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Course Descriptions


SXS 100 Introduction to Fashion Styling
1.8 CEU
If you have a strong visual sense and an aptitude for working with color and proportion, consider becoming a fashion stylist, creating visual solutions for publications, media, and entertainment events. This course provides an in-depth study of the stylist's role in print and interactive media, with an emphasis on fashion and home fashion. The actual work and responsibilities of the assistant stylist and stylist, from shopping and prepping merchandise to working with models and layouts, are covered. The specifics of styling professionalism are taught. Program is highly interactive, with work assignments.

Some additional expenses required. Text assigned at first class.

Instructors: Nancy Alusick, professional stylist; Sadia Seymour, professional stylist; and Emma Sosa, professional stylist

SXS 110 Fashion Styling Confidential
This special version of SXS 100 is intended for people who are interested in learning some of the basics of styling but are unable to commit to the full certificate program. Whether you're visiting NYC this summer or are in need of insider styling fundamentals in your career, these three intensive sessions are perfect for people with limited time. Program highlights the stylists role in print and interactive media in fashion markets. Through a series of mock assignments and a mini photo shoot, attendees experience the work and responsibilities of the stylist, including shopping, propping, prepping, and working with models and photo professionals.

Certificate candidates: SXS 110 cannot be substituted for SXS 100.
Some additional expense possible, up to $15.

Workshop leaders: Barbara Berman, wardrober and show coordinator; Sadia Seymour, professional stylist.

SXS 200 Fashion Styling for Media
1.8 CEU
Prerequisites: SXS 100, SXM 100, and SXM 220
This program provides a step-by-step education in the basics of styling for advertising, print layouts, television commercials, and video assignments. Course includes how to shop the market, work with costume designers, and pick models and actors. The professionalism necessary for both large and small assignments is stressed. Program includes a mock photo shoot.

Students receive email of their digital images. Some additional expenses required.

Instructors: Nancy Alusick, professional stylist; and Emmanuel Faure, commercial photographer

SXS 310 Fashion Styling for Today's Media Workshop
1.8 CEU
Prerequisites: SXS 100, SXS 200, SXM 120, SXM 220 and SXM 250
Intended for students who are very close to Fashion Styling program completion, this highly interactive workshop provides real world experiences.  Work in teams styling photo essays for an actual digital magazine to be featured on and FIT's website.  Assignments such as a high profile interview, a fashion editorial or a street news report are planned, styled and photographed.  Each team works with the photographer to select the best shots to execute the story.  Working on their own, students start their e-portfolios utilizing information from SXM 250.

Instructors:  Pamela Macklin, celebrity stylist and creative director; Lars Niki, 423A, LLC, fashion and beauty photographer.

SXS 330 Fashion Styling for Men
0.9 CEU
If you are a working stylist or looking to earn a styling certificate, add the basic elements of men's dressing and styling to your professional arsenal. Learn the classifications in menswear, both traditional and modern, including everything from suiting to casual wear. Get styling tricks and tips for working with male models, clients, and brands for editorial and advertising projects. How to get successful resources to draw from, grow a client list, and develop portfolio material appropriate for this market is included as you meet guest speakers in menswear design, advertising and fashion photography.

Instructor: Cliff Hoppus, fashion stylist.