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CEO 200 Small Business Strategy: FutureLab 
FutureLab is a unique workshop designed to help entrepreneurs (and aspiring ones) align their business activities now with the vision and the future they're out to create. FutureLab is a step-by-step program that introduces tools and techniques to plan and grow your business with a focus on effectiveness and profitability. The course teaches the best in strategic visioning, project planning and management while addressing behaviors, blind spots and thought patterns that are barriers to fulfilling on your goals. 

Often we have the energy and enthusiasm to begin a business or a project but somewhere in the process something happens and we either abandon the project or get sidetracked, not fully realizing our vision. FutureLab is uniquely designed to address these issues.

Discussion topics include:

  • Visioneering your company through mission, vision and values
  • Authoring a solid project plan using high-level industry-proven tools
  • Mini-MBA moments designed to teach important business distinctions
  • Constructing teams that achieve goals while enjoying the process
  • Determining your relationship to risk and how this affects your business decisions
  • Sustainability and how it impacts your company

Whether you're starting a new company, wanting to create more business, or gain a new focus on the company you currently have, FutureLab is the perfect place to bring your vision into reality.

CTD 875 Video Production for the Web
4.8 CEU
Online video delivered by YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms encourage a high level of interactivity and improve the richness of the user experience. Demand has been explosive. Are you leveraging this growing form of content? Learn how to create and publish on-line video to promote your business, get your message out or distribute original digital shorts.  The Video Production for the Web Certificate Program is designed to teach you the essential steps to cost-effective video production and web delivery.

  • Examine current trends.
  • Cultivate strategic thinking about the current and future impact of video. 
  • Learn the entire creative process from conceptualization to delivery of your video on the web.
  • Develop the capacity to analyze your work critically and work collaboratively.
  • Gain the technical skills necessary to shoot effectively with HD camcorders and edit with Final Cut Pro.

CTD 910 Comics, Cartooning, and the Computer
1.8 CEU 
In this class you will create a 24-page mini comic from start to finish. Develop characters and story lines and create artwork for story boards and splash pages. Learn different inking techniques and skills from pre-production using Photoshop and InDesign.

Bring pencil, eraser, and 11"x18" Bristol board to the first class. Computers will be provided for the last two sessions.

Instructor: Joanne Sherrow, freelance textile and jewelry designer

SXC 110 Color Discovery Interactive Workshop
Are you a color lover? Immerse yourself in this one of a kind hands-on color workshop featuring the work of the Bauhaus Masters Albers, Klee & Itten. Experience a series of exercises using gauche, colored paper and collage techniques to learn the dynamics and interaction of colors and nurture a whole new perspective. Program includes an introduction to color theory based on Bauhaus methods and projects in chroma, value and color relativity, as well as optical mixtures, the emotional aspects of color and color critiques and a visit to Chelsea art galleries, art on the Highline, lunch at Chelsea Market and an afternoon studio session with a working forecaster who will illustrate hoe to incorporate both historical contemporary art influences into the fashion or furnishings market. Whether you are new to artistic expression or in need of a boost to your color sense for professional or artistic development let this unique program elevate your taste and design creativity. Gallery and studio visits held on Friday.
Transportation and lunch is not included in course fee. Open to 15 participants. Color Aid paper and eraser provided.

Bring to first session: scissors, Exacto knife, metal straight edge ruler, gauche (box of 6 or 10), watercolor brush size 8, plastic water cup, Bounty towels, six sheets of black construction paper, 12"x8", six sheets of white heavy paper 12"x18", three sheets of 12"x18" multi-colored construction paper, glue stick extra paper to paste on. Some additional, minimal expense possible.  

Instructors: Patricia Bouley, owner, Bouley Design Inc, designer, color trend forecasting, writer, artist, and Neville Bean, owner, Neville Bean Design, a trend-based design studio.

SXD 110  Dog Anatomy and Behavior for Product Designers and Marketers with Mario DiFante
Industry leader and founder of Pet Fashion Week, Mario DiFante shares his canine expertise in this program conceived to help designers, manufacturers and retailers improve product functionality. Get a true understanding of body-specific challenges and the accountability necessary to producing concepts and designs that must work for multiple breeds, including dressing and fit realities. Learn about dog behavioral traits important to the sale of care and comfort products, as this industry veteran shares insight learned from running his own salon, voted as top salon/boutique in the U.S. for the Millennium. Market professionals, as well as people looking to the pet market for a career crossover learn to distinguish between ideas that are creative, cute and inventive and those that exemplify great design and sales worthiness.

Instructor: Mario Di Fante, executive director, MD Productions Inc.- Pet Fashion Week, international pet market leader.

