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SXF 020 Costing: How to Win the Garment Game
You'll never have to say "sales were great, but we lost money" after completing this basic costing program. Reduce the gambles in apparel and related accessories manufacturing by learning how to cost out a product correctly. Course emphasizes the importance of establishing prices that customers are willing to pay while reducing financial risks, achieving return on investments, and increasing net profitability. Reviews accounting theory applicable to the fashion business.

Instructor: Bernard N. Kahn, adjunct assistant professor, Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries; manufacturing consultant.

SXF 030 Key Finance Fundamentals for Every Fashion Professional
Is your work measured by the bottom line but your passion is for product and not numbers? Are you on the creative side of the business? Let this industry recognized planning authority who has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and Women's Wear Daily, to name a few sources, make you the most finance-savvy you have ever been. Learn how interpreting numbers correctly will improve your decision-making, budgeting, and expenditure justifications. See how speaking in numbers gives you the ability to prove your team or department's performance to higher-ups. Included are critical concepts such as net sales, cost of goods sold, gross profit, operating income, net income, and earnings per share. The meanings of assets, liabilities and key ratios are explained. Benchmarking and financial report timing are discussed, and the components of vendor and retailer profitability are stressed.

Instructor: Vincent Quan, associate professor, Fashion Merchandising Management; former retail and manufacturing planning and inventory control vice president.

SXF 117 How to Maximize Social Media-Social Commerce for Fashion Business

Learn how to capitalize social media usage for business growth and to increase touch points with your target market and specific customers. Take a look at blogging, posting, pinning, and tweeting as methods to engage specific demographics, morphing social media into social commerce. Become fluent in the buzzwords as you examine how digital developments from website to smart phone apps can create a more efficient and successful customer experience and foster loyalty. Program includes a critical look at various successful platforms as well as strategies that failed and why.

Instructor: Dalia Strum, consumer and business strategic digital media expert, and fashion-related social shopping consultant, and chief content officer, theCurrent.

SXF 120 55A The New World of Fashion Blogging 
Business blogs are popping up all over  the Internet these days and can be a key branding and marketing channel but have to be done right.  Learn practical steps to build, manage and strategically  leverage your own business blog in this cutting-edge hands-on workshop conducted by our emerging technology and digital solutions expert.  Discover how to increase readership, subscriptions and engagement with target followers as you find out how to make blogging the hub for your entire social media master plan. Take away the ability to create a blog that truly resonates with your audience, plus tips on content management and updates , as well as how to promote to build a following and accurately measure effectiveness.

Instructor: Dalia Strum, consumer and business strategic digital media expert, and fashion-related social shopping consultant, and chief content officer, The Current.

SXF 140 Using Social Networking, Blogging and Fashion Digital Marketing for Product Development.
Yes, the fashion industry is leading the social networking evolution as a means of connecting new trends and customers. Learn how online communities from Facebook to Linked-in to Tumblr to Instagram to Twitter allow you to communicate the fashion landscape. Discover how to leverage social networks transforming them into social commerce opportunities. Hands-on activities include creation of effective social network content, learning about frequency, relevancy and tagging as well as how to develop and manage a Blog for your fashion interest. Special attention will be given to effective research methods. leading topic selection, value added content as well as how to leverage successful blogs to attract advertising income.

Instructor: Bernard Kahn, adjunct assistant professor, Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries, and manufacturing consultant. 

SXF 200 How to Style, Plan, and Merchandise an Apparel Line
If you are a manufacturer, designer, or product developer, this course will help you create a cohesive and saleable line. Start with the merchandising function, which stresses how to plan, fashion, and implement customer targeting for regional markets. The design process and color, fabric, and silhouette selection are demonstrated and sourcing is discussed. Includes information on the first sample and the control steps vital to the production phase, both domestic and foreign. Learn how to present your collection and receive tips on resources throughout the world.

Instructor: adjunct professor, Fashion Design, fashion designer, couture and bridge late day into evening and special occasion apparel.

