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Advertising and Marketing Communications

Fall Courses

August 26 - December 19

Questions about course content? Contact:
Advertising and Marketing Communications - 212 217.4470

AC 111
Advertising and Promotion
3.0 credits
In-state $648.00   Out-of-state $1,947.00
Online: In-state $693.00   Out-of-state $1,992.00
For Advertising and Marketing Communications, Fabric Styling, Fashion Business Management, and Textile Development and Marketing students. Concepts, perspectives, and methods for the development and implementation of integrated marketing communications programs for producers, manufacturers, and retailers are analyzed and critiqued.


CRN Section Day Time Location
20631 OL1 ONLINE
26225 OL2 ONLINE
31352 OL4 ONLINE
23743 25A T 6:30 PM-9:20 PM A321B
24175 25C M W 5:10 PM-6:25 PM A312
4618 25D T 6:30 PM-9:20 PM B306
1016 25E T R 5:10 PM-6:25 PM B731
27259 25F M 6:30 PM-9:20 PM C312

AC 114
Marketing for Integrated Marketing Communications
3.0 credits
In-state $648.00   Out-of-state $1,947.00
Online: In-state $693.00   Out-of-state $1,992.00
This course provides students with a broad background to marketing concepts as they apply to integrated marketing communications (IMC). Students explore the role of marketing both within the organization and the external environment in which firms operate. The process of developing marketing with an IMC perspective is addressed, as well as how managers use these elements to gain competitive advantage in a global economy.


CRN Section Day Time Location
30357 OL1 ONLINE
30838 OL2 ONLINE
26871 25A W 6:30 PM-9:20 PM B923
31465 25B W 6:30 PM-9:20 PM C318

AC 161
Multimedia Computing for Advertising and Marketing Communications
2.0 credits
In-state $432.00   Out-of-state $1,298.00
Online: In-state $462.00   Out-of-state $1,328.00
Students develop computer skills applicable to the communications industry, including word processing, spreadsheets, networking, presentations, desktop publishing, and internet research. Through hands-on use, they format such industry-oriented projects as print ads, press releases, and advertising analyses.


CRN Section Day Time Location
21163 OL1 ONLINE
30358 OL2 ONLINE
5303 25A M 6:30 PM-9:20 PM A587
27262 25B R 6:30 PM-9:20 PM A587

AC 221
Publicity Workshop
3.0 credits
In-state $648.00   Out-of-state $1,947.00
Online: In-state $693.00   Out-of-state $1,992.00
Pre-requisite: AC 111
Use of current news, events, and personalities as a basis for writing and evaluating institutional and product publicity releases for news and feature stories. Students plan publicity campaigns and create a press kit.


CRN Section Day Time Location
22647 25A T R 5:10 PM-6:25 PM B307
22649 25B T 6:30 PM-9:20 PM A642
26480 25C R 6:30 PM-9:20 PM C406
28160 25D T 6:30 PM-9:20 PM B860
23207 25E M W 5:10 PM-6:25 PM B304