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SXN 054 Experience the Power of Color: Fashion and Lifestyle

This course introduces you to the importance of knowing about color and how to use it today. Discover what color really is and how it works. Color strengthens your ability to express yourself and is critical to professional and brand success. Join our expert and find out how color can enhance performance and career.

Instructor: Ben Gomes, president CFS Trends; internationally recognized color authority and trends forecaster.

SXN 060 Predictive Analytics 101: Fashion and Retail
What does predictive analytics mean and why do you need this skill in your business arsenal now? Big data analytics are being used by major organizations across the business world to forge better customer engagement, increased sales, and smarter decision-making. Join our expert and find out how to go from basic excel skills to enhancing your promotability quotient. (Mini-Master)

Instructor: Ardalan Jalayer, adjunct professor, Mathematics; creator, Jalayer Academy YouTube tutorial channel for data analytics; statistical business consultant; award-winning academic researcher.

SXN 062 How Branding Know-How Can Get You to a Better Career Place
Discover why branding is not a name, logo, symbol, or label and how it is a key piece of the corporate marketing puzzle. Find out from our branding expert how branding delivers a clear message to a cherished customer and promotes your product or service's credibility. Learn how to develop your skillset to include brand management and open the door to your next career move. (Mini-Master)

Instructor: Bill D'Arienzo, found and CEO, WDA Brandmarketing Solutions and Apparel Analytics™; author, Brand Management Strategies: Luxury and Mass Markets.

SXN 064 Fashion Product Design: Where to Get Luxury Sustainable Materials
Luxury apparel and accessory designers join our fabrications expert to learn how to source the highest caliber sustainable and manmade materials in this market update. Today's Millennial customer prizes eco-friendly goods as well as product quality. Gain insight into how to create luxury items that embody the best in sustainable design using a whole new level of materials available now. (Mini-Master)

Instructor: Jeanine Scimeme, adjunct assistant professor, Accessories Design; creative director and design consultant.

SXN 068 Social Media: 5 Good Reasons Why You Still Need a Blog
Forget about those old blogs that focused on one particular person's opinion. Join us to learn about the new blog style featured on websites and hear the five reasons blogging is perfect for PR, marketing, and branding. You may have heard that you no longer need a blog, but marketing experts say that's not true, especially is you are working in fashion. (Mini-Master)

Instructor: Dalia Strum, consumer and business strategic digital media expert, fashion-relationed social shopping consultant, chief content office, The Current.

SXN 070 Career Opportunities for Working With Color
If you are an artist, designer, Color Certificate student, or have a creative eye and are looking for fresh career direction, find out how color knowledge and talent can be extremely marketable in fashion and related businesses. Meet a panel of successful professionals from a variety of fields that use color strategically, like branding, cosmetics, home fashion markets, textiles, and retail. Find out how their color expertise is the bedrock of their success. Gain insight into how you can use your own color strengths to distinguish your employment opportunities and enhance your promotability in creative fields. (Mini-Master)

Instructor: Deborah Hernandez, adjunct assistant professor, Textile/Surface Design; Owner, DJHernandez INC., certified color specialist, carpet industry expert, NEWH, with guests.

SXN 072 How to Improve Sales: From Omni-Channel to Omni-Customer
Discover the key best omni-channel practices to build sales and customer loyalty in this condensed presentation that hits all the high points. Today's shopper demands a well-defined seamless brand presence across all channels. Learn why having a website and e-commerce is not enough to generate sales and what the role of brick and mortar stores are in today's customer centric marketplace. 

Instructor: Catherine Mirendo, adjunct assistant instructor; multi-channel merchandising expert.

SXN 122 Packaging Your Personal Brand
In this illuminating six-hour seminar, you'll apply the concepts of branding and create your own Personal Core Brand TM,  a tool to better suit your unique talent on the job market. Learn ways to position and package yourself to stand out in today's competitive marketplace and by clearly defining what distinguishes you from your competition, you'll be better at showcasing yourself to others. Leave this seminar with triggers - reminders of your Personal Core Brand -  and a powerful value proposition/elevator pitch that clearly defines who you are, what you do, and how you do it, and concise success stories that prove your unique benefit to employers, colleagues, and clients. This "Branding" seminar features proven methods developed by the Illumination Group to help connect people to who they are at their core so they can be better at what they do. This coursework has been recognized by the NY State Department of Labor, The New York Public Library and Dress for Success organizations to name a few. 

Instructor: David Lees, principal, The Illumination Group; career coach.

SXN 124 The Busy People Guide to Energy and Wellness
This workshop is designed for you to build resources and to achieve your work and personal goals. Get started in this one-day workshop with an open level Vinyasa yoga practice (first timers to intermediate) and progress into group coaching, discussion and writing exercises. Learn breathing techniques, positive behaviors and create your personal "well" plan. Embarking on any new journey, be it a new gig or a life-change, requires energy, positive thinking and packaging. 

