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Course Descriptions


FTS 001 Circuits and Materials
1.2 CEU
Learn the basics of circuits and circuit design and the function of switches and interactivity as you develop a vocabulary to discuss contemporary fashion tech concepts. You will learn what materials are needed to make tech-based projects and begin work on your own prototype.

FTS 002 Microcontrollers & Creative Coding
1.2 CEU   Prerequisite: FTS 001
Learn the basics of microcontrollers and become familiar with code syntax (structure) as you increase your understanding of contemporary fashion tech concepts. Learn the resources available for creative coding and continue to work on your prototype.

FTS 003 Prototyping
1.2 CEU   Prerequisite: FTS 002
Learn the basics of prototyping fashion tech including implementation iteration and testing while increasing your creative coding knowledge. Develop an understanding of the connection between intention and meaningful design as you complete your own prototype of a fashion tech product.