SXF 201 Apparel Production: From Concept to Product 
Learn all the phases of the production process to bring a fashion-related product line to market. Program introduces a step-by-step analysis of the pre-production process and production requirements, including prototype fitting modifications, vendor communications, garment costing, and price negotiations. Delivery negotiations are discussed, fabric and garment lab testing are covered, and garment labeling is explained. Learn how to set up time and action calendars, meet social compliance and custom requirements, and establish specifications for quality control.

Instructor: Svetlana Zakharina, product developer, designer, creative director, Aleana's Bridal.

SXF 215 Ultimate Merchandising: Fashion Design Line Development Workshop 
This hands-on Seventh Ave "real world" workshop concentrates on how to take a design concept and work it into a saleable multiple piece minimum collection. Experience how successful designers use color and fabrication, rework best performers, introduce newness, and develop "runner" promotional pieces. Program includes how to group styles, work with key retail account demands, and monitor success at point of sale. Bolster your creative genius with the critical commercial skills to impress retail buyers, build customer recognition and advance your design career. Takeaway portfolio quality tearsheets with color stories, swatches, and illustrations.

SXF 216 Ultimate Guide to Jeans from Design to Product Development
Jeans are everywhere, yet the customer claims that the perfect fit is almost impossible to find; and once they do find a pair it's a challenge to get them to try a new brand. This program concentrates on how to make a jean that fits and flatters, regardless of figure type. Begin by learning the properties of denim fabric including washes, weaves, weights and quality. The importance of working with a superior pattern in relation to the final product is stressed, and the process of pattern corrections is taught. Proper construction methods are examined in relation to comfort, price and sourcing options. Whether you are looking to get into the jeans business or looking to improve an existing line, this interactive program gives you proven techniques for great denim jeans design and manufacture and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Instructor: Deborah Beard, associate chairperson, Technical Design, technical designer.

SXF 218 How to Design and Merchandise Your Own Accessory Line
Learn how to build an accessory line from soup to nuts by channeling your design ideas to a specific customer and create your own brand. Program focuses on the best design process to generate a cohesive line that features great coloration, trim, materials and shapes. Price points and sources for materials common to the accessories market are discussed in relation to your concepts and target customer. Where to find inspiration including the vintage market is covered, along with pre-production information. Create your own mood board to fully execute your designs for critique and direction.

Instructor: Arturo Veloira, creative director, Grinnell Design; private label jewelry designer for Michael Kors, Peter Som, Lela Rose; accessory expert.

SXF 240 The Complete Guide to Global Sourcing
If you've recently begun a career in private label or product development, this workshop can strengthen your sourcing decision-making, plus give you an up-to-the-minute understanding of the world marketplace. Program covers all variables to be considered in relation to the bottom line, such as costing, tracking, and quality control for both the manufacture of textiles and finished products. The key issues of speed-to-market, codes of conduct and compliance, and quick response are covered, as well as how to analyze which factories to use. Thinking proactively to solve problems is reviewed and creating realistic plans for on-time, well-made goods is stressed.

Instructor: Svetlana Zakharina, product developer, designer, creative director, Aleana's Bridal.

SXF 300 Secrets from a Professional Shopper
Do you have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear and no time to shop? This practical workshop teaches professional techniques to manage your wardrobe. Learn to develop a varied, self-enhancing way to dress that fits your budget and lifestyle. Eliminate shopper's anxiety and costly mistakes by getting inside tips on how and where to shop for the best values. Discover how you can look like a million without spending a fortune. Highly beneficial for consultants, as well as for personal planning.

Instructor: Emma Sosa, president, Fashion and Image International.

SXF 305 The Fit Model's Role in Garment Production
Do you think the technical fit model is a live mannequin? This program demos how designers and manufacturers capitalize on the fit model to check fit, drape and appearance of a pre-production garment before it goes into production. Discover firsthand how fit models are selected based on the specific measurements of sample size garments and deliver proper feedback on the sizing, design, and cut of the garment to be produced. Information includes body measuring points for the sportswear, active, intimate, and evening markets and participants develop their own body measurement sheet while learning figure types and industry size ranges. Highly recommended for designers, product developers, merchandisers, manufacturers, and anyone interested in becoming a fit model.

