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Showroom Summit

Sales Strategies for Fashion Designers

Have you ever wanted to learn how to choose a showroom, prep for market and get the most out of tradeshows? Or how to develop a strong sales plan and sell on multiple platforms? We bring you Sales Strategies for Fashion Designers. In these four workshops, industry experts will teach you the ins and outs of these sales strategies and offer tips on writing a strong script to get those buyers in the door. Coffee and treats will be served.

The course is specially priced thanks to a generous grant from SUNY.


  • April 5, 6pm to 9pm - Developing a Sales and Line Plan, in D211

    April 12, 6pm to 9pm - How to Cold Call and Develop a Strong Script, in D211

    April 19, 6pm to 9pm - How to Choose a Showroom, Prep for Market and Tradeshows, in D211

    April 26, 6pm to 9pm - Selling on Multiple Platforms including Direct to Consumers, in D211

The one-on-one sessions will be scheduled at a later date and be held at the FIT Design Entrepreneurs Collaborative, 520 Eighth Avenue Suite 1202.