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Draping Techniques

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Fall Courses

August 26 - December 19

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Fashion Design - Apparel - 212 217.5000

DP 111
Draping Proficiency I
2.5 credits
In-state $540.00   Out-of-state $1,622.50
Introduces the fundamental principles of developing basic silhouettes of skirts, blouses, bodices, and collars with draping and patternmaking techniques. Use of stripe fabric as it applies to grain line manipulation in design is studied.


CRN Section Day Time Location
4021 15A S 9:10 AM-1:00 PM C803

DP 211
Draping Proficiency III
2.5 credits
In-state $540.00   Out-of-state $1,622.50
Pre-requisite: DP 112
Students utilize advanced draping techniques to analyze style, balance, and proportion. Emphasizes the development of mounted and semi-mounted sleeve designs using a variety of silhouettes as applied to suit and coat styles.


CRN Section Day Time Location
31522 15A S 1:10 PM-5:00 PM C802