Instructor: Jaye Edelstein, adjunct assistant professor, Fashion Design-Apparel; professional designer and product developer; with guest experts from the fit model sector.

SXF 325 The Inside Track: Making Fashion Work For Men
This highly participatory forum and tour introduces an array of experts discussing how to cater to today's male customer and introduces men's resources across all price points. Whether you style men in e-commerce, editorial, fashion shows, entertainment, private image consulting, or are in men's retail, making your clients look good, appropriate, and comfortable with so much happening in the swiftly growing men's market and the media is critical. The first class is a how-to dress for what and when lesson including tips on fit, balance, and proportion, in answer to what is a well-dressed guy. The second class concentrates on resources from the current market, including trends, social media influencers, and e-retailers. The wrap up class is a Saturday walking tour of menswear stores from high-end specialty boutiques to shops offering great price points and finds.

Instructor:  Alex Joseph, managing editor, Hue; writer, journalist, and contributor, Fashion Theory, Vestoj, Fashion Studies Journal.

SXF 335 Fit, Balance, and Proportion Fundamentals for Men's Image and Styling
If you work with men's wardrobe needs, it is essential that you understand and are able to convey the relationship between fit, balance, and proportion for the well-dressed man. This intensive workshop teaches every aspect of proper fit demonstrated on live models. Begin with a review of body types and silhouettes. Get tips on current designer lines and brands and how they match to a variety of builds. Learn about proper trouser, jacket, and shirtsleeve lengths. Discussion includes use of color and the fundamentals of incorporating apparel with the correct shape and proportion, accessorizing with shoes, belts, and ties. Fit in relation to the personality, career, and lifestyle of men is also featured.

Instructor: Nedo Bellucci, founder and creative director, Bellucci Napoli, international menswear expert.

SXF 340 The Most Iconic Menswear Milestones in Fashion History
Take a visual journey highlighting the most influential benchmarks in the evolution of men's clothing from Henry VIII to current celebrities. Retailers, designers, stylists, and costume designers, the men's business is flourishing and so is the demand for cross-market skills. Polish your men's style expertise as you learn about key style icons from kings to presidents, rockers, and movie stars. Discover how items like the suit, the blazer, and military details developed. Learn to anticipate the influence of period looks like those from Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire and express your ideas using proper menswear terminology.

Instructor: Jill Hemingway, associate registrar, Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

SXF 400 Fashionspeak: How to Get What You Want, When You Need It
In the fast-changing fashion business, having the right vocabulary to describe trends, garments, and modern production techniques increases your professionalism and improves your ability to get the look and quality you expect. This program will teach you how to use correct terminology. Learn to describe silhouettes and details for product development and computer applications through visits to The Museum at FIT, a private label manufacturer, a computer design service, and exploring design and color forecasting industry websites. Highly recommended for marketers, merchandisers, product developers, fashion media, and financial industry personnel in need to communicate in the lingo of the fashion trades. Online course replicates visits through web based resources. 

Instructors: Jaye G. Edelstein, adjunct assistant professor, Fashion Design-Apparel; professional designer/product developer; and Camille Block, designer, merchandiser, and product developer; Shelley Sarmiento, former merchandising vice president, merchandising and production specialist.

SXF 450 The Best of the Best: Luxury Fabrication
Become a lux maven in the attributes that fashion products must possess to qualify for luxury status and pricing. In this first program in a series designed to develop your appreciation for superb craftsmanship, learn about the luxury fabrication used in making posh men's and women's apparel. Through lecture and demo, train your eye and hand to identify top of the line cottons, wools, and silks as you learn just what sets the very best fabrics apart from all the rest. Information includes fibers to finishing, country of origin, sourcing and end use and frequently used luxury fabrics such as vicuna and cashmere are spotlighted.

Instructor: Don Salvatore Giardina, MOC, adjunct assistant professor, Textile Development and Marketing; design director, PB Aristo; luxury textile expert.

