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Sourcing and Production

SXF 240 The Complete Guide to Global Sourcing

If you've recently begun a career in private label or product development, this in-depth workshop can strengthen your sourcing decision-making, plus give you an up-to-the minute understanding of the world marketplace through country-by-country analysis. Program covers all variables to be considered in relation to the bottom line, such as costing, tracking and quality control for both the manufacture of textiles and finished products. The key issues of speed to market, codes of conduct and compliance, and quick response are covered, as well as how to analyze which factories to use. Anticipating and thinking proactively to solve problems is reviewed and creating firm realistic plans for on-time well-made goods is stressed.

SXP 320 How to Reduce the Lead Time in Garment Preproduction

Are you caught up in the revolving door of resampling and late deliveries at the expense of delivering hot new looks on time? Learn how to reduce multiple sample requests and develop accurate diagrams that clarify and illustrate problems of fit and finish. Learn effective sketching and illustrating techniques that communicate your corrections in any language. Program includes sharing methodologies to reduce development time. Enable yourself to minimize costly resampling, saving time and money.