Instructor: Trina Morris, founder, style-root.com, entrepreneur and life coach.

SXN 130 How to Think Like Your CFO: A Behind the Scenes Look at Fashion's Bottom Line with Lawrence De Paris
Spend the day participating in a reality-based enactment, coached by a veteran fashion CFO to strengthen your knowledge of the business side of fashion. First learn about Cashuall, Ltd. This multi-channel fashion company is up for sale and it could be a great acquisition! It's a hot line and there's continuous celeb-related buzz in the fashion press. Do you run for it or run the other way? Then learn how to put all of the number pieces together, talk the finance talk with confidence, and make decisions that are fiscally sound. Work in teams learning how to assess Cashuall's health, identify risk factors, and brainstorm about the important measurements necessary to deciding if you should buy the company. Participants gain a proper appreciation for financial elements such as balance sheets, cash flow, key performance indicators, and inventory management, plus much more. Transform your ability to make decisions in your own work whether you are on the creative side or business side through this custom-designed FIT seminar.

Instructor: Lawrence De Paris, CPA, CFO and COO, LT Apparel Group, former president and CEO, Escada (USA),  former president, Nat Nast Luxury Originals, and former SVP & CFO, Calvin Klein. 

SXN 145 How Wall Street Rates Omni-Channel Business Success with Marie Driscoll
Improve your own retail business or advance your career through looking at actual retail players who are at the top of their game, as well as some falling stars, and develop the critical-thinking skills applicable to market decision making. What retailers need to do to best meet shopper demands across multiple channels to support loyalty is stressed. Targeted marketing, brand voice, and the evolving role physical stores play in offering experiential and social venues are featured. Class discussions include analysis of retailers such as JC Penney, Warby Parker, Nordstrom, Williams Sonoma, Home Depot, and Amazon and their omni-channel strategies and implementation.

Instructor: Marie Driscoll, CFA, principal, Driscoll Advisor; industry analyst focusing on apparel brands, retailers, and luxury goods, fashion business and retail industry columnist.

SXN 200 Customs Brokers License Exam Preparation Course 
This 17-week (date) specialized training course, taught by a U.S. Licensed Customs Broker, offers approximately 100 hours of blended instruction (on campus and online sessions) designed for individuals who plan to take the U.S. Customs Brokers License Exam. Acquiring a U.S. Customs Brokers License is strategically advantageous for anyone in an international trade career path and is an asset when competing for management positions in international trade departments and global manufacturing, customs brokers firms, or global transportation companies. While studying the chapters in the U.S. Customs Regulations Text and the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS), learn about the various import regulations enforced by the U.S. government, including country of origin, required documentation, valuation, duty drawback, tariff classification, markings, entry summary procedures, broker's responsibilities, tariff preference programs and much more. Students learn unique techniques to utilize their time more efficiently while taking the Customs Brokers License Exam. Practice exams are administered and reviewed in detail during virtual class meetings,  which will be held via conference call or on campus.  This course includes a minimum of 1.25 hours of personal study each week. Additionally, one-on-one office hour contact is included. 
Required: The latest editions of the HTSUS Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States and U.S. Customs Regulations CFR 19 (approximately $200 each). Do not purchase prior to first class discussion about affordable alternatives. 

Instructor: Shireen Musa, assistant professor, International Trade and Marketing; MBA, Saint Peter's College; licensed U.S. Customs Broker; international trade and global sourcing expert.  

SXN 300 Quick Sketching for the Fashion Business 
Learn how to present fashion design ideas or adaptations through simple fashion sketching using effective shortcuts. Enhance your fashion communications skills, particularly in areas related to private-label product development or translating ideas gathered at the market. Illustrate fashion details and draw fashion figures, apparel and flat sketches, and product concepts. Although no professional art training is required, basic creative abilities are helpful.

Instructor: Diane DeMers, professor, Fashion Design-Art.

SXN 310 Introduction to Storyboard Art
Learn the art and craft of storyboarding, a very marketable skill critical to expressing narrative ideas for commercials, film, tv, and theatre. Learn how to organize and frame shots and express concepts with sketches relevant to topics such as styling, character development, costume design, animation, and digital composition. You work on your own level, sketching frames that tell a story by breaking down a script into important images, in a sequence, from the camera's point of view. This program emphasizes visual storytelling in storyboard form, suitable for a portfolio. Also explore how these hands-on skills are translatable to computer graphics, web, and software application.

Bring to first session: a 9-by-12 or a 14-by-17 inch drawing pad, 2B and 4B pencils.

Instructor: Joan Chiverton, former advertising art director, illustrator editorial artist for New York Times, Wall Street Journal.

