200
Room B436

Textile/Surface Design
Eric Ramirez
212 217.5140
Nomi Kleinman, assistant chair
212 217.5167
Room B521

Toy Design
Judith Ellis
212 217.5120
Room A571

Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design 
Marianne Klimchuk
212 217.5630
Room D319