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Communication Design Foundation

Fall 2017 Courses

August 28 - December 23


CD 113 Three-Dimensional Design
1.5 credits In-state $292.50 Out-of-state $879
Introduces design in three dimensions by developing form through the joining of planes. Techniques with board and paper are stressed. (G6: Arts)

CRN Section Day Time Location
30539 15A M 6:30 pm-9:20 pm D522

CD 122 Digital Layout I
2 credits In-state $390 Out-of-state $1,172
Traditional studio skills, typography, and computer techniques are explored in order to create printed pieces using InDesign. Students learn to plan and produce files for printing.

CRN Section Day Time Location
25982 15C F 6:30 pm-9:20 pm C302
25891 107 F 12:10 pm-3:00 pm C306
27905 111 F 9:10 am-12:00 pm C306

CD 123 Basic Bookbinding
1.5 credits In-state $292.50 Out-of-state $879
Students work hands-on to create book structures. Different bookbinding methods are explored, such as non adhesive structures, accordions, sewing, and case-bound books, with an emphasis on craft and the proper use of materials.

CRN Section Day Time Location
28663 15A W 6:30 pm-9:20 pm D505