SXE 110 Fashion Events Planning Confidential
This workshop provides information and assignments from SXE 100 for people who are interested in learning the basics of events planning but are unable to commit to the full certificate program. Whether you're visiting NYC this summer or are in need of insider events fundamentals in your career, these three intensive sessions are perfect for people with limited time. Program highlights the fashion events planners job, publicity tools and the diversity of potential work opportunities such as promotions, charity events, and fashion shows. The coordination of a successful event is taught through a series of hands-on exercises based on real world examples and field trips. Conduct a client pitch meeting and be coached by industry professionals.

Certificate candidates: SXE 110 can be substituted for SXE 100. Some additional expense possible, up to $15.

Workshop leader: Barbara Berman, wardrober and show coordinator with guests from the field.

SXI 110 Image Consulting Confidential
This unique workshop combines information and hands-on assignments from SXI 100 and SXI 200 for people interested in learning image consulting fundamentals but are unable to commit to the full certificate program. Whether you're visiting NYC this summer or could utilize insider image consulting theory in your career, these intensive sessions are perfect for people with limited time. Program highlights work opportunities, target markets and teaches performance skills. Learn the steps involved in conducting a professional image assessment for a client, including actual practice in how to determine physical characteristics to make appropriate wardrobe recommendations. Hands-on assignments include vendor/designer assessments, client wardrobe planning and mock consultations. Attendees discover firsthand how to harness their own sense of style, fashion and people skills into a rewarding career opportunity.

Certificate candidates: SXI 110 cannot be substituted for SXI 100 or SXI 200. Additional expenses up to $35.

Workshop leaders: Carol Davidson, AICI CIP, image consultant; MaryAnne Kokidis, AICI, CIP, image consultant.

SXS 110 Fashion Styling Confidential
This special version of SXS 100 is intended for people who are interested in learning some of the basics of styling but are unable to commit to the full certificate program. Whether you're visiting New York City this summer or are in need of insider styling fundamentals in your career, these three intensive sessions are perfect for people with limited time. Program highlights the stylists role in print and interactive media in fashion markets. Through a series of mock assignments and a mini photo shoot, attendees experience the work and responsibilities of the stylist, including shopping, propping, prepping, and working with models and photo professionals.

Certificate candidates: SXS 110 cannot be substituted for SXS 100.  Some additional expense possible, up to $15.

Workshop leaders: Barbara Berman, wardrober and show coordinator; Sadia Seymour, professional stylist.

SXN 150 55A Mastering Fashion Business Practices in Today's Omni-Channel World
What is today's modern and proven approach to running a successful omni-channel business and who is succeeding? Review best practices executives are implementing to drive sales in a competitive market.  Learn how to use the numbers and figure out what is happening 24/7 in the changing retail paradigm and forecast the future.  Find out how you can incorporate leading edge strategies including brand management, customer experience, data analytics and digital marketing to take your company to the next level.  Course will be taught through lecture, panels, discussion and off-site market tours in New York City and surrounding areas.

Instructor: Neal Leavitt, adjunct instructor, Fashion Merchandising Management, senior retail and manufacturing executive.

SXN 350 Design Your Own Fabric Using Museum Art for Inspiration with Eric Ramirez
Artists, designers and stylists, this creatively satisfying program teaches you how to use museum exhibitions for new sources of inspiration and create trend-worthy fabric designs. Begin by learning how to spot the best ideas and concepts for commercial use. Visit a museum and capture concepts through use of sketches, digital photography and visual aids.  On Days 2 and 3, edit your designs for printed fabric as apparel or home furnishings working with a choice of mixed media. Topics and activities include layout, color, and painting techniques that result in work to add to or start an industry-standard portfolio. Paper and some material provided.  Transportation and lunch is not included in course fee. Necessary supplies will be discussed in first session and purchased with guidance during an art supply store visit. Attendees should anticipate approximately $50 for materials. Open to 16 participants.

Instructor: Eric Ramirez, associate professor, Textile/Surface Design, Textile/Product designer, home furnishings and apparel.

Fashion Marketing: China
This course is geared toward small Fashion business owners who are contemplating China Market entry.
China is fast becoming the largest consumer of fashion and luxury products in the world. In this class we tackle key issues in understanding this market and how it can impact your business.   By completing this course you can determine if the China market is right for you and understand key issues in developing your marketing strategy for this very misunderstood, but strategic market.

Fluent in spoken and written Mandarin Chinese, Prof. Mark Greiz has spent nearly twenty years working in the Asia Pacific region with a focus on the greater China market.