SXF 470 How to Identify and Qualify Investment Accessory Pieces
Let our FIT experts give you bona fide information on the craft and elements required for luxury designation in leather goods and fine jewelry. Learn to recognize quality, aesthetics, and rarity in relation to price; important skills for buying, selling, collecting or downsizing your possessions. Lectures, demos, special FIT labs, sample products and materials, as well as guest experts are presented to teach you what distinguishes the very best in shoes and handbags. Find out about materials, construction methods, iconic brands, and what has value and what doesn't. Discover what the word luxury means as applied to fine jewelry, including the wonders of gemstones and precious metals and design in the first two classes. Practical information on rating systems, size vs. quality and resulting prices are covered along with who the designers are and the insider scoop on famous wearers and collectors.

Instructors: Michael Coan, assistant professor, Jewelry Design, gemology and diamond grading expert, industry and trade liaison; and Frank Zambrelli, adjunct instructor, Accessories Design

SXF 500 Fabrication: Everything You Need to Know
This intensive workshop is for anyone in the fashion and related industries who works with fabrics or fabric terminology. Whether you are in retailing, manufacturing, a textile entry position, or copywriting, you can increase your skill, vocabulary, and knowledge of everything fabric-related, from fibers to finished product. Course teaches fiber properties, effective end-use information, and methods of yarn and cloth manufacturing through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on analysis.

Instructors: Margaret Bishop, adjunct professor, Textile Development and Marketing, international consultant, textile development; or James Gutman, adjunct professor, Global Fashion Management, and adjunct assistant professor, Textile Development and Marketing, consultant textiles, apparel and intellectual property.

SXF 501 Fabrication Dyeing, Printing, and Finishing Essentials
Would your career benefit from a more complete knowledge of textile and garment dyeing, printing, and finishing techniques? This intensive workshop covers styling fundamentals and selecting fabric in response to the demands of the apparel or domestics markets. Patterns, colors, and finishes are stressed. Program considers dyestuff properties and their applications; screen, roller, and heat transfer printing; and chemical and mechanical finishing processes. Excellent follow-up to SXF 500.

Instructors: Margaret Bishop, adjunct professor, Textile Development and Marketing, international consultant, textile development; or James Gutman, adjunct professor, Global Fashion Management, and adjunct assistant professor, Textile Development and Marketing, consultant textiles, apparel and intellectual property.

SXF 525 Introduction to Knits for Design and Product Developers
Today's customers prefer knit garments but is your knit know-how sufficient to meet demands? Cardigan stitch and Ottoman stitch? Course and wale? Do you know when to use mohair or merino or incorporate cashmere into your line? Go from being a "knitwit" to being a knit wiz in this intensive workshop for anyone on the creative side of the fashion industry who works with or wants to work with fully fashioned sweater knits, from bulky 3 gauge to fine 14 gauge. Whether you are in manufacturing or retail product development, this course increases vocabulary and know-how for working in today's market. Program includes lecture, demo, analysis and a chance to see a variety of knitting machines in action to re-enforce your new found knowledge. Knits are hotter than ever - don't miss out.

Instructor: Marian Grealish, adjunct assistant professor, Textile Development and Marketing.

SXF 540 Leather, Pleather, and Plastics for Fashion Products and Manufacturing

Get a complete education on leathers and leather substitute materials in this fabulous program that incorporates exploration, examination, and field trips. Whether your need is for product design and production or for retailing, increase your ability to recognize, price, and choose the right materials. Learn to work with a full range of possibilities, from genuine leather right through to "look-a-likes" and obvious plastics. Program incorporates use of sustainable materials and faux fur along with videos and visits to suppliers.

Instructor: Iris Feldman, adjunct professor, Accessories Design; design director specializing in leather, metals, and materials accessories production.

SXF 610 The Great Designers
What better way to gain insight into key designers than through a combination of lectures and examinations of actual garments from the costume collection of The Museum at FIT? Discover how important fashion trends influence lifestyle and dress. Gain a greater understanding of fashion influences and important designer trademarks.

Instructors: Sarah Byrd, adjunct instructor, Fashion and Textile Studies: History, Theory, Museum Practice; fashion historian and archivist; or Beryl Wing, AICI, CIP, image consultant.