SXN 322 Beginner's Fashion Drawing Studio with Steven Broadway
Don't let lack of training hold back your fashion ideas. Learn the basics of drawing the fashion figure using photo references in this studio designed to teach novices line drawing and progress from drawing real life body proportions, both male and female, into stylized fashion figures. Figure proportion, poses, faces, hands, feet, and basic garment shapes and details will be covered with simple exercises. Includes some live model drawing. Excellent for portfolio development and as preparation for SXN 324 and 325.

Bring to first session: 14-by-17-inch semitransparent marker pad, 4h drawing pencil, assorted double tipped Prismacolor brand magic markers, Prismacolor brand color pencils, Xtra-fine and medium tipped black Sharpie brand markers, folder with favorite magazine images to draw from: poses, faces, clothing and accessories, fabric swatches to render in your designs, any previous fashion artwork for critique. 

Instructor: Steven Broadway, adjunct assistant professor, Fashion Design-Art; figurative artist; fashion and costume illustrator.

SXN 324 Live Fashion Drawing with Steven Broadway
Experienced artists rediscover your passion for drawing, or if you have completed SXN 322, learn to draw male and female fashion models in a variety of media. Create a moodboard to explore and further develop your personal artistic expression and your enthusiasm for fashion. Experience live demos and visual references to stimulate your creativity, particularly if you are in the fashion biz and working in CAD most of the time. This course is not for beginners.

Bring to first session: 14-by-17-inch semitransparent marker pad, assorted markers and color pencils and gouache, should you want to paint. Bring any recent work for evaluation. Additional materials expenses approximately $25.

Instructor: Steven Broadway, adjunct assistant professor, Fashion Design-Art; figurative artist; fashion and costume illustrator.

SXN 327 Drawing for Accessories Design with Steven Broadway
SXN 327 can not be substituted for LD 261 in the Accessories Design major. 
Learn how to draw a variety of bags, belts and shoes using photo references and actual accessories.  Demonstrations illustrate how to design from inspiration.  Develop the techniques to render a variety of fabrics and leather variations and hardware details in your sketches.  Open to beginners as well as experienced students and professionals from the accessory markets. 

Bring to first session:  14-by-17-inch Canson marker pad, assortment of magic markers, colored pencils, 4H drawing pencil, Presto white correction pen, photographs of accessories that inspire you, and swatches of fabrics and leathers. 

Instructor:  Steven Broadway, adjunct assistant professor, Fashion Design-Art; figurative artist; fashion and costume illustrator.

SXN 350 Design Your Own Fabric Using Museum Art for Inspiration with Eric Ramirez
Artists, designers and stylists immerse yourself in the process of fabric design working with an FIT design expert and utilizing museum art for inspiration. Begin by learning how to spot the best ideas and concepts for trend-worthy fabric designs. Begin by learning how to spot the best ideas and concepts for commercial use. Visit a museum and capture concepts through use of sketches, digital photography, and visual aids. On Day Two, edit your designs for printed fabric for apparel or home furnishings working with a choice of mixed media. Topics and activities include layout, color, and painting techniques that result in work to add to or start an industry standard portfolio.

Open to 16 participants. Paper and some material provided. Transportation and lunch is not included in course fee.

Bring to first session: 1 Winsor & Newton primary color gouache kit, a 6-well palette, and one number 4 round nylon watercolor brush.

Instructor: Eric Ramirez, associate professor, Textile/Surface Design, Textile/Product designer, home furnishing's and apparel.

SXN 470 The Insider's Guide to Color
Join Pantone Color Institute expert Laurie Pressman in a roundtable discussion on how the science and emotion of color plays a significant role in consumer purchasing decisions and brand management. Whether you work in fashion design, styling, costuming, merchandising, or promotion, or provide personal. image service, gain invaluable tips on using color correctly, particularly ones that are trending. Gain inside information on how Pantone works and where trends originate. Take away enhanced color knowledge to increase your professional skills.

Instructor: Laurie Pressman, vice president, Pantone Color Institute; internationally recognized color authority with special guest.

SXN 501 The Art of Handcrafting Tuscan Veg Tan Leather: Bags and Accessories
Discover the techniques used by Tuscan master craftsmen to work with vegetable tanned leather from a highly experienced expert. Centuries old know-how could be yours by participating in this hands on workshop experimenting with wide range of handcraft skills for accessories including cutting, embossing, hand stitching, molding, and coloring techniques. Demonstrations of a variety of tools and different approaches to handbag, belt, handle making and hand-built constructions are included. Students and professionals engaged in leather accessories design, execution, and production increase your ability to produce beautiful products with an alternative, heritage, naturally heavy-metal-free material.

Leather for experimenting will be provided. 

Instructor: Diane Becker, international  creative consultant, leather accessories design, principal location, Florence Italy.

