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AR/VR Content Design Certificate Program

Elevate Your Career to a New Dimension in 8 Weeks

The rapid development in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, commonly referred as XR, has fundamentally changed the media industry in recent years.

AR/VR student experience

FIT’s AR/VR Content Design Certificate is an 8-week training course designed for creative professionals who have little or no previous experience in XR but are interested in how to bring their ideas onto these new platforms. This program focuses on using 360 photo/video, Unity, WebVR, and A-frame to build XR experiences for the web.

To enroll in this program, basic understanding of coding such as HTML and CSS is required and experience with basic JavaScript is preferred. You are also required to bring a laptop running either PC or Mac system to the class. A budget laptop such as Chromebook is not qualified for software needed for this course.

Summer 2020 Dates
ARV 001 55A/B:
Tuition: $1,200
Location: TBA  

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AR/VR student project

What You Will Learn

  • VR/AR industry overview and case studies
  • VR tools and development environments
  • Editing and Creating 360 photography and video for VR/AR
  • Embedding 360 content into a webpage
  • Introduction to Creating Virtual Environments in Unity
  • Creating 3D animated models with Blender
  • Introduction to WebVR and A-Frame
  • Create an interactive VR game with A-Frame
  • Create an AR avatar using A-Frame

Why FIT?

  • Classes taught by top industry experts
  • Earn a certificate from FIT, a world-renowned design school
  • Curriculum is designed to help you prepare a high quality portfolio showreel
  • Curriculum Designed by FIT's Creative Technology & Design (CT&D) subject area which is a leader in digital design education
  • Advanced pedagogy balancing practical knowledge and creative principles
  • Opportunity to apply to enter Digital Design Job and Internship Fair

Meet Our Faculty 

Michael PossoMichael Posso
Michael is a front-end engineer specialized in developing global, accessible and performant websites sites for large corporations using open source content management systems. As an early adopter of Virtual Reality, Michael began experimenting with WebVR in early 2016 creating accessible immersive experiences for the open web. His commitment to education and the community drove him to create the Latino Web Developers Meetup and teach online courses on platforms such as Platzi and Udemy. Michael is co-founder and CTO of CieloXR, a company that creates immersive language learning web applications for ELS students. Currently, Michael works as a Manager of Digital Development at AECOM Technology Corporation.

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Creative Technology & Design (CT&D)

The CT&D program area was founded with a mission to elevate students’ understanding of advanced design concepts as well as their command of cutting-edge technology, CT&D at FIT provides a flexible curriculum and an empowering transdisciplinary learning environment. Our pedagogical goal is to nurture the next generation of creative technologists who will design digital products, platforms, and creative solutions that improve people’s lives.

CT&D Advisory Board

C.J. Yeh, Program Director, Founder / Creative Director, Cynda Media Lab
Christie Shin, Program Coordinator, Partner / Design Director, Cynda Media Lab
Paul Kim, Vice President of Strategy, North America HQ at Samsung Electronics
Allison Ceraso, President and Chief Experience Officer, Havas Health Plus
Marcin Ramocki, Chairman, MFA in Media Arts, New Jersey City University
Akiko RokubeCreative Director, PwC Experience Center
Jennifer BrunoDirector of Product, Fusion Media Group
Ben MorejonCreative Director, Anomaly
Emily Frost, Manager of Brand Creative, Faherty Brand