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SXC 010 Experience the Power of Color: Life, Business, and Career
0.6 CEU
This course introduces you to the fundamentals, nuances, and importance of knowing about color and how to use it. Through a variety of presentations and discussions, discover what color really is and how it works. Learn the language of color to strengthen your ability to express yourself using correct color terminology. If you are a professional in the retail, apparel, cosmetics, accessories, or home products industries, this course will strengthen your ability to choose colors effectively. Having color knowledge is also a bonus for image consultants and stylists who work to enhance the appearance of others. This course is the introduction in a series of required courses to achieve a Color Specialist Certificate.

Instructor: Ben Gomes, president, CFS Trends, internationally recognized color authority and trends forecaster.

SXC 100 How Color Gets to Market
1.2 CEU
Get insight into color universal acceptance using historical, cultural, economic, political, and social benchmarks and see how the power of color plays into big picture trends. Learn how to track color popularity and use color effectively as an extraordinary visual and sensual stimulus to promote product sales and brand recognition. Discover how and why the successful use of color impacts product sales and branding. Explore how seasonal color forecasting trends are used to develop color ranges for different products, services, and markets.

Instructor: Tonya Blazio-Licorish, fashion and textile historian; design and trend consultant.

SXC 110 Color Discovery Interactive Workshop
1.6 CEU
Are you a color lover? Immerse yourself in this one of a kind hands-on color workshop featuring lovers the work  of the Bauhaus Masters Albers, Klee & Itten. Experience a series of exercises using screen-printed colored paper and collage techniques to learn the dynamics and interaction of colors and nurture a whole new perspective. Program includes an introduction to Bauhaus methods and projects in chroma, value and color relativity, as well as optical mixtures, the emotional aspects of color and a museum visit for inspiration. Whether you are new to artistic expression or in need of a boost to your color sense for professional and artistic development let this unique program elevate your taste and design creativity.

SXC 150 Working With Color Workshop 
1.5 CEU
Learn to use color creatively in apparel, accessories, and home projects. Strengthen your ability to express yourself using correct color terminology in design and market assignments. Learn how experts research and develop color by visiting a primary industry color and trend resource. Experience the reality of working with color through hands-on assignments guided by a color professional. Course included a field trip.

Instructor: Ben Gomes, president, CFS Trends, internationally recognized color authority and trends forecaster.

SXC 210 Color Technology for Fashion Professionals
1.2 CEU
Do you know all the hot color names but need help communicating color attributes effectively for products and projects? Learn color vocabulary usage to ensure that the colors you specify are the colors you receive. Learn color technology including professional lighting, illuminants, and color measurement instruments. Industry-accepted color notation is emphasized, along with color technology software. Development and implementation of a cohesive color management program through both lecture and hands-on work is covered. Knowledge of textiles helpful, but not required.

Instructor: David C. Albrecht, senior partner, DCD Advanced Technologies.

SXC 260 Color Painting Studio
1.2 CEU
Create your own color story by hand mixing and matching in this elevating workshop that includes crafting hues, shades, and combinations that are unique and incomparable. Learn the color-mixing rules in addition to playing and experimenting with new palettes for your chosen fields. Creating professional color stories for fashion, accessories, home design, and related surface design objects will put you one up on the competition. 

Bring your desired color directions— i.e. photos, fabric swatches, magazines, story boards—to the first session.  Supplies are necessary and students will be advised at the first session. Bring a smock or a cover-up to all sessions.

Instructor: Dennis Lee, adjunct assistant professor, Textiles/Surface and Fabric Styling; design director, Tyler Hall, wallcovering and fabrics; founder, Dennis Lee Inc., custom art studio hand-painted designs.

SXC 300 Color Through the Eyes of the Modern Artist
1.8 CEU
This course examines the great variety in, and significance of, the use of color in the work of selected modern and contemporary artists, including Impressionists, Neo-Impressionists, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Fauves, German Expressionists, Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Abstract Expressionists, Color Field painters, and Op artists. Be inspired in your own work by the artists' approaches, among them, concerns with bold compositional effects, color harmonies or interactions, and establishing mood. By moving chronologically, this course provides a good understanding of major phases of modern art, which are enhanced by two classes to be held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art.

Recommended reading: Gage, Color and Meaning: Art, Science and Symbolism. Two Friday sessions are held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art.

Instructor: Dr. Trudie Grace, adjunct assistant professor, History of Art and Civilization.

SXC 350 Color Intensive: Pitch and Presentation Reality Workshop
1.8 CEU
Prerequisites:  SXC 100, SXC 150, SXC 210, SXC 260, SXC 300 plus a minimum of two personal choice courses.
Resource, develop, edit and produce a professional color trend-right visual forecast or presentation, and then pitch it to a client in this real world workshop.  Begin with the introduction of case problems to choose from.  You will identify a digital format to use for developing your solution, ultimate presentation and support handouts.  How to research and capitalize on the latest colors and trending issues to incorporate into your concepts is covered.  Special attention is given to communicating your ideas as they relate to your customers specific needs, when pitching.  Weeks 2, 3 and 4 incorporate one-on-one consultation with the instructor as you work on your digital boards and materials in class. Actual presentations and critiques are held the last two sessions.
Students must be familiar with one of the following, PowerPoint, Keynote, Photoshop, Prezi, or another digital presentation software prior to class.

Instructor: Ben Gomes, president, CFS Trends, internationally recognized color authority and trends forecaster.

SXF 840 Career Opportunities for Working with Color
has been changed to SXN 070 Career Opportunities for Working With Color
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