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SXN 010 Hands-on Writing for FIT College Admissions: Essays and Applications
Are you an adult who has progressed beyond high school graduation and is looking for FIT acceptance? Are you removed from guidance counselor advice and critiques? Does the thought of writing an essay send you into panic mode? Whether you're new to college or returning, FIT's Writing Studio experts can help you formulate a winning essay to sell yourself, while eliminating common writing mistakes. The first session covers the essay formula; how to make an essay lively, interesting, and persuasive; and editing techniques to streamline your points and get them across. Special attention is also given to the pitfalls common to filling out college application forms. Students are asked to develop a draft essay and complete sample forms to bring to the second session where a team of writing experts guide with the polishing of each person's work. The essays are constructively reviewed and students get tips on the final assembly of a professional level admissions package.

Instructor: Brian Fallon, director, The Writing Studio, FIT; and additional staff members. 

This course helps you build the skills and strategies needed to succeed on the iBT TOEFL. Emphasis is placed on reading and writing, listening and speaking. Gain confidence and improve your test-taking skills and strategies through practice questions and diagnostics tests. Instruction takes place in both classroom and computer lab settings. REQUIREMENTS: Participants must have either a minimum of a high intermediate to advanced level of English proficiency or mid to upper levels in a full -time ESL program, or a minimum score of 55 on the iBT TOEFL. A placement test is given in the first class.

Instructor: Paul P. Fraccalvieri, award winning international TOEFL preparation specialist and instructor, trainer.

SXF 900 ESL: Speaking Skills for Fashion Professionals
Are you a non-native speaker of English working in the fashion business or looking for a fashion career start-up? Do you often feel nervous when communicating in English? Learn to speak better English, sound more confident, and be more persuasive in the workplace. Through small presentations, group work,and pair work, you will be empowered with new idioms, vocabulary, and jargon of the fashion industry that will help you overcome your fears and make your dreams a reality through strategies formulated by FIT's acclaimed ESL faculty. Gain tools for planning and organizing your thoughts and words in advance. Perfect for getting an assignment, job or getting ahead. Practice oral presentation skills in class.

Instructor: Joe Frick, international TOEFL preparation specialist and instructor.