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Course Descriptions


SXH 010 Fashion Styling: Home Fashion Business
If you are considering a career in styling or looking to expand your styling assignments, discover what a home fashion stylist does. Learn the art of visual presentation for home products including fundamentals of styling, project conception, and prop selections. Gain in-depth exposure to the expansive world of home fashion styling, including opportunities in media, entertainment, and retailing. 

Instructor: Stephen J. Cucci, display and visual merchandising designer.

SXH 100 Learn the Top Ten Design Motifs of All Time
Do your Roman concepts turn out Greek? Have you suggested Art Deco when you meant Art Nouveau? Can you never keep Biedermeier and Bauhaus straight? It doesn't matter whether you're in the home- or apparel-related markets or the media; being able to recall and utilize historical design elements correctly is a professional skill. Program features important stylistic periods demonstrated through slides and discussion. Sharpen your ability to instantly recognize historical motifs and design elements and strengthen your design vocabulary and interpretive abilities.

Certificate students are required to satisfactorily complete a final project within a week following the end of course sessions in order to receive a passing grade using Pinterest boards, PDF or WORD document, or mini-PowerPoint presentation. Students will receive further instructions at the first session.

Instructor: Susan Slotkis, adjunct assistant professor, Interior Design; interior designer, Allied Member, ASID; associate member, IDEC; author, Foundations of Interior Design.

SXH 300 Color Workshop for the Home Fashion Market
To get ahead or get started in home fashion, maximizing your color performance skills is a must. Strengthen your ability to create harmonious color combinations, one of the most vitally important tools used in merchandising products for the home. Utilizing the key color palettes of Western history, this course will teach you how interior design, art, and antiques become color scheme resources. Learn to use correct color terminology and develop your eye for matching textures and surfaces from nubby fabrics to glossy ceramics. Work with a home furnishings color professional on in-class assignments.

Instructor: Susan Quinn, founder, Susan K. Quinn Interior Design internationally recognized Interior Design expert.