SXN 507 Bootcamp for Shoe Patternmaking: Derby and Oxford
Learn the fundamentals of shoe design in this two-day intensive patternmaking course. Based on two different styles, derby and oxford, gain an understanding of the parameters of shoe lasts and how they correlate to foot and shoe patterns. Design your own shoe and make two complete sets of patterns related to your concepts. Gain an overall understanding of the craft of shoemaking required by the art of shoe design.

Bring to workshop: six manila folders, ruler, French Curve, mechanical pencil with medium lead, awl, eraser, scotch tape, small container rubber cement (fresh not gummy), 11-inch by 17-inch sketch pad, tape measure, clear carry-envelope, four color pencils (sharpened) and Exacto knife with break-away blades available in Staples or any art supply store and Rocky Mountain Leather, www.rmleathersupply.com.

Instructor: Anne Marika Verploegh Chassé, adjunct instructor, Accessories Design; principal, STIEFELwerk NYC, bespoke shoe- and bootmaker.

SXN 510 How to Design and Make Your Own Leather Gloves
Learn how to design and handcraft your own soft leather gloves employing traditional techniques that go back to the Middle Ages. Perfect for accessories designers, or anyone interested in learning a beautiful meticulous craft.

Bring to first session: Glove leather (ask for this specifically) not thicker than 0.7mm, ideally 0.5-0.6mm. Lamb 6.50/square foot - the average skin is approx 4-5sq.ft. Materials can be bought from Global Leather, 253 West 35th Street, New York , NY 10001 212-244-5190. globalleathers.com The following supplies can be purchase at Henry Wetpfal, 115 West 25th St, New York, NY; leather scissors (Fiskars, stainless recommended), scalpel (knife), awl, 4mm overstitch leather wheel, thread - color depending on leather color (no. 30 thread or thread for buttons by Gutermann), pack of pearl head pins, thimble, silver pen (for marking on leather). The following supplies can be purchased Blick Art Materials; paper scissor (regular scissors), mechanical pencil, 0.5mm leads, size A4 self healing cutting mat, 12 inch metal ruler with centimeters, triangle ruler.

Workshop Leader: Riina Oun, master luxury leather accessories designer (Riina O, London).

SXN 511 Advanced Leather Glove Designing and Construction: Long Leather Gloves
This special 3 day workshop is a wonderful follow-up if you have completed SXN 510 and or are experienced in hand sewing leather accessories. Taught by our visiting luxury glove making expert, it covers how to design and execute decorated long leather gloves. Instruction begins with how to adjust the patterns made in SXN 510 for making a longer evening glove. Those with leather glove and accessory experience who have not taken SXN 510 at FIT, will be supplied with a general pattern developed by the instructor if necessary.

Bring to first session: Glove leather (ask for this specifically) not thicker than 0.7mm, ideally 0.5-0.6mm. Lamb 6.50/square foot - the average skin is approx 4-5sq.ft. Materials can be bought from Global Leather, 253 West 35th Street, New York , NY 10001 212-244-5190. globalleathers.com The following supplies can be purchase at Henry Wetpfal, 115 West 25th St, New York, NY; leather scissors (Fiskars, stainless recommended), scalpel (knife), awl, 4mm overstitch leather wheel, thread - color depending on leather color (no. 30 thread or thread for buttons by Gutermann), pack of pearl head pins, thimble, silver pen (for marking on leather). The following supplies can be purchased Blick Art Materials; paper scissor (regular scissors), mechanical pencil, 0.5mm leads, size A4 self healing cutting mat, 12 inch metal ruler with centimeters, triangle ruler.

The SXN 511 leather skin must be at least 7 sq ft to accommodate fitting long gloves construction. Students supply their own materials for decoration.

Workshop leader: Riina Oun, master luxury leather accessories designer, Riina O, London.

SXN 526 Advanced Networking: How To Get Exactly What You Want
Eyes up, fingers down! There's a whole world of possibilities for you if you put your devices aside and try face-to-face connecting. Let one of our most captivatingly persuasive grads teach you the benefits of personal interaction. Learn to make connections, resonate with people, find mentors, and get exactly what you want from someone who has navigated the scene from New York to Hollywood to the White House.

Special guest appearance: Sharon Chalkin Feldstein, founder, Expert Management Co., celebrity stylist, on-air personality, and founder, #YourMomCares.

SXN 540 The Role of the Costume Designer: "So You Want to Make a Movie"
Join with a group of highly experienced film professionals to learn about the entire process of costume design and wardrobe supervision as it applies to making a movie.  Information imparted covers both the creative and the practical, taking you through the process of character development to the coordination of set and costume design. Conversation explores the inside working relationships between the unit Production manager, production designer, director, director of photography, assistant director and hair and makeup. Take away the full picture on process, as well as tips on career enhancing behaviors.

Instructor: Pattie Barbosa, professional wardrobe costumer, with experts from the film industry.