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Course Descriptions


FTS 001 Blink
1.2 CEU
Have a project that needs to be brighter or just curious about LEDs and how they work? This introductory course will cover the basics of LEDs and the small computers that make them blink and change colors. No previous experience necessary!

FTS 002 Beyond the Blink
1.2 CEU
Have you experimented with Arduino or similar technologies but not sure what to do next? This course will introduce you to the concept of interactivity through the use of sensors and data. We will take a look at how information can be a way to determine when to turn things on/off, buzz, or change color.

FTS 003 Beyond the Lights
1.2 CEU
Comfortable with LEDs and want to know more about how to make interactive fashion concepts come to life? This course will introduce you to the coding resources and a few concepts to make simple interactive components.