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FIT at Brooklyn Army Terminal

FIT at Brooklyn Amry TerminalSunset Park, Brooklyn

Spring Courses 

  • Marketing Your Product to Boutiques (CEO 014)
    Register | Starts May 2
  • Vintage: The First Sustainable Fashion Business (CEO 031)
    Register | Starts April 4
  • Drones! Learn to Fly (RPT 100)
    Register | Starts May 5
  • Ethical Fashion I (SUS 012)
    Register | Starts May 19
  • How to Style, Plan and Merchandise an Apparel Line (SXF 200)
    Register | Starts April 10
  • How to Design and Merchandise and Accessory Line (SXF 218)
    Register | Starts April 5
  • Fashion Designer Fundamentals: From Creating Designs to Running a Business (SXT 125)
    Register | Starts April 21

Take courses this spring and consider applying them towards a Certificate of Achievement. All certificate courses will be offered at the Brooklyn Army Terminal BAT Annex.



Creative Maker Certificate in Ethical Design and Local Manufacturing

Required Courses:
Marketing Your Product to Boutiques (CEO 014 Course Description)
Sustainable Material Sourcing (SUS 005 Course Description)
Ethical Fashion I (SUS 012 Course Description)
Costing: How to Win the Garment Game (SXF 020 Course Description)
How to Style, Plan, and Merchandise an Apparel Line (SXF 200 Course Description)
How a Fashion Designer Works: From Creating Designs to Running a Business (SXT 125 Course Description)

This FIT/SUNY Certificate of Achievement is possible to complete within one year. Students are allowed up to 24 months to complete all courses. Click here to view certificates and courses offered on our Manhattan campus.