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Course Descriptions


SXM 010 Styling: Fit Fundamentals
Prerequisite: SXS 100 or professional wardrobing and styling experience
If you're on the styling career path or oversee the need for clothing to look perfect in the media, learn professional fit techniques. This practical workshop covers pinning for fit, taping hems, keeping plunging necklines in place, working with clips, and more. Attendees develop their own proficiency at solving realistic styling challenges, working hands-on in each class meeting.

Bring to first class a basic styling kit including safety pins, Topstick, Stitch Witchery, scissors, double-sided masking tape, and clips or clamps. Some additional items may be required after first session.

Instructor: Sadia Seymour, professional stylist.

SXM 100 Styling Tricks of the Trade: Fitting, Ironing, and Clothing Care
This intensive course covers three key elements in clothing care used by highly regarded stylists and wardrobe coordinators: fitting, ironing, and clothing care. Learn master-level ironing and steam iron maintenance and the proper use of hangers from an expert in wardrobe maintenance. Course includes tips and hints only known in the trade about stain removal and building a styling kit. A professional resource guide is included.

Bring a men's cotton dress shirt to first class. Punctual arrival and full attendance is required due to the abundance of material covered.

Instructor: Pattie Barbosa, professional wardrobe costumer, and stylist.

SXM 105 Advanced Styling: Tricks of the Trade
Prerequisite: SXM 100
Continue to develop an arsenal of professional techniques utilized by stylists, costumers, and wardrobe personnel. The importance and art of true color identification and matching is introduced. Work hands-on, learning how to age and distress clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Instructor: Pattie Barbosa, professional wardrobe costumer, stylist, and star dresser.

SXM 120 Successful Styling for Photography: Fashion Biz and Beyond
Learn insider styling skills for success in advertising, editorial, and freelance styling. Attendees experience the production process of both still-life and fashion photo shoots working with a professional New York photographer, models, hair, and makeup. All facets of styling, including fashion, interiors, and other specialties are discussed, with visits from working professionals. Attend a mock shooting assignment and participate in the decision-making process. Students receive an email file of their digital images for your portfolio.

Instructors: Nancy Alusick, professional stylist; and Emmanuel Faure, commercial photographer.

SXM 125 Still-life Fundamentals for Fashion Stylists
This course provides the opportunity to expand your styling skills into the growing and lucrative soft goods still-life field. Learn to position soft-goods and other products in visually stimulating ways without the use of models. Participate in an actual photo shoot and receive an email of your digital images for your portfolio.

Instructors: Nancy Alusick, professional stylist; and Maria Vullo, photographer.

SXM 200 Photography for Self-Expression or Profit
This hands-on class teaches you how to create the photos you want. Learn how to get the most out of your DSLR or advanced point-and-shoot camera to control light, color, and movement. DIscover which settings and accessories are best for portraits, landscapes, still life, and other types of photography through demos and exercises. Evaluate your progress with weekly critiques. No experience needed, attendees must provide their own camera.  
Attendees must bring their own camera to all sessions.

Instructor: Ken Chan, professional photographer.

SXM 220 Introduction to Fashion Photography 
Let an industry professional teach you the fundamentals of fashion and beauty photography, including studio lighting techniques and production strategies. Spend an entire class participating in a mock photo shoot demo with digital equipment and live models. Program provides tips on selecting and working with support staff and equipment. How to develop a strong portfolio, market strategy and brand your talent is discussed along with work opportunities in Europe, South America, and the U.S. Excellent for photographers who are looking to broaden their freelance options. DSLR cameras are welcome and can be used during the photoshoot.

No professional photographic equipment is required for this program.

Instructor: Lars Niki, 423A, LC, fashion and beauty photographer.

