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Summer 1 Courses

May 28 - July 1

Summer 2 Courses

July 8 - August 1

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Social Sciences - 212 217.4920

HI 202
U.S. History: Civil War-Present
3.0 credits
Online: In-state $657.00   Out-of- state $1,878.00
An introduction to American history, this course moves from a brief view of American geography, economics, and government to a more focused examination of the social, political, and economic experience from the Civil War through the Cold War and to the present. Students are introduced to basic historical methodology and learn to apply these techniques through critical readin, analtyical writing, and verbal presentations. (Formerly LA 221) (G10: American History)

Summer 1

CRN Section Day Time Location
2792 OL1 Online

Summer 2

CRN Section Day Time Location
2807 OL2 Online

HI 208
American History through Fabric, Fashion, and Dress
3.0 credits
In-state $612.00   Out-of-state $1,833.00
The history of the United States„democracy, capitalism, social movements, mass immigration„can be told from many points of view. Students study American history, from the Civil War to the beginning of 21th Century, from the perspective of the design, manufacture, and consumption of fabric, fashion, and dress (G10: American History).

Summer 1

CRN Section Day Time Location
2793 35A MW 6:10 PM-10:30 PM A325