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Course Descriptions


SXR 010 Retail Math: Merchandising and Planning
(Formerly called SXR 075 Retail Math: Merchandising, Planning, and Gross Margin)
This course focuses on retail math for merchandising, helping the participants to a working understanding of profit and loss, pricing, and planning. Learn through real world situations and results focusing how to apply the numbers of retail math, the art and science of initial markup, markdowns, and stock to sale ratios.

Instructor: Neal Leavitt, senior retail and manufacturing executive.

SXR 011 Retail Math: Calculating and Analyzing Gross Margin 
This course provides an in-depth study of retail gross margin, a crucial performance measure in any retail operation. Look at the numbers side of retailing to understand the formulas and relationships necessary for gross margin management. Learn how these elements are used in evaluation and decision-making. Current industry publications, materials, and situations are integrated to illustrate practical situations. Learn to analyze and improve these measures through market relevant problem solving. Course includes readings, practice quizzes, discussion posts, and interactive sessions.

Instructor: Robert Salerno, former retail CEO and consultant, retail board member, adjunct professor, Fashion Business Management.

SXR 028 Introduction to Planning and Allocation
Career opportunities in planning and allocation are plentiful. Learn the skills needed to effectively and efficiently manage product by focusing on the application of inventory management skills. Included are an introduction to the terminology of planning and allocation, the calculations used to manage inventory, and the use of Excel as an inventory management application. How to apply calculations in various scenarios using spreadsheets is demonstrated, and results are evaluated and discussed. 

Instructor: Linda Rooney, adjunct professor, Fashion Business Management; former vice president, planning and allocation, inventory management.

SXR 040 The Next Frontier in Customer Service and The Customer Experience
Leading edge brands are rethinking the entire customer journey and winning in the new retail reality. In this course, you will learn how these modern brands are stealing market share from incumbents by focusing on storytelling, customer service, and creating innovative experiences.  You will discover new approaches to building a closer bond with customers through emotional targeting and redesigning the entire experience.  Also learn how to have a 'futures thinking' mindset to help you think long-term about your business and be able to take tangible action to leverage change. This course is dynamic and practical, combining interactive lectures and discussions with case studies, and group exercises.

Instructor: Scott Kerr, President of Silvertone Consulting and brand strategy executive. 

SXR 050 Fashion Merchandising Bootcamp 
(Formerly called SXR 090 Fashion Merchandising Bootcamp)
Learn the entire fashion merchandising "go-to-market" process in this intensive program on making and/or buying goods that excite today's customer and generate sales. Merchandising is all about having the right products in a seductive setting, be it in-store, print, or online, at a price your target customer is willing to pay. It's time to start seeing product through the customer's eyes. The "go-to-market" process starts with knowing a market: identifying customer's wants and needs, tracking and reacting to trend, and efficiently utilizing data analytics. Information highlights understanding the competitive landscape, identifying opportunities, handling the demands of multi-channels, promotion, vendor statistics, and the financial goals of sales, ROI, gross margin, and stock turn.

Instructor:  Catherine Mirenda, adjunct assistant professor, Fashion Business Management; multi-channel merchant.

SXR 110 Omni-Channel Management Certificate Program
This course is the Omni-Channel Management Certificate Program, please click for more information.

Certificate Facilitator: Robert Salerno, former retail CEO and consultant, retail board memberadjunct professor, Fashion Business Management.