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Course Descriptions


SXR 005 Introduction to Today's Omni-Channel Retailing
0.9 CEU
This course focuses on the essential strategic elements important to omni-channel retail business. Current conditions in the marketplace make understanding critical success factors of any retail business important, no matter if you are a merchant, manager or marketer, or selling into the retail sector. Program lays out the industry structure, direction, technology impact, and external and demographic shifts. New and emerging segments and strategies are featured, and the ability to analyze a retail business growth potential is explained.

Instructor: Robert E. Salerno, retail consultant, former board member of Bon-Ton Stores, former retail executive.

SXR 006 Intro to Fashion and Luxury Retail
0.9 CEU
Start by discussing who the luxury customer is in relation to how market buying decisions, merchandising assortments, and service differentiation concepts are decided. Take a look at how the most successful fashion retailers function, from shopping the market to merchandising strategies and selling floor impact. The blurring of the roles of wholesalers and retailers is examined, and why some brands always triumph in spite of the economy and world affairs is highlighted. Explore old luxury and the democratization of modern affordable luxury with its criteria and strategy for today's consumer. 

Instructor: Renee Hunter, president, Sequoyah Fashion Planning; former buyer/fashion director, Saks Fifth Avenue.

SXR 008 Fundamentals of Today's Global Retailing
0.65 CEU
This provocative program, taught by an industry internationalist, gives you insight into what stores have found success on the world stage and why, and provides an opportunity for you to learn effective management and decision-making skills that are important to working in an international company. Gain a proper understanding of how and why retailing is a global business today and what that means in terms of career opportunities. Learn how a global supply chain is conceived and executed for omni-channel retail. Real world references are used to provide insight into international expansion market research considerations.

Instructor: Nancy Marino, president, Nancy Marino Associates; former retail, wholesale, and textile senior executive; international fashion business and retail consultant.

SXR 011 Retail Math: Gross Margin Analysis
0.9 CEU
This online course addresses the arithmetic as well as the interrelationships of the retail gross margin equation. Gross margin is examined with its impact on retail profitability, and different strategies to manage it are taught. Topics include retail calendar impact, common pricing models, and the merchandise operating statement. Current industry publications and events are integrated into the course to illustrate practical business decisions leading to making a profit. Program content is useful for both retailing and manufacturing. 
Class limited to 14.

Instructor: Robert Salerno, retail consultant, former board member of Bon-Ton Stores, former retail executive.

SXR 028 Introduction to the Planning and Allocation Function
1.2 CEU
Learn the hands-on skills needed to effectively and efficiently manage product by focusing on the application of inventory management skills in a dynamic environment. Concepts such as Open-to-Buy including the terminology of planning and allocation and the calculations used to effectively and efficiently manage inventory through Excel as an inventory management application are covered. The planning and allocation functions are essential partners to designers, buyers, merchandisers, and sales personnel. Gain a firm understanding of how to use these tools for career and business advancement. 

Instructor: Vincent Quan, associate professor, Fashion Business Management; former retail and manufacturing planning and inventory control vice president; Naomi Gross, professor, Fashion Business Management, former retail executive.

SXR 040 Who Are Your Best Customers and How to Motivate Them to Buy
0.9 CEU
Competition in the retail sector has become more fierce than ever. This dynamic program teaches you how to capitalize on the maxim, "a store is most likely to attract all of its repeat customers in its first 1,000 days." Learn to expand sales by identifying and catering to this limited target group and discover methods for uncovering who your best customers are, whether in store or online. How they behave, think, and what will keep them loyal, including devising targeted ways to stimulate their patronage, is included. 

Instructor: Richard Shapiro, founder and president, The Center for Client Retention; author, The Welcomer Edge: Unlocking the Secrets of Repeat Business and The Endangered Customer: Eight Steps to Guarantee Repeat Business.

SXR 050 Intro to Branding: The Art of Customer Bonding
1.5 CEU
Learn to bond with target customer groups to reinvigorate customer loyalty and reinforce the stores-as-brand. This interactive lab concentrates on new outreach methods in customer communications, including special programs and publications, promotions, and in-store events. Learn how to become proficient at consumer-centric retail marketing and use in-store and in-class case studies, and work to produce branding strategies that enhance the shopping experience.

Instructors: Arthur A. Winters, professor emeritus, Advertising and Marketing Communications; and Peggy Fincher Winters, TFI Geomarketing, Inc.; co-authors of The Power of Retail Branding and Brandstand: Strategies for Retail Brand Building.

