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Health Education

Fall Courses

August 26 - December 19

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Film, Media and Performing Arts - 212 217.4220

HE 102
Stress Management
1.0 credits
In-state $216.00   Out-of-state $649.00
Identifies how stress affects the mind, body, and spirit. Students learn skills to reduce stress and cope with unavoidable stress in their personal and professional lives.


CRN Section Day Time Location
31690 35A M 6:30 PM-8:20 PM A337

HE 201
Human Sexuality
3.0 credits
In-state $648.00   Out-of-state $1,947.00
Examines human sexuality through the life cycle from cultural, physiological, and theoretical perspectives. Students gain insight into their own beliefs and sexual behavior and learn to develop an understanding of the similarities and differences in sexual attitudes and the behavior of others.


CRN Section Day Time Location
29296 35A W 6:30 PM-9:20 PM A337