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UX Design Outline

*Program outline is a subject to change based on the pedagogical needs.

  1. Program Introduction
  2. UX Design Creative Process Overview
    • The principles of user-centered design
    • Iterative design process: definition, research, interpretation, idea generation, prototyping, and evaluation
  3. UX Design Research Methodologies
    • Target segmentation
    • Initial hypothesis and point of view
    • Primary research vs secondary research
    • Methodologies: survey, interview, focus group, contextual inquiry, culture probe, social listening, and keyword research
  4. Competitive and Comparative Analysis
  5. UX Design Documents and Deliverables
    • Persona
    • User Story
    • Empathy Map
    • User Journey
    • Scenarios
    • Site-map
    • Wireframe
    • Wireflow
  6. Prototyping Process and Techniques
    • Discovery and Testing Methodologies
    • Low-fidelity Prototypes
    • High-fidelity Prototypes
  7. Production Workflow & Tools of the Trade
  8. User Interface (UI) Design Fundamentals
    • Intro to human interface design guideline
    • Color strategy for digital product design
    • Screen-based Typography Basics
  9. UX Portfolio Preparation