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Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs

This program gives design entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools, and access to resources they need to build a viable business based on sustainable design practices.

Not all courses are offered every semester.
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A total of 10 courses (8 required and 2 personal choice) is needed to complete this certificate.  SUS 200 is a required course. 

Part I: Required Courses

SUS 001   Introduction to Sustainability
SUS 002   The Sustainable Organization
SUS 003   Sustainable Marketing (on-campus/ remote only)
SUS 004   Sustainable Design Thinking (on-campus/ remote only)
SUS 005   Sustainable Material Sourcing
SUS 006   Navigating Sustainable Manufacturing (on-campus/ remote only)
SUS 007   Circular Product Lifecycle
SUS 200 The Purpose Driven Company

Part II: Personal Choice Courses

(choose at least 2)
SUS 012   Ethical Fashion I
SUS 013   Ethical Fashion II
SUS 014   Natural Dyeing (on-campus only)
SUS 016   Clothing Reconstruction (on-campus only)
SUS 017   Social Responsibility and the Apparel Industry
SUS 018   Hand Sewing: Traditional Sashiko Mending
SUS 019   Repurposed and Upcycled Design
SUS 022   Collaborative Design With Artisans
SUS 024   Vintage: The First Sustainable Fashion Business(on-campus/ remote only)
SUS 026   Sustainable Fashion Through History
SUS 027   Current Events and Innovations in Sustainable Fashion


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