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Computer Graphics

Fall 2017 Courses

August 28 - December 23


CG 111 Survey of Computer Graphics
1 credit In-state $195 Out-of-state $586
Students are exposed to a broad array of software environments and concepts that they may encounter in real-world collaborative environments as well as higher-level courses. This course is suggested as a companion to first-level computer-based studio courses.

CRN Section Day Time Location
1292 15A W 5:10 pm-6:00 pm C315

CG 121 Applications of Social Media
2 credits In-state $390 Out-of-state $1,172
Students explore the tools and applications of social media and the implications of their use. Best practices and supporting research are also addressed, as well as the dynamics of group collaboration, experienced through class projects and online collaboration tools.

CRN Section Day Time Location
29564 15A M 6:30 pm-9:20 pm C230

CG 211 Computer-Assisted Design
2 credits In-state $390 Out-of-state $1,172
Paint- and image-processing software is used as an artist's tool to solve basic design problems and create original, innovative work. Emphasis is on exploring the visual elements inherent in good design.

CRN Section Day Time Location
28653 15A R 6:30 pm-9:20 pm C229

CG 212 Introduction to 3D Computer Modeling
2 credits In-state $390 Out-of-state $1,172
Prerequisite: CG 211 or PH 272 or IL 125 (waived for Jewelry Design students)
The theory and concepts needed to understand and construct 3D models are introduced. Focus is on acquiring the techniques used to create 3D models and how to apply real-world effects through material application and lighting. Software: 3ds Max

CRN Section Day Time Location
29566 15A T 6:30 pm-9:20 pm C231

CG 214 Web Page Construction
1.5 credits In-state $292.50 Out-of-state $879
Prerequisites: CG 111 or PH 114 or TD 111 or approval of chair
Students learn to construct and implement web pages, from content creation through production. Current HTML and state-of-the-art graphical web designing software, such as Dreamweaver, are discussed, demonstrated, and used to create deliverable web pages.

CRN Section Day Time Location
30541 15A R 6:30 pm-8:20 pm C304

CG 221 Design and Authoring for Interactive Media I
2 credits In-state $390 Out-of-state $1,172
Prerequisite: CG 111
Introduction to designing for interactive media using Flash and ActionScript 3.0 to produce finished projects, including websites, DVDs, games, and animation for various delivery media. Importing various kinds of graphics, video, animation, special effects, and sound is explored. Basic scripting techniques are used to build menus and control program flow.

CRN Section Day Time Location
4017 15A W 6:30 pm-9:20 pm C304

CG 224 Programming for Artists
2 credits In-state $390 Out-of-state $1,172
Introduction to computer programming for designers and artists using Processing, an open-source programming language. Students with no prior experience will learn to write their own programs using the perspective of graphics and interactions to master basic programming concepts. Examples will be shared that highlight the increasing interaction between programming and real-world art and design projects.

CRN Section Day Time Location
30234 15A R 6:30 pm-9:20 pm C232

CG 312 3D Computer Modeling and Rendering
2 credits In-state $556 Out-of-state $1,682
Prerequisite: CG 212
This course focuses on building 3D models for use in 3D animation. Students explore standard and advanced construction and rendering techniques as they complete assignments and creative projects. Software: 3ds Max

CRN Section Day Time Location
30235 65A M 6:30 pm-9:20 pm C231