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Course Descriptions


CEO 001 Setting a Course for Your Business
1.2 CEU
Starting a business requires clear conceptions about your product or service, and about yourself. Examine your strengths, weaknesses, desires, and definition of success in order to develop a business description that will guide you through the planning process. Find the perfect name for your business; learn how to obtain licenses, permits, and tax identification numbers; and set up your business as a legal entity.

CEO 002 Knowing Your Market
1.2 CEU
Who are your customers? How will you get them to buy your product or service and come back for more? Who are your competitors, and how will you differentiate your business from theirs? In this course, you'll find viable answers to these questions, using the array of market research sources available to New Yorkers. You'll use the elements and artistry of pricing, promotion, and location to develop a marketing plan appropriate to your business idea and budget constraints.

CEO 003 Formulating Your Financial Strategy
1.2 CEU
Forecasting sales for a new business is probably the hardest and most important element of financial planning. This course will guide you through the soundest methods for making sales projections and help you find the critical break-even point. Get the real stories behind banks, loans, grants, private investors, and credit.

CEO 004 Managing Money -- Let's Clear the Fog! 
1.2 CEU
Are you a creative, freelancer, and/or small manufacturer that goes into a mind fog or cold sweat when you think about bookkeeping, accounting, and managing your money? Well, you are not alone and this class is for you! You’ll master the basics of accounting, financial statements, and cash flow in a supportive and comfortable learning environment that you can apply to your personal life, career, and business.

CEO 005 Legal Basics for Business Startups
1.8 CEU
A straight-talking guide to staying out of trouble and knowing your rights. Learn how to set up your business, form contracts and agreements, examine leases, and obtain trademarks and copyrights. This course covers the basics, from collections to liability to intellectual property law.

CEO 008 Marketing Techniques for Promoting Business
1.2 CEU
Marketing techniques that shadow those of larger businesses can put a tremendous strain on your business' chief resource - you. In this course, creative entrepreneurs learn manageable and affordable techniques for generating business by attracting new prospects and building customer loyalty.

CEO 009 Building Your Business Brand
1.2 CEU
Building a competitive edge in an overcrowded marketplace is essential to survive in this economy. This class will show you how to develop the basics of your brand whether you already have a business or will start a new one. We will focus on building a strong identity, naming, finding your differentiator, pricing, positioning, archetype selection, developing your USP and marketing strategies that will enhance your position in the market.

CEO 010 How to Launch an Online Business
1.2 CEU
Today, most small businesses want an online presence. There are many options when it comes to setting up an attractive website that draws customers. This online strategy course will take some the mystery out of what can be a time-consuming and confusing decision process. Leave with a framework for setting up an online business and start-up strategies to promote your product or service. Learn how to help potential customers find your website and how your website can change as your business grows.

CEO 011 Fundamentals of Online Retailing
1.2 CEU
Learn successful strategies for selling online - from the traditional rules of retailing to the specifics of merchandising a product online and optimizing a website for the best sales performance. Course includes evaluation of e-commerce business models.

CEO 012 Sell! Sell! Sell!
1.2 CEU
The most important sales person in your business is you. So, if selling is your least favorite activity, your business is probably not reaching its full potential. Understanding what your business has to offer, developing a vocabulary to describe your work, and learning how your creations or services can fill the needs of potential clients will cast selling in a whole new light. Learn how to ask for the price you deserve, negotiate when appropriate, and close the deal.

CEO 013 Getting Press and Publicity
1.2 CEU
What's the difference between an acknowledged artist and an unknown artist? A mention in The New York Times. Learn to put yourself in the loop for free publicity from newspapers, magazines, and trade publications. This class helps you put together a public relations plan covering everything from press releases and press kits to low-cost promotional events. Develop your special angle for attracting the media's interest in your business.

CEO 014 Market and Sell to Boutiques -- A Great Sales Channel
1.2 CEU
Shopping for consumers has changed dramatically with shopping 24/7 online but shopping at boutiques is still desirable! During the 4 weeks of this class session, you will define what makes your product unique and special to both the end consumer and the boutique buyer, search out viable boutiques in the New York City area, and present your product line to the class as you would to a boutique buyer. You will receive valuable in-person feedback from both the instructor and the other members of the class.

CEO 015 The Power of Negotiation
1.2 CEU
Your negotiating skill may be the determining factor in how successful you will be in business. Whether it's setting a price, ironing out the terms of a contract, resolving conflicts, or just getting someone to agree on a meeting time, entrepreneurs must negotiate every day. This course will introduce you to a wide array of negotiating techniques and provide you with the tools you need to negotiate in various situations.

CEO 017 Creating Online Content for the Small Business
1.2 CEU
Having content on your website is essential for marketing, PR, social media and search engine optimization. This course will teach you how to develop a content strategy that can be used across all digital platforms. In this class you will review examples of successful "branded content", discover how to create your own content with limited time and resources and finish with a individualized plan for success.

