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Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries

Fall 2017 Courses

August 28 - December 23


MG 132 Marketing for Manufacturers
3 credits In-state $585 Out-of-state $1,758
Online: In-state $630 Out-of-state $1,803
Students are introduced to the basic concept of marketing and the components of the marketing mix in order to understand how fashion products are developed and successfully distributed. Computer-assisted marketing, including barcoding, e-commerce, and the role of the internet, is investigated as a strategic tool for globalization.

CRN Section Day Time Location
23252 25A R 6:30 pm-9:20 pm C311

MG 153 Excel for Business
2 credits In-state $390 Out-of-state $1,172
Online: In-state $420 Out-of-state $1,202
This course provides a comprehensive presentation of Microsoft Excel. Topics include charting, data tables, financial functions, formatting, formulas, functions, what-if analysis, working with large worksheets, and other business-related topics.

CRN Section Day Time Location
25710 25C M 6:30 pm-9:20 pm CCC16
25711 25D W 6:30 pm-9:20 pm C409
27918 25G W 6:30 pm-9:20 pm C415B

MG 242 Principles of Accounting
3 credits In-state $585 Out-of-state $1,758
Online: In-state $630 Out-of-state $1,803
This introductory course covers the accounting cycle leading to the creation of a business' financial statements. Topics include double-entry accounting, adjusting and closing entries, trial balances, inventories, bank reconciliation, specialized journals, accounts receivable, bad debts, and depreciation. Partnership and corporation accounting are also covered.

CRN Section Day Time Location
26093 25A M 6:30 pm-9:20 pm C406

MG 306 Information Systems: Case Analysis
2 credits In-state $556 Out-of-state $1,682
Prerequisite: MG 153 or AC 161 or equivalent
Principles of management information systems (MIS) are addressed. Students use database and spreadsheet tools (Access and Excel) to problem-solve business situations and present their solutions in PowerPoint. Topics include the business functions of human resources, marketing and sales, finance and accounting, manufacturing, and technology support.

CRN Section Day Time Location
26095 75C R 6:30 pm-9:20 pm C415C
28899 75E M 6:30 pm-9:20 pm C515