SXR 055 Introduction to E-commerce and Digital Retailing
0.9 CEU
Gain an up-to-the-minute understanding of why the gap between brick-and-mortar retail and digital shopping continues to broaden as you learn what constitutes a successful online e-commerce strategy and implementation. Get an in-depth look at who today's star performers are and why with our highly skilled e-commerce expert. Program introduces you to emerging concepts that are transforming the retail sector and changing customer shopping habits and loyalties in droves. The information imparted is beneficial for both retailers and suppliers.

Instructor:  Claira Zambon Versland, international fashion retail expert.

SXR 075 Retail Math: Merchandising, Planning, and Gross Margins
0.9 CEU
Learn how retailers calculate gross margin while participating in a roundtable discussion on the buying and selling methods characteristic of today's accounting-driven market. Learn what gross margin is and how it is derived. Program includes mark-up calculation, merchandise planning, and a review of operating expenses as they affect gross margin. Sessions feature hands-on exercises based on typical retail/wholesale partnership case studies. Recommended for showroom sales account executives and entry-level retail executives.

Instructor: Neal Leavitt, senior retail and manufacturing executive.

SXR 080 Retail Operations and Management for the Omni-Channel World
0.9 CEU
This course looks at the key operational elements necessary to run a successful retail store in the omni-channel world where the physical store is still the core identifier and magnet for business. Understanding what it takes to make a rewarding customer experience in-store is crucial for success in all channels. Topics covered include the role of store management, HR/staffing models, store layout and design, customer service models, in-store technology, and financial measurements. This course takes a critical look at real-world situations via store tours and case studies to drive home omni-channel's demands in the new retail model. Course includes offsite meetings.

Instructor: Robert E. Salerno, retail consultant, former board member, Bon-Ton, former retail executive.

SXR 085 Intro to Logistics and Fulfillment for Omni-Channel Businesses
0.9 CEU
Site navigation and eye-candy products featured on e-commerce sites create sizzle, but its the supporting logistics and fulfillment that make it a success. Learn the ins and outs of achieving delivery satisfaction from a distribution wizard. Get a handle on individual omni-channel retail needs, new technologies, and fulfillment trends as you participate in case study discussions to strengthen your judgment on logistical strategies, including the pros and cons of delivery fees.

Instructor: Melissa McGraw, former Seventh Avenue fashion apparel executive; fashion website founder and retailing executive.

SXR 115 Omni-Channel Buying and Merchandising
1.2 CEU
Find out how the buyer's role has been impacted by omni-channel developments and discover how a merchant must perform to select goods and pilot business from channel to channel. Learn how to deliver the right assortment, at the right time, in the right quantities, at the right price no matter how and where your customer chooses to shop. Program focuses on aligning buying decisions with your target customer's desires and how to deliver an optimal integrated shopping experience. Discussion and guest speakers underscore today's need to make wise decisions and product selections that excite customers, generate sales, and profits.

Instructor: Susan Mazursky, CPA, former GVP divisional planning manager, Macy's; audit manager, Deloitte - TRADE Retail Practice.

SXR 119 Omni-Channel Strategies: Winners and Losers
1.2 CEU
Gain a greater understanding of current successful omni-channel retail best practices to improve your own retail business or advance your career. Look at actual retail players who are at the top of their game, as well as some falling stars, and develop the critical-thinking skills applicable to market decision-making. How retailers can best meet shopper demands across multiple channels to support greater customer lifetime value and loyalty is stressed. Program concentrates on innovation, sensational merchandising, customer satisfaction, and allegiance, which lead to profits and growth. ‚ÄčTargeted marketing, brand voice, and the evolving role physical stores play in offering experiential and social venues are featured. Class discussions include analysis of retailers such as JC Penney, Warby Parker, Nordstrom, Williams Sonoma, Home Depot and Amazon, and their omni-channel strategies and implementation. 

Instructor: Marie Driscoll, CFA, principal, Driscoll Advisors, industry analyst focusing on apparel brands, retailers and luxury goods; fashion business and retail industry columnist.

SXR 130 Retail and Fashion: Where The Jobs Are
Discover how to climb today's retail career ladder and develop techniques to gain promotion and advancement. This program conducted by a top retail executive search consultant is for anyone looking to make a career in omni-channel retailing or to advance your current position, no matter your level of experience. Learn where the jobs are, what skills are in demand, and how to begin the search process advantageously through technology. Meet omni-channel executive guest speakers who will share what they look for in candidates to hire and promote. Information imparted is beneficial to students in The Business Certificates Group: Brand Management Experience, Data Analytics: Retail Marketing, and Omni-Channel Retail.

Instructor: Terry Pritikin, vice president, Career Management Inc., executive recruiting and organization development specialist; former executive vice president L-Brands, Fashion Bug and Sunglass Hut, with guest speakers.