CEO 019 Creative Business Plans for Consulting Success
1.2 CEU
Whether you are planning to launch a freelance service or are already out on your own, learn how to establish a proper business foundation for your consulting enterprise. This course focuses on the role of the consultant and reviews the special aspects of a service provider business. Legal and financial aspects are analyzed, including tips on how to select and work with a lawyer, accountant, banker, and insurance broker. 

CEO 020 Become a Smart & Fearless Retailer
1.2 CEU
Opening a retail location in today's climate of on-line shopping takes courage but most importantly it takes know how. In this noisy and crowded retail environment learn to create a stand-out store that keeps your  clients excited and engaged. Create and build such an intense relationship with your clients that they boast about you, your products on their social media platforms and help drive new clients to your store. Learn how to create outstanding events that bring them in to the store and keep them talking long after.If being a successful retailer is really what you want then this class is for you. Award winning  New York retailer Princess Jenkins  of The Brownstone doesn't hold back on her strategies that has made her a retailing success.

Instructor: Award winning retailer and entrepreneur Princess Jenkins whose attention to detail and hi-level customer service has made her one of the top retailers in the country.

CEO 027 Promoting Your Brand
1.2 CEU
No matter how great your product or service is, no one will buy it if they don't know about it. We will review essential branding communication concepts; cutting-edge inbound marketing tactics, including social media, networking, blogs etc. and how to implement a comprehensive brand media promotion plan using a mix of technology as well as proven tools in advertising and innovative viral marketing strategies.

CEO 029 Introduction to Social Media for Business
0.6 CEU
Just as the Internet has changed the way people buy music, organize vacations, and go shopping, it has also affected how they interact socially. Through the use of social media, people can exchange photos and videos, share news stories, post their thoughts on blogs, and participate in online discussions. Social Media creates a place for community engagement and social interaction. This course will introduce you to the various popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) and other emerging technologies and tools. You will learn how to use them, benefits, values and risks.

CEO 030 Social Media Marketing
1.2 CEU
Prerequisite: Students should have functioning social media profiles for business (at least Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest) before taking this class. Otherwise, take CEO 029.
Is social media marketing mandatory for staying "with it" or is it just a time waster? How do you use it to grow your business? What is the relationship between your website and your marketing efforts? Your email list? Your social networking sites? This class will help you cut through the clutter and build real connections, online and off, using social media, storytelling, and the ever-changing web.

CEO 031 Vintage: The First Sustainable Fashion Business
1.2 CEU
Vintage has stood the test of time. Find out if it's right for you. Led by Bridgett Artise, designer of original Born-Again Vintage items and the vintage-inspired Before There Were line, this class will focus on starting and building a vintage business. See exactly what it entails, from the discovery of vintage clothing to cleaning and repair to the resale value. Learn the tricks of finding vintage, what customers want from vintage, and how to keep vintage in good condition. Whether you want to run a vintage boutique, use vintage clothing in your own designs, or create a clothing line inspired by vintage, Artise, author of 25 Ways to Deconstruct, Reinvent, and Recycle Your Wardrobe, and invited guests will show you how.

CEO 035 Protect and Grow Your Business by Licensing
1.2 CEU
Thinking about licensing? This class provides a comprehensive overview of the process. Learn what can be licensed and how this lucrative business tool can work for you. Understand what goes into a licensing agreement and what is important about each component. Also learn why licensing doesn't exist in a vacuum-how marketing and branding are key tools to protect your intellectual property.

CEO 040 WooCommerce
1.2 CEU
Prerequisite: CTD 613
Use WooCommerce, the leading WordPress plugin for creating online stores, to build your e-commerce site to sell any kind of product or service. Learn how to: add and manage your products, complete orders, and understand reports; set up a payment gateway; set shipping and tax preferences. Find a theme that is suitable for WooCommerce building and managing a non-profit learn which plugins are needed to safely and smartly run your online store.

CEO 060 Building and Managing a Non-Profit
1.2 CEU
Discover the many different forms of nonprofit organizations and the unique challenges--and opportunities--that exist in the ever-changing nonprofit landscape. Required reading: Joan Garry's Guide to Nonprofit Leadership.

CEO 070 Design Thinking for the Entrepreneur
1.2 CEU
Building a business requires creativity and design thinking is a valuable tool. Through a series conversations, readings and role playing, we will employ design thinking to focus on how to think about and strategize business building activities including client development, conducting client and staff meetings, marketing, branding, product development, project management, risk management, hiring, staff development, and financial planning based on how you wish to create and build your business.

CEO 075 Business Strategy: Plan for Success
1.8 CEU
Create and present a business plan that is focused, professional and designed to analyze your business venture's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Various business plan formats and outlines will be reviewed with regard to the purpose of the plan, audience and overall strategy.

CEO 200 FutureLab
1.2 CEU
FutureLab is a unique workshop designed to help entrepreneurs align their business activities now with the vision and the future they're out to create. FutureLab introduces tools and techniques to plan and grow your business with a focus on effectiveness and profitability. Learn the best in strategic visioning, project planning and management while addressing behaviors, blind spots and thought patterns that are barriers to fulfilling on your goals. Whether you're starting a new company, wanting to create more business, or gain a new focus on the company you currently have, FutureLab is the perfect way to bring your vision into reality.