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QA Workday

quality control inspectorA day in the life of a Quality Control Field Inspector:

  • Inspector goes on-site to a factory at a pre-determined date to evaluate a particular group of products, at a specified point in production
  • Inspector reviews Code of Conduct with factory personnel
  • Facility Contact takes inspector to location of goods
  • Inspector verifies production status and available quantity
  • Inspector takes random selection of a sample size of cartons based on client requirements
  • Master cartons are inspected for markings, weight, quality, workmanship, assortment, quantity, bar code scans, etc
  • Inspector pulls statistical sampling from the selected cartons based on client requirements
  • Inspector evaluates workmanship, quality on the product, product labeling, as well as packaging and conducts on-site tests such as garment measurement, fabric weight, etc
  • Inspector records all findings along with photos and technical details on client preferred report template and provides this to the operating office within a strict turn around time