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ESL/Fashion Business Certificate Program

Summer 2020: July 6 - July 23, 2020 Cancelled

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in New York City, the 2020 ESL/Fashion Business Certificate Program has been canceled for precautionary reasons. The program will be offered in the summer of 2021. Please check the website for updates in the coming months.


Do you want to improve your English language skills? Are you interested in fashion design, styling, retail buying, or global fashion business development? Are you planning to spend a few weeks in NYC this summer? 

Then FIT's ESL Summer English as a Second Language and Fashion Business Program is for you! 

In the summer, FIT's Center for Continuing and Professional Studies offers a unique English as a Second Language program. This three-week intensive session in partnership with FIT's Educational Skills department includes an ESL program, activities in fashion business and design topics, and field trips around New York City. Attendees meet a variety of fashion-related industry experts at special events. Earn a Certificate of Achievement from FIT.

3-Week Certificate Program: $1,400 (cost includes a $40 materials fee)

2020 Course Schedule (July 6 - 23, 2020) Cancelled

This 3-week program consists of an ESL/Fashion Business program meeting 6 hours a day (Monday-Thursday) and various field trips related to the fashion business on Fridays. 

English ESL Course:
Fashion Course Choice:

Special Events
July 6*: Opening Dinner from 5-7pm
July 10 & July 17: Field Trips** from 10am-2pm
July 23: Presentations & Certificates*** from 10am-1pm

*Orientation and placement are on Monday morning, July 6th. 
**Field trips and special events are mandatory.
***Certificate is dependent on proper attendance.


English ESL Course (9am-12pm)

Lessons have been designed for students with intermediate or advanced English-language skills. The ESL program concentrates on oral communication skills and/or business writing and focuses on language relevant to fashion and design. Students are tested and placed at an appropriate level prior to the first class. 
ESL Program Levels: Low-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced, or Business Writing and Communication.


Fashion Course Choices (1:30pm-4:30pm)

Fashion Design
Discover how a fashion designer creates looks for a fashion brand - from sources of inspiration and trends, to knowing your targeted customer and potential retail distributor. Experience the process of planning a seasonal brand line through research, trend forecasting, sketching by hand and computer, and line editing. Group projects presented on final day. 
*All levels of drawing are welcome.

Fashion Merchandising
Learn how merchandisers think, work, and are responsible for profit and loss by planning the right merchandise at the right price, time, and place. Visit the market as a professional would do to plan an assortment for a pop-up shop. Group projects presented on final day. 

Fashion Styling & Reporting
Experience the art of fashion styling as it is used in media by creating an online fashion magazine. Research trends, write fashion stories, participate in two fashion shoots, and edit your final magazines for circulation. Group projects presented on final day.
*Please bring two fashion magazines from your country.

Global Fashion Business Marketing (Accelerated Level)
Young executives looking for work or working in international fashion-related companies. Participate in a workshop designed to show how products are launched in different countries. Major concepts of international marketing presented by speakers and through research. Topics include marketing channels, the importance of emerging markets, political and legal environments, and luxury products. On-site visits to retailers and trend forecasting services are included. Group projects presented on final day.
*Additional registration requirements.


For additional information contact Professor Charlotte Brown at [email protected]

FIT reserves the right to request additional information and reject participants who do not demonstrate an adequate level of proficiency in English.