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Educational Skills

Summer 1 - 2017 Courses

May 30 - July 3

Summer 2 - 2017 Courses

July 5 - August 1


ES 024 English as a Second Language
0 credits  In-state $191  Out-of-state $574
(generates 1 billing hour)
Prerequisites: ES 023 and ES 123
Co-requisite: EN 121
For students who have completed ES 023/123 but are required to take an additional writing course in English as a second language. Must be completed at the same time as EN 121.

Summer 1

CRN Section Day Time Location
1962 35A M T W 1:00 pm-2:50 pm C614

ES 033 College English Preparation Workshop
0 credits  Online:  In-state $206  Out-of-state $589
(generates 1 billing hour)
Co-requisite: ES 133
A writing-intensive course in which students expand upon the skills taught in the co-requisite ES 133. Sessions consist of small-group and individual work.

Summer 1

CRN Section Day Time Location

ES 133 College English Preparation
2 credits  Online:  In-state $412  Out-of-state $1,178
Co-requisite: ES 033
A writing-intensive course focusing on the stages of the writing process and on strategies to enhance reading comprehension and study skills. Topics include grammar, paragraph structure, and essay development. Students must register simultaneously in the corresponding section of ES 033. Additional instruction (ES 034) may be required.

Summer 1

CRN Section Day Time Location