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Course Descriptions


SXB 100 Increase Sales and Performance Through Brand Management
1.5 CEU
This course will change the way you look at and manage your business, whether starting or building your own or working for someone else. Learn the practice of brand management used successfully by consumer goods companies, beauty businesses, and fashion brands to drive planned sales figures into reality. Delve into how understanding needs, wants, and desires, coupled with social responsibility, promotes profits and how there is no conflict between doing well and doing good. These five intensive MBA-like sessions cover every aspect of strategic branding, what works, what doesn't, and why. As you progress, learn how a brand persona is created, the role of archetypes and consumer research in developing and registering brand names, and how to cultivate consumer loyalty. The latest findings in neuropsychology are explored, and actual case studies are referenced in support. The impact of social and viral networking is examined, as well as other pertinent metrics taught by this internationally recognized branding expert.

Instructor: Bill D'Arienzo, Founder and CEO of WDA Brand Marketing Solutions and Apparel Analytics™; author of Brand Management Strategies: Luxury and Mass Markets.

SXB 200 Brand Marketing Communications for Image and Meaning
1.5 CEU
Increasing and sustaining brand power and brand equity is vital for corporations, retailers, and designers. Learn to develop the necessary brand management skills to create new content for product and process positioning to advance your brands image and meaning. Experience how integrated marketing communications (IMC) is used to invent new brand strategies and creative executions incorporating a mix of advertising, public relations, publicity, sales promotion, special events, interactive/direct marketing, and online marketing. Discover how to keep the positive buzz going via word-of-mouth and viral media. Special emphasis is placed on how social media necessitates use of customer relationship management (CRM) to execute better relationships and brand loyalty. Examples of IMC campaigns are discussed and analyzed in preparation for each participant's own brand marketing communications plan.

Instructors: Arthur A. Winters, professor emeritus, Advertising and Marketing Communications and Peggy Fincher Winters, TFI Geomarketing, Inc.; co-authors, The Power of Retail Branding and Brandstand: Strategies for Retail Brand Building.

SXB 250 New World Branding: Social Media Applications and Impact
1.2 CEU
Social media is more important to a brand than ever before. This program lays out various phases of social media and how to use it logically and effectively, whether for your own personal line of products or a corporation. Learn about the latest technology tools and how to leverage popular social media to foster brand devotion and produce content relevant to stimulating your customer relationships. How to integrate social media marketing with offline strategies and traditional media plans is featured. Information on brand risk management and the skill sets necessary to building social media initiatives and staff are included.

Instructor: Robbie Szelei, director of strategy and digital advertising, VGD; winner of a Cannes Lions national diploma, an InterAd award, and a Webby Award; and Brandon Smith, social media manager, VCD, social and mobile marketing expert; Shorty Award winner.

SXB 275 Crafting the In-Store Experience to Convey the Brand
.9 CEU
Brand managers and retailers - now is the time to invigorate "bricks and mortar" shopping with innovative solutions that maximize the brand story. Generate sales and perpetuate happy customers. Learn how to seduce consumers into your space and engage them with an atmosphere that exudes both retail and product brand attributes. The entire criteria for crafting a positive physical and emotional experience is laid out including choice of labeling, packaging, promotion, in-store location, display and service. Site location in relation to demographics and culture are also included along with how new apps for smartphones and iPads should be incorporated as part of the brand communication strategy. Each lesson is made more meaningful with examples of leading practitioners.

Instructor: Carmen Malvar, principal, Atelier Malvar+Tusch, LLC; international retail identity specialist including branding and interior design solutions; or Robin Drake, adjunct professor, Exhibition and Experience Design, Graduate Studies; brand consultant, Aquascutum, Harry Cipriani, Oscar de La Renta.

SXB 300 Brand Management Analytics: Measuring the Value of Your Brand
1.5 CEU
Learn how to analyze a brand's worth in relation to these considerations: if a brand is a critical business asset, how much is the brand worth? If you went to sell a brand, what might you get for it? How does its value inform licensing strategies? What's the value of your brand's most loyal customers, and how is this measured? Brand management is more than psychographic and image-driven. This intensive workshop shows you how the value of brands are fundamentally numbers driven and that brand metrics enable brand managers to monitor the health of a business by tracking the strengths and weaknesses of its brands. Discover how brand equity translates into premium pricing and the bottom line.

Instructor: Bill D'Arienzo, Founder and CEO of WDA Brand Marketing Solutions and Apparel Analytics™; author of Brand Management Strategies: Luxury and Mass Markets.

SXB 400 Brand Lab: Practicum in Brand Test Launching
1.2 CEU
In preparation for receiving a certificate, students develop a strategic plan for repositioning an existing brand or launching their own business. Each plan results in an operational platform built with market potential analysis, SWOT analysis, positioning, consumer targeting, brand architecture, and aspects of branding learned in previous courses. The plan must include pro forma financials to drive the business.
Meet on site for sessions week 1, 2, 4 and 5. Week 3 is reserved for individual consultation and communication with the instructor by email.

Instructor: Bill DArienzo, founder and CEO of WDA Brand Marketing Solutions & Apparel Analytics™; author of Brand Management Strategies: Luxury and Mass Markets.