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Course Descriptions


SXD 600 Who's Who in the Pet Products World: Makers, Shakers and Social Media
Break into the pet industry, where the business and talent parallels to fashion are remarkable. Find out about the pet players, who's who in this exciting world, and discover the niche that's perfect for you. Let special guest pet expert marketers show you the way in terms of industry structure as well as teach you which blogs, books, magazines, and trade shows are best suited to expand your know-how for a successful career opportunity. Hear about product distributors, major retailers, pet shops, boutiques, and catalog businesses and about how to market a pet e-commerce site. Trunk shows and partnerships are included with important groups such as trainers, shelters, groomers, and sitters.

Instructor: Dana Humphrey, principal, WhitegatePR, specializing in pet product market public relations and pet expert publicity..

SXD 620 Intro to Pet Apparel and Lifestyle Product Design

Develop sketches and mood boards in this hands-on workshop that starts with an introduction to body forms, functional needs, and a seasonal fabric guide. Ease of dressing and safety tips are considered in relation to t-shirts, coats, and even couture ensembles. Accessory items such as leashes, collars, booties, bags, toys, and beds are covered with an emphasis on creating products that meet today's consumer demand for sustainable and safe products. Great for portfolio expansion or as a prelude to a career move. Tips for developing a line and making a career transition are included.

Instructor: Kris Lynch, president Ruff-puppy Ruff-doggie, a vertical pet product company; former toy industry executive.

SXD 628 Patternmaking for Dog Garments
In this basic intro to patternmaking workshop learn the process of taking a sketch for a dog coat and making a pattern that can be used later for garment execution. Instruction starts with the fundamentals of proper measuring on the "doggie dress form" to get the correct specifications for the needed pattern using slopers for size variety. Learn to work with various dog body types to produce a pattern for a garment that fits. Skills learned in class can be adapted to working on your own creations. This primary level course does not require patternmaking experience.
Bring to first class a 2"x18" clear plastic ruler, measuring tape, scissors, and sharp #2 pencils. Some additional expense for muslin, straight pins, etc. explained at first class.

Instructor: Katie Lewis, designer, professional pet fashion product patternmaker

SXD 629 Advanced Patternmaking for Petwear

Students of SXD 628 learn to take their dog and pet-related patternmaking skills to the next level in this hands-on workshop. In this advanced patternmaking workshop learn the skills and techniques of taking a complex sketch to garment execution. Receive instruction on creating full-body garments, formal wear, and use of various advanced fabrications with emphasis on consistent fit using slopers and muslin. Bring your own advanced creations from concept through production.
Bring to first class: 2"x8" clear plastic ruler, French curve #17, measuring tape, patternmaking paper, sharp #2 pencils.

Instructor: Katie Lewis, designer, professional pet fashion product patternmaking.  

SXD 631 Make Your Own Sample Pet Garment

Make an actual petwear coat as you learn basic professional sewing techniques working on FIT's industrial sewing machines. Workshop includes laying out a pattern, cutting and constructing. Students use a commercial pattern to create a basic strap garment with front, back, and sleeves in an appropriate pattern-type fabrication. Information and experience provides steps toward creating samples for production or for home sewing for your favorite 4-legged family member. 

Instructor: Katie Lewis, designer, professional pet fashion product patternmaking.

SXD 632 Advanced Pet Wear Patternmaking and Tech Packs
Petwear and product designers, learn to translate your concepts and patterns into tech packs, an essential component to getting your designs into actual production. Begin by learning how tech packs are produced and utilized by factories, including information on spec sheets, swatch cards, diagrams, and directions. Learn how to communicate effectively for samples and product. The process of incorporating patterns and grading charts is included along with what you are responsible for and what to anticipate from contractors. Using your own design, develop a prototype spec pack as the course evolves, to be presented and critiqued at the last class meeting.

Instructor: Carl Ferrando, manufacturing and production expert, human and pet apparel.

SXD 645 Pet Accessory Design Studio

Experience a professional and highly focused introduction to all phases of pet accessory design and sample-making as you work hands on in one of FIT's industrial equipped labs. Prototyping for a range of products is covered such as booties, leashes, collars, and more. Special emphasis is placed on the details of design and execution, exploring a variety of techniques with practical applications for pets and their masters. Learn how to bring your most creative concepts to fruition as you create marketable samples.
Some additional expense for supplies and materials discussed at first session.

Instructor: Shelley Parker, adjunct instructor, Accessories Design, designer.