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RESTART FALL 2020:   See FIT’s plans and guidelines for fall campus operations, teaching, and learning.

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Winter semester classes are being offered online and remotely, with a few courses being offered in person. "Online" classes are held in a traditional online environment, allowing students to log in on their own schedule. "Remote" classes meet via teleconference at specific times, and students must attend at those times; students will receive login information and instructions after they register. If you come to campus, please note that face masks must be worn inside all FIT facilities and other social distancing measures are in effect; review the Health and Safety guidelines on the FIT website before coming to campus.

Winter Courses

Jan 4 - Jan 20

Questions about course content? Contact:
Science and Mathematics - 212 217.3020

MA 080
Basic Mathematics

4.0 credits
In state $880.00   Out of state $2,644.00

Prerequisite: SAT scores of 530 or above will not require this course. ACT scores of 23 and above will not require this course.
Either in a lecture or computer-based format, this basic mathematics course emphasizes applications. The course reviews such topics as fractions, percents, decimals, ratios, proportions, rounding, estimating, measurement systems, linear equations and inequalities, and systems of linear equations. This course satisfies the Mathematics Proficiency requirement. It is an alternate to MA 081 Mathematical Literacy.


CRN Section Day Time Location
1694 35A MTWRF 9:10 AM–2:00 PM B824

MA 142
Geometry and the Art of Design (formerly MA 242)

3.0 credits
In state $660.00   Out of state $1,983.00
Online: In state $705.00   Out of state $2,028.00

Prerequisite: Mathematic proficiency (see beginning of Mathematics section)
A contemporary primer of geometric topics that expand the concepts of shape and space, this course presents some of the established and emerging ways geometry can provide tools and insights for artists and designers. Included are a variety of visual phenomena such as fractals, knots, mazes, symmetry, and the golden ratio. (G2: Mathematics)


CRN Section Day Time Location
1695 35A MTWRF 9:10 AM–12:45 PM B860