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Marketing and Merchandising

SXF 115 Viral Marketing: How to Generate a Buzz for Your Brand

Learn to use the newest forms of web communications to attract customers, store buyers and press to your product lines or business. This cutting-edge program features unconventional, yet power proven marketing tactics that incorporate use of blogs, YouTube, MySpace, Stylehive, Craigslist, and other social interacting websites for marketing and promotion. Also included are tips on bartering for pr help, web design and graphics. Large or small, learn to harness the power of electronic networking as well as in-person events to create demand for your products by a broader audience.

SXR 012 Insider Tricks for Judging Retail Performance

This dynamic program teaches you how to recognize retail strengths and weaknesses. In-class discussion revolves around retail marketing strategy and the visual components of a healthy retail business through the eyes of the consumer. Assigned store visits provide an opportunity to put newly learned theory and a more enhanced critical eye to the test as you measure store performance. Gain a greater understanding of current successful retail companies and learn to recognize and analyze innovation and strategic planning that leads to sell through. Attention is also given to retail "don'ts" and failure modes to avoid. Optional: Certificate students only are introduced to the Retail Readiness Profile requirements.