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Course Descriptions


SXF 020 Costing Apparel and Fashion-Related Products
You’ll never have to say “Sales were great, but we lost money” after completing this basic costing program. Reduce the risks in apparel and related accessories manufacturing by learning how to cost out a product correctly. Course emphasizes the importance of establishing prices that customers are willing to pay while reducing financial risks, achieving return on investment, and increasing net profitability. Accounting theory applicable to the fashion business is featured.

Instructor: Bernard Kahn, adjunct assistant professor, Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries; manufacturing consultant.

SXF 030 Fashion Finance Fundamentals 
If your work is measured by the bottom line but you passion is for product and not numbers, or you wish to delve deeper into the business of fashion, this course is for you. Learn and apply financial concepts such as net sales, cost of goods sold, gross profit, operating income, net income, assets, liabilities, and financial rations essential to making yourself more finance-savvy and managing a successful business.

Instructor: Vincent Quan, associate professor, Fashion Merchandising Management; former retail and manufacturing planning and inventory control vice president.

SXF 080 Introduction to Storyboarding
(Formerly called SXN 310 Introduction to Storyboarding)
Learn the art and craft of storyboarding critical to expressing narrative ideas for organizing shots, frames, and images for commercials, film, TV, and theater. Work on your own level, sketching images that tell a story by breaking down a script in sequence for camera placement and layout. Program emphasizes visual storytelling and the development of manual drawings suitable for portfolio artwork. These very marketable skills are translatable to computer graphics, web, and software applications.

Bring to first session: a 9"-by-12 or 14-by-17 inch drawing pad, 2B and 4B pencils.

Instructor: Joan Chiverton, former advertising art director, illustrator editorial artist for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

SXF 150 How to Style, Plan, and Merchandise an Apparel Line
(Formerly called SXF 200 How to Style, Plan and Merchandise an Apparel Line)
Learn to create a cohesive and saleable apparel line, whether you are a designer or are part of a product development team. We will start with the merchandising function, which stresses how to plan the right fashion products and implement customer targeting for regional markets. The design process, including color, fabric, and silhouette selection, is demonstrated, and sourcing is discussed. Information on the first sample and the control steps vital to the production phase, both domestic and foreign, is included. Learn how to present a collection and receive tips on market resources.

Instructor: Kathlin Argiro, adjunct professor, Fashion Design; fashion designer, couture and bridge-late-day-into-evening and special occasion apparel. 

SXF 201 Apparel Production: From Concept to Product 
Learn all the phases of the production process needed to bring a fashion-related product line to market. Program introduces a step-by-step analysis of the preproduction process and production requirements, including prototype fitting modifications, vendor communications, garment costing, and price negotiations. Delivery negotiations are discussed, fabric and garment lab testing are covered, and garment labeling is explained. Learn how to set up time and action calendars, meet social compliance and custom requirements, and establish specifications for quality control.

Instructor: Svetlana Zakharina, product developer, designer, creative director, Aleana's Bridal. 

SXF 218 Design Your Own Accessories Line
Learn the complete process of designing and marketing your own accessories brand, including handbags, jewelry, and more. We will start with market considerations and target customer research and inspiration. Learn the design process of generating a line with great coloration, trim, materials, and shapes. Create your own mood board to fully execute your designs. Price points, sources for materials, and production are discussed in relation to your concepts.

Instructor: Arturo Veloira, creative director, Grinnell Design; private label jewelry designer for Michael Kors, Peter Som, Lela Rose; accessory expert.

SXF 250 Introductory Fashion Design: From Sketching to Mood Boards
(Formerly called SXF 180 Introductory Fashion Design: From Sketching to Moodboards)
This course combines the fundamentals of the fashion design process with honing your ability to create "from the wellspring" of the internal you. Learn to create garments based on your personal aesthetic rather than on the traditional process of creating fashion from commercial trends as evidenced in the marketplace. Whether you are an experienced fashion designer or an aspiring one, embark on a journey to develop personal, creative, and highly authentic garments. We will begin with fashion illustration and research, including ethnographics, for inspiration leading to design formations. Use your personal "DNA," heritage, and life experiences to complete a well-balanced capsule collection illustrated on a mood board collage. Program includes sketching, exploration, use of 2-D and/or 3-D media, and line development tips on manufacturing.

Please bring to first class: Canson marker paper 14" x 17”, sketchbook with ring-binder 9” x 12”, a set (or at least 4 different colours and black) of Prismacolor double-ended chisel markers, 2B pencil, eraser, sharpener, 5-10 favorite fashion tear sheet images, 5-10 favorite non-fashion related tear sheet images, scissors for paper, and a glue stick.

Instructor: Monisha Raja, fashion designer, champion of sustainability and artisan craftsmanship.

SXF 340 Menswear: Iconic Milestones in Fashion History
This course highlights the most influential moments in the evolution of men’s clothing, from Henry VIII to current celebrities and is directed to anyone who works with male clients or has a self-interest in men’s style of dress. See the great male style icons from royals to movie stars. Discover how classic clothing like the suit, the motorcycle jacket, and more developed and learn to use correct menswear terminology.

Instructor: Jill Hemingway, associate registrar, Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

SXF 400 Introduction to Fashion: Fashionista Talk and Terms
Through visits to The Museum at FIT, and the FIT Library special collections, gain insight into how fashion originates. Explore designs, trends, and color using forecasting websites. Learn supporting language and the professional terms used in the industry. Create your own designer workbook to communicate terminology to clients or use as a reference resource. Recommended for those new to the fashion business, or journalists and financial industry personnel who need to speak the language of the trade.

