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ESL/Fashion Business Program

Summer 2018 Program Dates: Tuesday, June 26 - Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Do you want to improve your English language skills? Are you interested in fashion design, promotion, retail buying, or global fashion business development? Would you like to spend several weeks in New York City?

Then FIT's ESL Summer English as a Second Language and Fashion Business Program is for you!

This summer, FIT's Center for Continuing and Professional Studies is offering a unique English as a Second Language program. This three-week intensive session offered in partnership with FIT's Educational Skills department includes an ESL course, activities in fashion business and design topics, and field trips around New York City. Attendees meet a variety of fashion-related industry experts in the classroom and at special events. Earn a Professional Studies Certificate of Completion.

ESL Program of Study
The curriculum is designed for students with intermediate or advanced English-language skills. The ESL course concentrates on oral communication skills and/or business writing and focuses on language relevant to fashion and design. Students are tested and placed at an appropriate level prior to the first class:

ESL Course Levels: Low Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced, or Business Writing Composition
ESL Elite/Accelerated Level: English Comprehension requirements include a professional resume and a one page essay describing your fashion employment and experience.

Fashion Tracks Program of Study
Introduction to Fashion Design- Discover how a fashion designer creates looks - from sources of inspiration, such as the work of the great designers, to color and fabrication, to knowing your targeted customer and potential retail distributor. Experience executing mood boards as a process to planning an actual line through sketching.

Fashion Merchandising- Learn how buyers think, work, and are responsible for profit and loss by planning the right merchandise at the right price, time, and place. Shop the market like a professional and plan an athleisure assortment for a pop-up shop.

Fashion Promotion- Advertising, Styling, and Social Media - Experience the art of fashion styling as it is used in media for promotional purposes by planning a print accessories advertisement campaign and social media strategy. Participate in a live fashion shoot and edit your final ads for circulation.

Advanced Fashion Design Elite / Accelerated Level - Learn about the planning that turns creative ideas into actual garments from inspiration to target customer. Find out how fabric and trim are sourced, how sketches turn into saleable products, and how multiple sizes are planned and executed. Sketch a new line, discuss samples to market, PR, marketing, and branding. A guided tour of local resources, fabric suppliers, and trim resources used by top designers is included.

Global Fashion Business Marketing Elite / Accelerated Level - Young executives looking for work or working in international fashion-related companies work as part of a team to launch an original product in the right market of your choice. Learn major concepts of international marketing through lecture, library research, reading assignments and application. The final project utilizes data, analysis, and innovative thinking. Topics include marketing channels, importance of emerging markets, political and legal environments, and luxury products. On-site visits to retailers and trend forecasting services are included. Each team presents their product concept and support research and data through a "resume" worthy PowerPoint presentation.

Course Schedule
ESL course: Daily, 9am- 12pm
Fashion track: Daily, 1:30-4:30pm
Special Events
June 26: Opening Dinner from 5-7pm & Special Guest Speaker
June 29 & July 13: Museum Visit & Field Trips
July 18: Presentations and Certificates  
Field trips and special events are mandatory, Certificate of Completion is dependent on proper attendance.

Program and Housing Cost
Three-week program: $1,075

Details regarding housing will be available after January 1, 2018.

Students are encouraged to arrive in New York City by Sunday, June 24. Student orientation and placement begin on Tuesday, June 26. There will be no class on Wednesday, July 4th, in observance of the July 4th national holiday with many festivities offered in NYC.

Application Deadline
Applications still being accepted until June 25 from students who already have a valid F1 visa, an L2 visa, permanent resident status in the US or US citizenship.

Applicants must have successfully completed a secondary (high school) education, be 18 years of age and have intermediate proficiency in English. The Program is not suitable for students who have never studied English before or have very limited knowledge of the English language.

1. Complete and submit the online English Language Study application form.

2. You will be notified of acceptance into the program within one week. If accepted you will be required to submit a nonrefundable $50 (U.S.) application fee at fitnyc.edu/noncreditregister
     I.   Click on ESL Programs
     II.  Choose ESL/Fashion Business Program Application Fee
     III. Submit Payment

Accepted students will be sent a student ID number, username, password and the International Student Financial Statement (IEL ISFS). Students requiring an I-20 from FIT are required to pay the full program fee immediately upon receipt of their student visas. Students who do not need a new I-20 or hold a Green Card or U.S. Passport must pay for the program in full upon acceptance.  

Accepted Students
If you require an I-20, you must submit a copy of the biographical page of your passport and the IEL International Student Financial Statement (IEL ISFS) and supporting documentation demonstrating sufficient funds ($5,000 USD) to participate in this program. Upon receipt of a properly submitted IEL ISFS, the I-20 will be issued. When you receive the I-20 you must submit the program fee online at fitnyc.edu/noncreditregister. Note that the program fee is separate from the cost of housing that can be reserved by visiting fitnyc.edu/eslsummerhousing.

1. Click on ESL Programs
2. Choose ESL Fashion Business Programs
3. Choose the Track you wish to register for
4. Submit Payment

If you are applying for an Elite/Accelerated Track you must also send your professional resume and one page essay describing your fashion employment and experience to esl@fitnyc.edu. Additionally Track 4 Advanced Fashion Design requires three sketches and/ or your designer website. Your acceptance will be acknowledged quickly. If denied, you will be offered your choice from the Standard Tracks.

For additional information contact Professor Charlotte Brown at esl@fitnyc.edu.

FIT reserves the right to request additional information and reject students who do not demonstrate an adequate level of proficiency in English.