SXF 700 Demystifying Fashion Forecasting
Does figuring out where fashion is going seem shrouded in mystery and apparent only to those with a magic eye? Find out how trends are tracked from an actual forecaster. Whether you are in design or retailing, properly train your eyes to recognize fashion cycles, and see how silhouettes and colors evolve seasonally and annually. Be a market leader by learning to gather, evaluate, and use substantive phenomena to create or select your own exciting and timely products. Program includes making your own forecast presentation boards in a stimulating workshop environment.

Instructor: Jamie Ross, adjunct professor, Fashion Business Management, creative director at The Doneger Group.

SXF 710 13 Ways to Get Smart About Fashion Trends
This provocative workshop will strengthen your ability to design, plan, and buy fashion products. Learn to spot trends for new product opportunities by gaining insight into customer attitudes and lifestyles. Develop your sensitivity to the ups and downs of fashion and learn how to distinguish what is right for your customer. Learn how styles gain popularity, how forecasters work, and how to anticipate future fashions in time for market impact.

Instructor: Robert H. Shultz, assistant professor, Fashion Merchandising Management; product development and international merchandising expert.

SXF 725 Expert Fashion Trend Online Research for Line Planning
Fashion trend research is available and affordable on the Internet if you know how to find it and how to focus your searches. If you are navigating through a sea of images and sorting through myriads of reports and articles, learn to get just what you need fast! See tools like the forecast timeline, runway color tracker, forecasting, trend watch, webinar, and others. Find out how to construct your own mood boards and story boards using the latest online tools. Experience what virtual shopping is like in cities around the world, as well as fashion market events, all without leaving your desk chair. Class limited to 14.

Instructor: Bernard N. Kahn, adjunct assistant professor, Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries; manufacturing consultant.

SXF 802 Textile Color Lab Essentials for Apparel Designers and Developers  
Designers, product developers, or anyone responsible for textile design and buying elevate your color and dye decision-making by improving your ability to evaluate lab dips and strike-offs. This practical program utilizes FIT's special facilities for textile testing. See first-hand how fabrication is evaluated for performance and learn to cut down the time it takes for color approval with dyers and printers, as well as minimize costly mistakes. *Attendees must have a working fabrication knowledge or have taken SXF 500.

Instructor: Margaret Bishop, adjunct professor, Textile Development and Marketing; international consultant, textile development.

SXF 810 Color for Wardrobe Planning
Whether your need is professional or personal, this practical color intensive leads you down the path to professional wardrobe planning. Experience how working image consultants, personal shoppers, and designers use color to express concepts and build cohesive garment groupings. Learn to use the essentials of color harmony and fabrication usage as the building blocks of an effective wardrobe. Explore the messages sent of various color harmonies, and the emotional and social responses color choices evoke. Complete a wardrobe plan for a prototype client or customer incorporating personal style, personality, comfort, and goals.

Instructor: Carol Davidson, AICI, CIP, image consultant.

SXF 822 Color and Fashion Psychology
Learn to put color and fashion psychology to work to better understand how your customers and clients shop and dress. Learn how perceptions and emotions have a provocative and powerful influence when it comes to purchasing products and brands. Gain insight into how color determines consumer emotions, behavior and thought. This proactive program also includes insightful information on cultural sensitivities and cultural norms and applying fashion psychology theories to your own everyday life in a rapidly changing world.

Instructor: Dawnn Karen, adjunct instructor, Social Sciences; founder, Fashion Psychology Institute and Fashion Psychology Success.

SXF 840 Career Opportunities for Working with Color
If you are an artist, designer, Color Specialist certificate student, or have a creative eye and are looking for a fresh career direction, find out how color knowledge and talent can be extremely marketable in fashion and related business. Meet a panel of successful professionals from a variety of fields that use color strategically for branding, cosmetics, home fashion markets, textiles, and retail. How they use their color expertise is the bedrock of their success. Gain insight into how you can use your own color strengths to distinguish your employment opportunities and enhance your promotability in fashion and beyond.

Moderator: Deborah Hernandez, adjunct assistant professor, Textile/Surface Design; design director, Patterson Flynn and Martin, member, CAUS.