First class meets in Room E226, with subsequent locations discussed at the first class. Online course replicates visits through web-based resources.

Instructors: Jaye G. Edelstein, adjunct assistant professor, Fashion Design-Apparel, professional designer and product specialist; and online, Camille Block, intimate apparel executive of design, merchandising, and product development.

SXF 500 Fabrication: Everything You Need to Know
This intensive workshop is for anyone who works with fabrics or fabric terminology. Whether you are in retailing, manufacturing, an entry-level textile position, or copywriting, increase your skill, vocabulary, and knowledge of everything fabric-related, from fiber to finished product. Course teaches fiber properties, effective end-use information, and methods of yarn and cloth manufacturing, through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on analysis.

Instructors: Margaret Bishop, adjunct professor, Textile Development and Marketing, international consultant, textile development; or LIsa Kesselman, adjunct professor, Textile Development and Marketing, assistant coordinator, Enterprise Center, specialist in manufacturing, design, and sale of custom fabric trims.

SXF 501 Fabrication: Dyeing, Printing, and Finishing Essentials
This intensive workshop covers styling fundamentals and selecting fabric in response to market demands for the apparel or domestics markets. Patterns, colors, and finishes are stressed. Program considers dyestuff properties and their applications; screen, roller, and heat-transfer printing; and chemical and mechanical finishing processes.

Instructors: Margaret Bishop, adjunct professor, Textile Development and Marketing, international consultant, textile development; or Lisa Kesselman, adjunct professor, Textile Development and Marketing, assistant coordinator, Enterprise Center, specialist in manufacturing, design, and sale of custom fabric trims.

SXF 525 Introduction to Knits for Design and Product Developers
Is your knit know-how sufficient to meet the demands of today's customers? This intensive workshop is for anyone on the creative side of the fashion industry who works with, or wants to work with, fully fashioned sweater knits, from bulky 3-gauge to fine 14-gauge. Whether you are in manufacturing or retail product development, this course increases vocabulary and know-how. Program includes lecture, demonstration, analysis, and a chance to see a variety of knitting machines in action to reinforce your new-found knowledge.

Instructor: Marian Grealish, adjunct assistant professor, Textile Development and Marketing.

SXF 610 The Great Fashion Designers
Working in the renowned costume collection of The Museum at FIT, gain insight into the most influential historical designers through the actual examination of priceless garments. Discover how important fashion trends influence lifestyle and dressing. Gain a greater understanding of important designer trademarks and their ongoing influences.

Instructors: Sarah Byrd, adjunct instructor, Fashion and Textile Studies: History, Theory, Museum Practice, fashion historian and archivist; or Beryl Wing, AICI, CIP, image consultant.

SXF 650 Learn Today’s Top Ten Design Motifs: Home, Events, and Fashion
(Formerly called SXH 100 Learn the Top Ten Design Motifs of All Time)
Do your Roman concepts turn out Greek? Do you confuse Art Deco and Art Nouveau? Whether you're in apparel, accessories, or the home market, learn to identify and utilize historical design elements correctly. Program features lecture and visuals of important stylistic periods. Sharpen your ability to instantly recognize historical motifs and design elements and strengthen your design vocabulary and interpretive abilities.

*Certificate students are required to satisfactorily complete a final project within a week following the end of course sessions in order to receive a passing grade using Pinterest boards, PDF or Word document, or mini-PowerPoint presentation. Students will receive further instructions at the first session. 

Instructor: Maureen Crilly, adjunct assistant professor, Interior Design; Crilly Companies, interior design; design history expert.

SXF 700 Demystifying Fashion Forecasting
Train your eyes to recognize fashion cycles from a fashion-forecasting insider. Discover how colors evolve and trends are tracked, and how market leaders gather, evaluate, and use substantive phenomena to create and select products for design and retailing. Create your own mini-forecast mood board to present during the last session.

Instructor: Jamie Ross, adjunct professor, Fashion Business Management; creative director at The Doneger Group.

SXF 725 Fashion Trend Online Resources for Line Planning
Fashion trend research is available and affordable on the internet if you know how to find it and how to focus your searches. Learn to get just what you need, fast, with tools like the Macro Forecasts, Runway Color Tracking, Forecasting, Trend Watch, Webinar, and others. Find out how to construct your own mood boards and storyboards using the latest online tools. Experience what virtual shopping is like in cities around the world, as well as fashion market events, all without leaving your desk chair.

Instructor: Bernard Kahn, adjunct assistant professor, Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries; manufacturing consultant.

SXF 802 Textile Color Lab Essentials for Apparel Designers and Developers  
This practical program utilizes FIT's textile testing labs to learn how to elevate color and dye decision-making to improve your ability to evaluate lab dips and strike-offs. See firsthand how fabrication is evaluated for performance and learn to cut down the time it takes for color approval with dyers and printers and eliminate costly mistakes. This program features essential knowledge for designers, product developers, or anyone responsible for textile design and buying. Attendees must have a working fabrication knowledge or have taken SXF 500, Fabrication: Everything You Need to know.

Instructor: Margaret Bishop, adjunct professor, Textile Development and Marketing; international consultant, textile development.