SXM 230 Beginning Digital Photography
Learn how to move from phone photography to your digital camera to create the portrait, product, or travel photos you want. This beginner course teaches how to optimize your digital camera to capture great shots. Through hands-on exercises, learn to improve your photos by controlling light, color, and movement. How to fine-tune and modify your photos using basic image editing software is covered. Weekly critiques help evaluate your progress. Cameras with manual controls are recommended. 
Attendees must bring their own camera to all sessions.

Instructor: Ken Chan, professional photographer.

SXM  260 55A Fashion Styling for Social Media
Styling pros, keep your skillset updated in this leading-edge workshop featuring robust changes resulting from the growth of social media. Information pertaining to both editorial and advertising and styling assignments that include the blogging platforms Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, as well as e-commerce sites and use of BrandVoice™. Brands are now hiring editors, stylists, influencers, and disruptors to create visual programs and publications are currently hiring fashion editors for digital platforms separate from print. Program includes a mock social media photoshoot.  

Instructor: Joseph DeAcetis, creative style director, Forbes; international menswear expert.

SXM 345 How to Go From Planning to Staging a Winning Event

Get a thorough grounding in how to take an event from planning through execution, be it a private party, corporate event, trade show, or charity social. All of the components necessary for a successful event are examined, from sponsorships to promotional integration. Setting and meeting event objectives, allocating resources, working as a team, and making realistic budget projections are discussed. How to establish a preferred vendor contact list is included. 

Instructor: Wilberte Paul, senior events producer.

SXM 400 Everything You Need to Know About Fashion Shows, from Start-up to Runway
Whether you sit front row, dream of working backstage, or are a fashion follower, get a firsthand look at the ins and outs of fashion show production with one of the industry's iconic leaders. From showroom presentations to major Fashion Week runways, learn how to work with designers, stylists, public relations firms, and producers in this ever-changing arena. Be transported behind the scenes and get a unique perspective on the art and business of this pivotal fashion marketing tool.

Instructor: Barbara Berman, BB's Backstage Fashion Show and Event Services, celebrity wardrober.

SXM 405 Fashion Show Production Basics for Freelancers
Freelance eventers, image consultants, and fashion stylists expand your business services to local retailers, malls, and nonprofits by learning the fundamentals of professional fashion show production. Discover how to produce an exciting theatrical show with a proper presentation of clothing and accessories on live models. Information includes how to pick a theme, plan, select professional or volunteer models, and pull merchandise, set up the back-of-show, stage the event and execute it. Online course requires you to present a show concept through an iMovie format.

Instructor: Terance Coffee, adjunct instructor, Advertising and Marketing Communications; stylist and event planner, theterancecoffeeexperience.com.

SXM 440 Everything You Need to Know About Venues: From Editor's Previews to After Parties
When planning an effective event, after idea and budget, location of your venue is the next most important piece of the puzzle. This course provides an in-depth and hands-on tour of a variety of New York event venues where you meet industry professionals to discuss events unique to each location. Learn the importance of venue selection, receive tops on venue contracts, and become familiar with what to ask in relation to budget. Upon completion of the class, you will be able to help a client, friend, or family member execute the vision of their event by helping them make great choices for their event and be able to assist them in the budget process of planning an event. How to create a venue checklist, match your event to the space, conduct a venue walk-through and hold productive meetings with venue management is covered. This program begins at at FIT and includes a trip into the field to meet with venue managers, banquet coordinators, and industry professionals. Students will be responsible for transportation to various venues, additional expenses may be incurred.

Instructor: Lauren Roth, CMP hotel catering and event manager.

SXM 480 Techno Event Production Solutions for Retail and Destination
Discover how to create fantastic customer experiences impacted with a cool factor that blends new technologies, including drones, with great decor. Program features innovative ideas for celebrity and VIP appearances, parties, and fashion shows and concentrates on producing budget wise productions for event destinations and large and small brick-and-mortar stores. Course emphasis is on providing customers with a fabulous, engaging experience while generating great traffic and business.

Instructor: Terance Coffee, adjunct instructor, Advertising and Marketing Communications; stylist and event planner, theterancecoffeeexperience.com.