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Course Descriptions


SXY 100 Intro to the Importance of "Big Data"
0.6 CEU
Discover the role data analytics is playing in digital marketing and why this is transforming today's retail sector. Learn the meaning of key terminology and buzzwords as you find out how the new marketing uses SEM, SEO, display ads, e-commerce, email, social media, online advertising, and mobile communication to drive business. The basics of data analytic measurements as a tool are introduced. Marketing to the consumer is a whole new game, and data is driving it.

Instructor: Dalia Strum, consumer and business strategic digital media expert; and fashion-related social shopping consultant, and chief content officer, The Current.

SXY 150 Tools and Statistics for Wise Business Decisions
1.2 CEU
This introductory program teaches you statistical-analysis skills reflective of the real-world workplace using Excel with some support from leading business-analysis software provider, SAS. Being able to "read" the numbers and statistics is now vital for job performance. The garden of data derived from POS, CRM, social media, and e-commerce is lush and ripe for harvesting data to understand our customers' needs and formulate appropriate action. Learn how to manipulate numbers and percentages to read charts and graphs and apply statistical procedures to actual retail scenarios. Highly recommended as an introduction to data-driven decision-making for those considering the Data Analytics: Retail Marketing certificate and those who have had little experience in using statistics-based research methods.

Instructor: Rhoda Okunev, adjunct professor, Mathematics; former statistician and risk analyst, with guest contributor, Kristina Berlino, retail/ecommerce planner.

SXY 154 Breakthrough Customer Trendspotting: Predictive Analytics
1.2 CEU
Increase your ability to use data effectively to make strong business decisions using cutting-edge techniques for planning, forecasting, and marketing. If you are in a position where data-driven decision-making is already in place, or if you have a strong math aptitude and are looking to make a career leap, this beyond-the-basics course concentrates on use of Excel and R, one of the most powerful applications for statistical computing, machine learning, and data visualization. Go from the nuts and bolts of data usage to machine learning and statistical modeling, including concepts and processes. Learn to narrow your focus, adjust historical data for seasonality and trend analysis, and conduct social media mining and market basket analysis. Experience which data is useful for which challenge and how to draw smart conclusions.

Instructor: Ardalan Jalayer, adjunct professor, Mathematics' creator, Jalayer Academy YouTube tutorial channel for data analytics; statistical business consultant, award winning academic researcher.

SXY 200 Data Analytics: The Key to Unlocking Customer Intelligence
1.8 CEU
This overview of data analytics concentrates on the power of digital marketing communications and initiatives on what to make and sell. Find out how data analytics is revolutionizing decision-making. Whichever you are, a fashion market creative or a "left-brained" strategist, the collection, analysis, and reporting of website, mobile and social media data related to customer behavior and preferences is paramount. Learn data analytic terminology, basic buy performance indicators, and how to identify and measure them. Case studies related to fashion businesses help make course information easy to grasp and use.

Instructor: Ken Mitchell, director of digital marketing and analytics, Century 21 Department Stores;  retail industry marketing executive;  ecommerce, digital marketing and web analytics expert.

SXY 220 Social, Email, and Mobile Marketing Strategies and Tracking
2.4 CEU
This lecture and lab workshop teaches digital marketing techniques capitalizing on data from social media, mobile, and email sources. Featured are strategies for mobile content and measurement, email best practices and key metrics, targeting, and the use of social media to drive awareness and sales to customers who expect to buy 24/7. Delve into the actual practice of hands-on digital analytics to experience how to build improvements for social media and mobile marketing campaigns. Learn how to apply digital analytics planning concepts from setup requirements to reporting and analysis and use key performance metrics. Program combines lecture and hands-on computer usage.

Instructor:  Ellie Schwartz, senior vice president, Customer Insight and Market Intelligence, Eaton Marketing Group.

CTD 652 E-Commerce Tracking
2.4 CEU
This cutting-edge analytics lecture and lab workshop gives you a working knowledge of the tools, technology, and data sources available to improve sales conversions and ROI. Topics addressed are fashion retail e-commerce measurement strategies and how to create and execute mobile and online/offline measurement planning. Digital data security and privacy issues are discussed. Case studies provide a real-world understanding and direction for tool utilization and setup. Work hands on to experience how to properly manage and assess the performance of web and e-commerce marketing (SEM, SEO, Display/Video Ads campaigns, etc.), on-site e-commerce sales and email marketing campaigns.

 Instructor: Pedro Avila, senior solutions architect, Google Inc.; creator of effective analytic solutions for Google customers.

SXY 300 Data Analytics: Practice Makes Possible
1.5 CEU
Prerequisites: SXY 200, SXY 220,  SXR 005, and CTD 652
Experience how to make data-driven decisions for merchandising and marketing in this interactive workshop. Practice formulating a sales strategy using data and participate in developing a recommendation to improve a retail business by translating numbers into actions, all skills necessary for success in today's fashion business. SXY 300 course features real data about fashion and beauty trends made possible by Trendalytics. Trendalytics is a product intelligence platform that marries the art and science of big data for the fashion industry.

Instructor: Jonathan Rothstein, founder, ParkandMain.com, former senior retail executive, Bed Bath & Beyond; with international retail consultant with Marissa Shapiro, Trendalytics, senior digital strategist and former retail executive, Versace and Saks Fifth Avenue, and special guest Karen Moon, Trendalytics, co-founder and CEO.