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Summer 1 Courses

May 28 - July 1

Summer 2 Courses

July 8 - August 1

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Social Sciences - 212 217.4920

PL 431
Philosophy: Ethics
3.0 credits
In-state $858.00   Out-of-state $2,598.00
Online: In-state $903.00   Out-of-state $2,643.00
An introduction to philosophy in general and to ethics in particular. Philosophy is presented as an ongoing activity with emphasis on providing students with logical and conceptual tools for dealing with real-world situations. The course is oriented toward the development of the student's ability to use reason to evaluate arguments, particularly ethical arguments. (G7: Humanities)

Summer 1

CRN Section Day Time Location
2779 OL1 Online
2780 OL2 Online
2781 OL3 Online

Summer 2

CRN Section Day Time Location
2799 85A MTWR 9:10 AM-11:50 AM A312